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Atanu Sarkar
October 31, 2019

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The success of all business lies in how you promote your business and how much people get notified of that. No matter how good your product and services are until you use the right platform to reach the right customer, your efforts would not support you. In all businesses large scale and small scale, choosing the perfect strategy will lead you to the summit of success. There is no ‘Luck’ in marketing, rather it is a trick a business person uses to catch consumers. Now, technology has occupied a massive position in everyone’s life. Maximum potential people are tech-savvy and they have less time. Technology is dominating the world so in order to market your business you have to apply digital techniques for rapid growth.

Get acknowledge yourself with the key to success. Here is a list of the finest strategies you can use in your business for rapid growth:

Use Social Media Platform

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The Social Media platform is one of the pre-requisites entrepreneurs must make use of. Some businesses have been built completely depends on social media while others achieve a considerable amount of success through this public forum. To gain sound benefit you have to use the platform professionally where you can hire a social media manager who would handle the platform efficiently on a daily basis by uploading the latest update about your whereabouts. However, one should also keep this in mind that overusing this platform can mislead the public which in turn can de-escalate the growth of your business. Thus, in order to avoid extra details, you have to be specific and authentic. Post relevant and useful matters that would help the audience to learn more about you and your business or the industry.

Use the direct message option so that people can communicate with you directly and give feedback. So, this will help you to acknowledge the public’s view. You can modify, change and introduce according to the need of people.

Create Your Video Tutorials

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another effective way to get the word of your business is by creating video tutorials. Suppose if you are opening a training institute you can post some demo classes so that students get a glimpse of how you are planning to go forward. The better you show the more value you receive. Presently, YouTube holding the second position in the search engine world after Google. Thus, if you post your video there you will get a prime opportunity to lead the market. People who are interested in video tutorials head there for their satisfied results. You must keep it brief and informative other than narrating the same. Open the video sell sheet with a title page and finish it with your details of contacts. don’t beat around the bush rather concentrate on the focal point of your tutorial. Use your creativity to make the video more exclusive that can easily hold the attention of people.

Understanding Search Engine optimization

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Learn all the nitty-gritty of SEO right now. If you cannot master all the tricks of SEO you will fall behind. Google is updating its SEO policy now and then. So, you must keep an eye over their strategies in order to appear at the top of the search result. Do not spam the keywords, this is one of the common mistakes SEO often commits. This area of marketing can incredibly change your position in the market. You cannot take a shortcut with SEO, that’s the trick. Just like in business you have to put your heart and soul in order to achieve a superior position. In handling SEO, you have to follow the same. Create your content while paying homage to search engines. The most important thing here is, make sure that whatever the thing is you are engaging with, pay unique and insightful thought and a tremendous amount of value to it. There are many companies that teach you all the guidelines you need to follow to trick Google.

SEO is a crucial component of the whole digital marketing strategy. The person who manages your search engine optimization can make or break your digital effort. SEO must be built into all digital marketing components. When one understands the growth, potential SEO can provide it, you will invest your time to build a well-thought-out strategy with life-long results in mind.

Build a great lead magnet

A lead magnet is an incentive which marketers provide to potential buyers in exchange for contact details or email address. It generally offers downloadable digital content for example PDF checklist, eBook, video, etc. The right lead magnet can bring explosive results. They must have good knowledge of customer demand and offer them accordingly. However, before building your lead magnet, keep a few things in mind such as what takes you into business? What are the common problems customers are facing in your niche? The better you identify these problems, the better you will be able to address that with a suitable solution in your lead magnet.

Samples are easily demonstrated it can provide immediate customer gratification. Put a training video that can easily catch a lot of customers. The trial session is often used in software companies when a customer gets drawn towards before they buy it, it adds extra benefit. Quizzes work as a positive result as a form of lead magnet these days. A case study is a real-life example that shows how your customers are satisfied with your products. If you introduce coupons and discount people tend to use your product more often because all audience waits for a better deal.

Use Email Marketing Sequences

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This is a very effective way to manage sales. Every good sales funnel is going to be an email marketing sequence. Email sequencing has offered marketing teams to take advantage of sending emails to customers about events, ads, campaigns, and reminders. This method is cost reductive and allows you to expand the business to expand without spending money on ads.

These automated messages go out to users once customers subscribe to you. This helps you to build a good customer relationship with your business. As they get notified about all the updates and inputs you put in as a policy, they can utilize the schemes. So, email sequence is an activated way to build a relationship with the subscribers. You have to also contemplate about its authenticity and transparency. To segment your list, use email responses and click the button. For instance, if one clicks on a specific link, you will be updated by the customer’s choice. Put that customer into your tag list specifying their field of interest. From here you can identify your buyer and the special interest of the subscribers. Attempt split test while you are sending broadcasts. This will aid you to understand what your customer demands making you a better communicator.

Create an Affiliate Program

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The power of affiliate marketing is still unrecognized by many marketers. Affiliates work as a fuel in business growth. However, it is not easy to always find the right partners to complete the task. It is performance-based marketing, a business rewards single or more affidavits for every visitor brought by the affiliate’s marketing effort. Affiliate marketing sometimes appears similar to internet marketing, as affiliates often use regular advertising methods. This method includes organic SEO, PPC (Pay Per Click) paid search engine marketing, content marketing, e-mail marketing, and display advertising. Affiliate marketing is overlooked by advertisers.

It takes tenacity and true grit to make it through. Most of us lose their patience after a few setbacks, but you cannot avoid it so easily. You need to build an affiliate program and start reaching out to progressive affiliate who can assist you.

Leverage influence

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First, look for the right influencer in your niche so that you are aiming to hit the right audience. It requires to deliver your message to the right customer. If you can to that in the right way, you will be able to reach a large number of the audience, without investing any extra funds. Its sale policy and product quality are in the right place then this makes sense. Now it’s time for you to write the marketing strategy. Assess the situation and reach out to the influencer and calculate the pricing. By some tests, works manage how it works then scale the balance.

You are already behind if you are not thinking like a software company. Your company is able to compete at scale and speed if delivery teams are not capable enough.


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If you do not have a blogging site for your business, you must start immediately. It is not only about posting your ideas on the blog, but it is also about involving people with your activities. Use blogging platforms to post content. You should start authority blogging. Attempt questions on different platforms like Quora, Reddit, etc. Add link-in with the name of your company or other related matters. It plays a great role to publish your company in a public forum. It gives massive audiences the scope to reach you immediately. Try to avoid thin content and advocate people through the path of knowledge so that they start depending on you. This is so far one of the most appealing strategies you can use to market your business.

Blogging attracts new customers to research a solution to their suitable time. An informative blog can draw potential customers within a very short time. A blog can also work as an attractive and dynamic portfolio. It is quite an easy way to show your clients your endeavor and past success.

Use Facebook ads with Re-targeting

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One of the appealing methods you can use in terms of marketing is including Facebook ads. With Facebook, you can target a very specific public and you can do it very easily. You can offer your services or products by interest, age, geographic location, and so much more. However, to operate this system successfully you need to be tricky. The trick here is not only about click-traffic. Through pixels, you have to focus on conversions and re-targeting. Even if you are not promoting through Facebook, you can build with pixels. Pixel can track every single person who visits your site so by following the track record you can build custom audiences around them. For instance, if you post content on how to build a web app, and simultaneously track the visitors with the pixel, you can then market Web app-building certification to people who already visited your site, showing special interest to the specific page and naturally the result will be overwhelming.

Use LinkedIn the right way

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You have 1,300 characters to introduce yourself to a personal LinkedIn post. If you have a LinkedIn profile you must add a video to your account. If you introduce yourself and your business and link that to your profile description, that will establish an authenticity to your business. You have to build company influencers, not just a company profile. This is a smart and easy way to market your business passively, outstanding results will follow. You can reach a large audience when your posts would become popular among people. This is an ideal platform to convey the journey of an entrepreneur. Tell your challenging moments, ups and downs and how you are managing your business through thick and thin, this will involve many audiences to you. Tell your success story to inspire people like you. It is a great way to make your business popular, however, people overlook this resource to catch people’s attention.

You have to inform the audience beyond just posting as an organization to achieve success, rather you have to build company influencers. The platforms allow users to control Linkedln company pages, must pay serious attention. So, it’s time to forward and build your 2019 Linkedln marketing strategy to hit the market.

Now Let’s Implement the Strategies

It is easier said than done. You must keep one thing in mind that there is a huge gap between strategies and executions. The solution to bridging this gap can be done by being a better collaborator and communicator and by understanding the business and customer needs.

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Atanu Sarkar

Atanu Sarkar, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd & Webskitters LTD has strong data analytics, business development and entrepreneurship skills. He keeps himself updated about latest technological innovations in his past time and encourages his team to incorporate new technologies and move beyond the defined boundaries of design, development and digital marketing. His inquisitive nature constrains him from flattering any limits and that’s made him a successful entrepreneur, a great leader for his team and a wonderful human being.