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5 Elements which should be there in your About Us Page

Even though in concept of inbound marketing is new, it is certainly being executed in various new ways. People are often associated with content marketing with blog posts as well as social outreach. Restricting content to certain parameters can certainly lead to overlooking many opportunities. You would surely do not want to miss a chance to build in creative and engaging content through various alternatives sections of the website.


It is important to consider that potential in marketing lies within the content of the website’ About Us page. Well this page is surely the most visited locations given on any company’s site playing a large role in the first impression giving the potential customer. From this, people can learn about the company and people right from the brand. Usually, a customer looks here before they can start the business.


Well About Us pages are surely important! That is the reason why we need to make sure that the information right on the page let us know a compelling story.


But how do you that?

To make the whole process easier, one can narrow down the 5 creative elements of designing an excellent About Us page:


  • The vision and philosophy of the company
  • Timeline of company
  • Profiles of team member
  • Multimedia content
  • Concept visuals of business

We do need know what our page needs, how do we about implementing the new ideas? Let take a look at some examples and see how different businesses are leading visitors to learn more about who they are and what they do.


1. The vision and philosophy of the company

Your company is not like everyone else- so you do need to find out what is unique. Why should people choose you over the competitors?


A unique About Us page will show off the company as well as strongly convey the voice of the brand. What did bring the company together? What is the future of the company? Offer the information of the visitors which will make them interested in the business along with the work they do.


Well this does not necessary mean that the About Us should be long. A shirt or sweet presentation will communicate how they came and what they wish to offer.

You can keep the content targeted and concise captivating the audience through visuals and engaging copy throughout the page.


2. Timeline of the history

Over the past decade, Facebook has made the use of timelines which is surely a popular way to present information about yourself. You can apply the same concept to your About Us page. You can let your visitors know about the history of the company. You can show where you started along with how far you have come with everything that your business has accomplished right the way.


Let your targeted audience know about the relevant milestone along with the details about the business in the right engaging way for the viewers to take in. With the use of timelines, you can display a large amount of information as well as detail in the right attractive format other than just text. Potential customers will appreciate the way they are.


3. Profiles of team member

A page like About Us or Our Story page should be about the passion driving your vision and the people making it happen. Right this page’s content does not have formal to gain credibility. Most people find it easy to connect with human beings letting the personality and environment of the workplace shine.


To make team member more accessible, there are Social Media profiles for team member to make the business look more engaging and approachable. In case you are a company in the B2B sector with LinkedIn badges with links of the various individual profile of each and every member in the leadership team helping each member in leadership team to get your each member credibility.


4. Info-graphic visual representing your business concept

With a well-designed graphics, one can help visitors to understand the concept of business than a wordy explanation. If the people cannot figure out what you do then how will they know if they require your service or product?


Infographic visuals give a clearer picture so that audiences can understand what exactly can be done.


5. Multimedia Content

Do you have a cool story to tell how your business was created? The classic saying of Show, Don’t Tell can be beneficial as well as applicable to your website design.


The website design technology allows for better integration of multimedia elements and video to create a visual story. It increases the chances of people seeing it and connecting it and sharing it.


There are many different as well as inspiring approaches which can be taken while designing your website. Right from formal to creative and fun, it is important to include design elements and content.


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