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10 Tips to Create Engaging Posts in Facebook

Well organic reach on Facebook is recently very low because of the reasons that most brands are now seeing higher return on the investments in the paid advertising sector. Promoted posts may be helpful for various brands but well constructed organic posts on Facebook can also give result. To know the best strategy for you, you will have to get an idea about what type of posts your users find interesting and how to tailor content to meets the needs.


Here are tips on how to create engaging posts on Facebook to engage your customers.


1. Listening to your audience


Well every brand is very different from others and every brand’s social media strategy is very different. There are different blogs posts which will suggest you the right post along with the best content to post with the best times and the ideal Facebook strategy. These posts cannot explain the best strategy for your brand. The only way you can do so is by listening to the audience as well as monitoring the communities they are in. Facebook is undoubtedly the greatest audience insights tool and will certainly give you the right set of information as accurate as possible. The real rule of social media is audience rules.


2. High quality content


High quality is surely a must and the content you produce must certainly be relevant to the audience so that one can generate engagement. You can use hashtags (1-2) allowing interactions as well as impressions. With a specific hashtag for your brand, you can create conversion effectively.


3. Using videos


Creating organic engagement on Facebook certainly requires two things- one being knowledge of Facebook’s algorithms of the reach of the content and next the appreciation on how the customers prefer the content. Video can prove to very useful with Facebook’s native uploader. Short videos on the other hand enjoy greater levels of engagement and can reach any other type of content. Facebook Users have preferences for real. Photos always feature real customers along with video featuring genuine moments.


4. Facebook Insights


Understanding what is working and what not should shape your future posts on Facebook. You can gauge your successes by using “Insights” featuring various options.

Another helpful feature for a Facebook Page is the ability to review the analytics right on the page which can be found under the insights right at the top of the page. Utilize the section by testing various post formats with funny, short, informative posts.


5. Treating posts like movie trailers


Well companies that have blogs, using Facebook can act as an outlet to alert for new blog post can be effective way to gain exposure. If you are sharing a new blog post on Facebook then you can copy the most interested things in your posts. Facebook will give users reasons to click on the post, share it as well as comment it. Always consider your post like a trailer of a movie as it shows viewers what to expect and gather some excitement


6. Engagement


Well the whole concept may sound very simple but engaging your audience with businesses cannot be overlooked. Well the simple concept is that if you want engagement then you will have to engage. This implies to responding to comments as well as asking questions. Another most important aspect is never to leave your followers hanging. Waiting followers are never happy with you and will soon stop following you. This will surely not be good for you.


7. Always know who you are targeting


Well any post you are posting, you need to understand the interests of your customers. Knowing your customer and who you are selling is very important to know. Get this idea very clear that nearly 30% of your business usually comes from some of your few top clients. Certainly it is important to keep those customers happy and also remember that nearly 70% of your customers are still there left. Keep in track when they re online then dive into your analytics dada and learn when they are active on Facebook.


8. Sharing content which reoccurs consistently


Any content series or any other type of content which are produced on a regular basis is a confirmed way to bring back users to your site. There are lots of professionals of social media who can learn different things from content marketers. Recurring content is often the best ways to generate the right amounts of traffic which keeps allows users to come back for each new post which is published.


9. Implementing promotional campaigns


Customers sometimes need a proper incentive to engage people on social media. Monthly or subscribed promos or giveaways will surely help in increasing your e-marketing mailing list.


10. Open-ended questions


Users are far more interested in engaging posts they can relate to. The right strategy is to suggest open-ended questions for proper user-engagement on Facebook.


For brand publishers, an open-ended question can surely be a good tip. You can make it friendly, fun or provocative with references to pop culture along with current news. Try to answer the question about you not the brand.


Well the above tips will surely guide you in the right way when it comes to increasing brand engagement for creating posts.


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