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Hire Your Own Cook

Excellent Way To Taste Delicious Gourmet Even
At Your Own Space With Your Option.

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Delicious Food At Your Doorsteps Cook Now

Payment system integrated

Paypal payment system integrated to pay your cooks for delicious cooking.

Angular/MongoDB Backend

The app is using angular/MongoDN backend with Facebook login.

Map Integrated For Cook’s Location

Cook can be easily searched with maps integrated right for the cook location for easy searching.

Two Separate Module Login

The app supports to separate login module including the cook module and the customer module offering an easy gateway.

Why choose Cook For Me

Cook For Me is the ultimate application which helps to get your desired cooking right at your place. With this application, you can get location based cooks situated near your place offering you the option to hire cook right at your place or they can bring their cooking right to their home. The payment gateway is safe and secure perfect for one and all.

Technology we used

Let’s capture your apps extraordinary features

Preview Of The App In Pieces

Here are well designed preview of the app giving you a defined idea about the app and its interface.

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