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Webskitters Providing Reimbursement Facility to Its Employees for Accelerating COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

covid 19 vaccincation

With the government’s declaration for making vaccines available for individuals above 18 years of age, the business community has taken inoculation seriously. Major Corporates are playing a critical role in the vaccination drive. They are offering their helping hand in the government’s vaccination drive.

Webskitters Technology Solutions Private Limited, a leading IT firm has joined the vaccination drive. The company have its offices in Kolkata, India, Florida, USA, and London, UK. It is providing reimbursement facilities for its employees and their family members. Bearing the cost of vaccines for the employees, it is promoting the vaccination drive.

The IT major is playing an active role in preparing for the fight against Coronavirus. It has realized that inoculation has become the need of the hour for countries around the world. Thus, it began its vaccination drive.

The first wave of the virus attack was shocking. The second wave proved to be more devastating. Lakhs of people died due to the second wave. It created havoc situation around the globe.

The researchers and scientists have claimed that the world will be hit with the third wave of COVID-19. Every country is preparing its citizens for the third wave with vaccination.

Webskitters is offering its helping hand and full support to its employees in US, UK and India, alike. It has promoted the vaccination among its employees.

With its reimbursement facilities, it is encouraging them to get vaccinated. It has put in use different strategies for different countries, according to the situation of the nation. Having successful drive in US and UK, Webskitters is continuing its efforts in India too.

India, the second largest populated country in the world, is facing a lot of troubles in its vaccination drive. There is a widespread chain of rumours regarding vaccination in the country. People began to believe these rumours and were not accepting the vaccine, and they weren’t ready to get vaccinated.

Webskitters and other large conglomerates, along with the government, took the responsibility on their shoulders for educating the people and eradicating the effect of rumours. Spreading awareness about the vaccination proved to be successful and people now are keen on getting vaccinated.

Promoting and encouraging vaccination, Webskitters offer reimbursement facilities for the employees and their kin. Covishield, Covaxin and Sputnik V are the vaccines that are currently available. The costs are different for each vaccine at the centres. The vaccines are available for free at government centres. The queue, however, is long, making people re-think about vaccination.

With Webskitters offering reimbursement facilities, it has become easy for its employees to get vaccinated. It serves as a form of encouragement for the employees.

Going to a private hospital and taking the jab within minutes that too without having to bear the cost, has encouraged many to get vaccinated. They do not have to wait in the queue for long hours in the scorching heat.

Many even see this as the company’s way to minimize the impact of the pandemic on their workforce. For Webskitters, their employees have always been their priority. They take optimal measure to ensure the comfort of their employees.

Continuing the Work from Home facility for its employees, the company encourage them to stay at home and stay safe. Making ‘Work from Home’ easy, Webskitters provide them with necessary technical support and assistance.

As the world is currently battling the second wave of COVID-19, a vaccine is a proper armour to fight the upcoming 3rd wave. The vaccination reimbursement drive is Webskitters’ proactive step to ensure and promote the safety of their employees and their close ones.

The pandemic has altered the way of living and has made “Work from Home” normal for all. However, it has not guaranteed the spread of the wrath of the virus, affecting the physical and mental well-being of the individuals. Coming to the rescue of the employees, Webskitters is providing a helping hand by offering various beneficiary initiatives and policies. Paid COVID leaves are available in case an employee or their family members gets affected and need to be taken care of.

They are thankful to their employees for being patient and resilient as they work together to pull through these extraordinary and critical times. Ensuring their financial safety and security, the company has provides on-time salary, every month without any failure or delay.

Webskitters is meeting and fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility, by providing the reimbursement facility, and spreading awareness of the COVID-19 vaccination benefits.

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