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How do We assure the Top 1% of Experts Are Deployed On Your Project?

Analysis & Application

  • Requirement  Analysis as per project We set up our requirements as per the complex demands of our project. 
  • Job Application Analysis Our recruitment team does an in-depth analysis of each application we receive.

Shortlisting & Scheduling

  • Shortlisting of candidatesAfter our exorbitant analysis of applications, we shortlist suitable candidates.
  • Scheduling of interviewsOur next step is to schedule the interviews with the candidates and get to know them better. 

Technical interview

  • 1st RoundThe interviewers get acquainted with the technical skills of the candidates, in this round.
  • 2nd RoundThe candidates need to perform a technical test to qualify for the next round.
  • 3rd RoundOnly a handful of people reach here. They need to answer project-specific questions.

HR Round

  • AttitudeThe candidate’s approach and attitude are checked at this level to ensure he/she is a fit for our team. 
  • SalaryOnce we find the right candidate, salary is no bar. We discuss their package and give them a final offer. 
  • Background VerificationWe make sure to check the candidate’s story and conduct a thorough background verification before bringing them on board. 

Job offer

At this stage, we give a formal job offer to the selected candidates and are ready to get them on board with us. 


Our onboarding process is smooth, ensuring that the candidate faces no issue in feeling at par with our team.

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Sage Profits
Content Marketing

Sage Profits

With our experienced and educated content marketing experts, we gave Sage Profits a value driven result with meticulous and detailed work.

Content Marketing


When deciding on an approach on content marketing, Referwo agreed to our plan and let us take action for a steady growth of their business.

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