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Get money paid more easily with Apple Pay

Apple has launched a new application which should certainly be beneficial while operating financial transactions- Apple Pay. One can easily avail of these applications easily on iphones, iPad as well as Apple Watch easily.

At a recent event, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook announced that Apple Pay will certainly add new dimension to the way People buy things online. Recently Apple has launched two new phones namely iPhone and iPhone6. These two phones are installed with Apple Pay for a safer and secure payment option. Partnership with 500 banks has ultimately resulted in the development of this new app, Cook says.

Apple Pay works very similar to that of Google Wallet. This system was so developed so as to save the trouble of cashing and giving credit as well as debit cards details every time one has to purchase anything from Apple stores.

According to report, Cook has remarked there was an expenditure of over $12billion everyday between credit and debit which resulted in over $4 trillion every year which is only in the US. To save this amount, Apple Pay is launched which operates like Passbook adding up credit cards details. One can be rest assured that the whole detail of credit cards operates.

Every time, one wishes to pay an amount they can easily do it with the help of Apple pay in just go. (See- how to use Apply pay?) All that needs to be done in putting the thumb impression of the user. After the thumb impression is matched, one can easily proceed to purchasing. On the other hand, if any case of fraud is detected, the system automatically locks itself out.

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