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With our pay per click marketing services, we help you to gain a high return on investment (ROI) for your business. We offer PPC campaign management services to ensure that your business experiences increase in leads and sales.

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Pay Per Click

Our Pay Per Click services offer cost-effective ways to help you earn a high spot on the Search Engine Results. We have dedicated paid search specialists who offer unmatched services for helping you to get a high return, through data-driven decisions.

Targeted Campaigns

Amidst the various online ad campaign formats, PPC is one of the most flexible and scalable options that you can avail. We create targeted campaigns for your business with the sole objective of your success.

eCommerce and Product Listing Ads (PLAs)

Selling your products through Google Network is a beneficial idea. Our team helps you to optimize your product and sell it flawlessly through the right platform to target the right customers.

Remarketing and Retargeting

Our proficient PPC experts understand the value of customers. Adopting the remarketing and retargeting strategies, we help you to reach your potential customers and achieve result-driven performance.

PPC Evaluation

Through our PPC Evaluation service, we evaluate your current PPC campaigns and measure its reach. We also provide you with ready-to-implement actionable recommendations for execution.

PPC Landing Page Creation

We deliver effective and exclusive PPC landing page for generating more leads and demands through our PPC campaigns. We ensure to deliver a well-optimized landing page with 100% contentment.

Campaign Report Management

Our service includes offering you detailed campaign report management service. It includes comprehensive examining of the current market position and new strategies for improved results.

PPC Expert Hiring Options

Full Time Hiring

Hire our full-time PPC solution and experience dedicated model approach for your project. This is a perfect model for working with our PPC expert and fulfil your business requirements.

Pay As You Go Hiring

Our Pay-As-You-Go PPC Experts Hiring plan is a perfect alternative to a fixed or monthly plan. You pay for the PPC service before using it and reap the benefits of the paid amount.

Fixed Cost Hiring

Our Fixed Cost PPC Specialist Hiring Model covers the fixed requirements and delivery time of the project. Any additional task that needs to be performed will go under an extra understanding.

Why Hire PPC Experts
From Webskitters?

Dedicated Project Manager

We always have a dedicated project manager for all our projects. We understand your need to have a dedicated person reporting to you about the process and steps related to your project.

Target Relevant Audience

Through our PPC campaigns, our team targets relevant audiences that help you to optimize your budget and generate high-quality leads for your business.

Increased ROI

We guarantee our clients to improve their ROI through our PPC campaigns. We adopt various techniques and strategies through which we keep our words and increase digital revenue.

Creating Ad Copyright

Our PPC specialists create AD copyright to develop a unique campaign that is substantial for the growth and generate excellent leads in a short span of time.

Reduced CPC

Cost Per Conversion or CPC is brought down efficiently by our team to improve your quality score level and to help you to gain the desired result and benefit.

Geographically Targeted Ads

We manage PPC ads according to the geography that you want to focus on. This means that the target can be done through the country, state or city and the ads will appear to the potential customer.


Some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about our company and services are listed below. Have a question? We have the answer. Contact Us Today!

Pay Per Click or PPC marketing is a type of online marketing done through various platforms like Google Ads, Facebook and Bing. You will only pay for clicks, or when a user clicks through to your desired landing page. PPC is a method for buying traffic to your website.

A landing page is a specific webpage that is designed to make the users “land” once they click on the paid advertisement.

With PPC management services, you receive professional management of your PPC strategy and campaigns by the experts. This management can include strategy development, ad copywriting, bid management and many more.

PPC services include advertising on Google and Bing, keyword targeting, bid management, ad copywriting, and regular reporting.

Pay per click advertising is a wonderful investment because it is extremely measurable. You will get to know exactly and instantly whether the campaign is successful based on strategies such as click-through-rates, conversion rates, circulation and others.

Our campaign attracts qualified traffic for the keywords that your customers are searching for and looking for. We handle the placement analysis, keyword research and campaign optimization to ensure we attract high-quality conversion traffic.

No, PPC and organic SEO are different. PPC are the paid ads located on the top or right side of the search engine result page. On the other hand, Organic SEO is the non-paid results and organic listings that gain its position through different SEO techniques like optimized website content and link building.

Some of the major PPC services include Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter. Along with these two, the other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are also prominent PPC services.

The strategies adopted by the PPC experts depends on your requirementsand your business objectives. The most common strategies include the following:

  • Keyword Discovery and Selection
  • Help with Optimizing Landing Pages
  • Bid Management
  • Conversion/ Sales Tracking
  • PPC Monitoring & Reporting

There are some specific benefits of Pay Per Click that you may look forward to:

  • It supports brand awareness.
  • It effectively targets the demographic or niche market.
  • It increases your visibility.
  • It supports retargeting.
  • It boosts conversion and sales.
  • It shows great ROI.
  • It engages social shares.
  • It appeals to mobile users.

We monitor, analyse and keep a track and optimize your campaign round-the-clock. We receive daily reports on the effectiveness of the campaign and we make sure that we make all kind of improvements as and when required.

The longer the PPC campaign goes the better it results as it will be able to use the analytics from the campaign to make optimal changes and tweaks.

Finding the correct keyword and using for the optimization is the most important step in PPC marketing or campaign.

Webskitters is the best web development agency that offers cost-effective services and provides superior-class solutions to help our clients improve their business.

Our work will be done keeping your preferred time zone in mind. If you wish to communicate with the hired resources, then we will let them know and ask them to make themselves available.

White Label PPC Management Services means that we will develop the right kind of PPC strategies and follow it for your client’s business, as a subcontractor to your agency. You, being the reseller, can further sell the PPC services to your clients. We don’t take credit for the work that we do under the White Label Agreement. You can use your brand’s name to sell the product/service.

Yes, we do provide White Label PPC Management Services. If you want to know further details, please get in touch with us.

We work with agencies, large enterprises, small businesses and even individuals, who are in dire need of the support of specialized team.

Get in touch with us and let us know your requirements. We will get back to you with the best-possible solution sooner.

Yes, we do sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with our clients, ensuring an exclusive White Label experience for them. Maintaining client’s confidentiality and transparency in our approach, we encourage our clients to sign NDA with us.

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