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Magento 2.0

We ensure keeping our clients a step ahead in the market and thus deliver them excellent and wonderful Magento 2.0 services. We have excellent team of industry experts who have professional experience who knows how to migrate to Magento 2.0.

  • We help and guide our clients to help them fulfill their requirements excellently.
  • Using the platform of Magento 2.0 we ensure that our clients are way ahead from the market.
  • Through our excellent development services for Magento 2.0 we built a website with better performance.

With both backend and frontend certification courses with Magento and successful completion of Capstone Exercises with M 2.0, our teams have really underwent an extensive training session. More than 100 hours have been spent on internal developer time on functionalities of new modules and for Magento 2.0 new test servers have been employed.
Full page caching for both its Community and Enterprise editions:Now this feature matters a lot. Earlier your web server had to do lots of unnecessary works for rendering a page through its slow paced queries. No more so, Magento 2.0 has inbuilt caching capability which builds pages inside a static file system and loads pages in 1 or 2 seconds (versus 5 to 10 seconds of time earlier required).
Streamlined checkout process: About 80% of current Ecommerce sites based on Magento have already modified its checkout process to better streamline it. Magento 2.0 has certainly upgraded its system in this matter for example if you are an existing customer you can log out without even remembering your password. For guests, checkout process is assumed. Things like choosing your credit card type has been removed. Now it will be automatically verified by your computer such as from the first 3 digits of your credit card number.
Upgraded and clean code base: This is a new beginning with Magento 2.0. The Legacy extensions, bad code and old extensions are removed. It will be rare case to face some non-optimized codes in this version.
Reduced table locking/ better performance: This particular problem has been faced during high traffic hours and is related with issues regarding table locking. Take for example when 120 people are jostling for checkout in a timeframe of 1 minute and queries need to be processed in 1 second and meanwhile the table need to be locked for writing purpose. In such a situation your system will crash. Further explanation will make this picture clear; before saving an order in Magento 1.9, entire information will be saved in Sales Grid Flat Table so that the admin will be able to see new orders. For this the table should be locked and this will further place in a backup process in which users would need an additional 45 seconds for page loading. This problem was solved by us through high level caching and quality mySQL table optimization. These issues will be taken care of by both Community and Enterprise editions of Magento 2.0.

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