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What’s so Interesting About Mobile Wallets

December 16, 2015
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Technology is making everything smoother and hassle-free then why does a wallet be far away. Yes your traditional wallet is going mobile (and for a considerable time). However, it is too early to call it a dooms day for traditional wallets as few of us are still habituated of using credit or debit cards in full fledge. But whosoever has used it, loved it. Let’s have a basic look at mobile wallet.

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How To Design The Target Market?

December 18, 2013
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Doing a business is not worth if you do not know your target market, that is, the areas where your customers will reach you. It is very important to know these areas. So mark or design these areas if you are a newbie in the business and doing business for quite some time. Kim Krause Berg of Internet Marketing Ninjas discusses where businesses are missing the mark when designing for their target market and how they can improve in an interview with Search Engine Journal. Visit to read the interview.

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