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Webskitters Now in Durgapur

With great pride and happiness, we announce that Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is expanding. We are opening a new branch in Durgapur. Our company is spreading its wings at a phenomenal speed, thanks to the creative and trustworthy team by our side. Similar to our other branches, our Durgapur branch will also provide all kinds of IT services under UI/UX Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things. Together with an outstanding team, we hope to continue thriving exceptionally in this new journey and create better prospects for our clients, digitally.

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Why Webskitters is the Best IT company in Durgapur?

Given that the IT industry is always breaking new grounds and offers tremendous opportunities for professional progression, it has developed into a hub for creativity and invention. Webskitters aims to tap the market potential and hence offers a tremendously employee-friendly environment that instigates creative digital outcomes for each and every project we work on.

The working conditions at Webskitters are such that it encourages creativity and supports the development of large-scale inventions that have an impact on millions of people globally.

Work-Life Balance

In these competitive times, the atmosphere that tech employees work in, most often has aggressive disruptions, intense competition, and steady development. But that isn’t the case with Team Webskitters. Amidst the several projects in our hands, we still try to maintain a work culture that isn’t forced and rigid. Our company makes sure you get the perfect work-life balance so that you can spend quality time with your loved ones.


We understand the needs of every individual. Our company offers a relaxed work culture. We give the option of flexible working hours for everyone so that they have no problems whatsoever. Based on the situation, we are ready to provide work from home option, as well.

Continual Learning

Learning is a major part of our growth. It is important that as human beings, we keep learning new techniques to grow our skills in our respective fields. Therefore, at Webskitters, employees get all the guidance they need to spread their wings. We give opportunities to fresher so that they thrive in the field quickly and know all that they need to, for a bright future. At our office, even the trained and expert employees are encouraged to learn updated techniques and get acquainted with the latest tools, which are the demand of the market. Being the best IT company in Durgapur, we maintain the same culture and environment at this branch too!


One of the major roles that play in getting the best outcome for every project is transparent communication. You may observe that without clarity, there is the scope of drastic misunderstanding leading to losses and errors in delivery. Frequent communication between the team members regarding any concerns can help deliver top-quality work. Excellent communication leaves no room for stress. We also maintain seamless communication with our clients via different mediums to ensure keeping them in the loop for their project’s progress.

We celebrate together!

Any awards and milestone that our company gains, is a celebration for our entire team! We believe in increasing the joy of our achievements so that there is a strong bond among all the employees as a whole. It is a team’s contribution that Webskitters is growing rapidly and hence we believe in celebrating together, acknowledging everyone’s presence and efforts.

We are the National MSME Award winners!

With great teamwork and the motivation of our CEO, Mr. Atanu Sarkar, we received the prestigious National MSME Award in June 2022. It is because of his ambitious and visionary dream, that this was possible. The MSME award proves that our company has the potential to deliver qualitative services to our clients. We have also received several other awards that have established a great name and reputation for our company. Therefore, you can be a part of it for such experiences and grow with us.

Come, Excel Your Career with The Best IT Company In Durgapur

If you are looking to improve your career in the IT industry, Webskitters is one of the best IT companies in Durgapur for you. We believe in the betterment of the employees and guide them in the right direction for fantastic career growth. It is one of our visions that stand in high priority. We have knowledgeable and experienced team members to help you excel in your career path. Our team will leave no stones unturned to get the employees a remarkable work experience and a comfortable environment so that they can grow explicitly in their profession.

By working at the best IT company in Durgapur, employees also get to work on various kinds of international projects that promise to enhance their resumes and expertise. This will excel their career by manifolds.

Benefits to work at Webskitters The Best IT company in Durgapur

People looking for jobs will certainly need to know the benefits of working in a particular company. At Webskitters, you will receive attractive perks if you join our company.

Only Work 5-Days a Week

We have fixed days of work from Monday to Friday, leaving room for perfect workflow with your colleagues and making it an enjoyable experience.

Salary on time

After a hard week’s work, everyone needs a break. Webskitters in Durgapur has fixed Saturday and Sunday off. Enjoy this time of leisure and fun.

Respectable Salary

The salary that we offer to our employees is a deserving one. Based on the experience level and qualifications, we give an appropriate salary.

Saturday Sunday fixed off

After a hard week’s work, everyone needs a break. Webskitters in Durgapur has fixed Saturday and Sunday off. Enjoy this time of leisure and fun.

Diverse projects

Continually working on the same project makes it boring work. Hence, we bring diverse projects from different industries so that you have variations in work.

Flexible working hours

If you have to do some urgent work, we give you the option of flexible working hours so that you can manage both personal and professional work without any hassles.

Tour and picnics

A team needs frequent breaks from the hard work they put in. Webskitters employees need relaxation and change in their routine. We take you out for picnics and tours for fun.

Employee-friendly HR policies

Some companies have very rigid HR policies, but not ours. We have an understanding community at work all the time.

Great work culture

Relaxed tea/coffee breaks, lovely team, etc., are part of our professional yet fun work culture. We make sure you are comfortable all the time.

Cooperative team leaders

If you have any queries, concerns, or complaints, we have a supportive team leader in every department of work, who can help you out in every way possible.

Our expertise

In every field, we guarantee that you will work with insightful professionals having years of experience and understanding of risks. You will gain immense knowledge and ideas from them. They stay updated about the latest tools, techniques, and effective platforms to utilize perfectly. The valuable approach of our experts will bring you exuberant results.

At Webskitters, we have expertise in the following fields-

1. UI/UX Design Services

Individuals and companies look for real-time user experience and a smooth user interface. At Webskitters, the designs of websites and apps are top-notch. Our UI/UX design solutions provide you with appealing layouts, easy navigation, and interactive features, for users to have an outstanding experience.

2. Web Development Services

Websites are becoming increasingly important for every company. For a bespoke website and responsive results, we have the finest web development team for varied projects. You can expect top-quality outcomes from our top 1% experts who are dedicated to giving their best work as per client requirements.

3. Mobile App Development Services

Mobile apps need to be of high quality as everyone relies on them for even their basic needs. With the customer-centric and highly functional application, our expertise in Mobile App Development can give you scalable solutions in minimum time. We deliver swift and fascinating results of high magnitude.

4. Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing can change the shape of a business if done in the right way. With our expert digital marketers, receive a large-scale online presence for your business with strategic planning and execution. You can rely on our fine expertise to create a massive difference in the online world.

5. Artificial Intelligence Services

As technology changes, the requirements change too. Artificial Intelligence is ruling the world at a fast pace. Webskitters provides this service as well; therefore, our skilled team of AI creates exclusive and smart software in the best possible way. Expect optimal and genuine outcomes due to a determined team.

6. Internet of Things

With smart devices for cars, homes, cities, and industries in demand, our experts give you notable products that reflect efficiency and user-friendliness. With plenty of exposure in this field, our dedicated team provides exceptional results, leaving a great impression on users and clients.

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