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Atanu Sarkar
September 14, 2016

Table of content

Definition of CRO

Let us start by defining CRO

Before learning about the truth behind CRO, one need to first understand the concept of CRO. CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization.

By the word conversion, one mean is when a prospective visitor views your website as well as takes an action to perform. Now the action which the visitors takes may surely be different, say for example signing up an email newsletter or creating an account with login and password or making a purchase or downloading the app. Your optimization includes the action which you are measuring and what you are looking to optimise.

Now The Next Big Question Is Why To Care For CRO?

There are certain issues for which you should care about CRO. The first may be that you are paying for traffic to your website and a high conversion rate will surely mean that you are getting better returns on the investment otherwise termed as ROI or Return on Investment. Again from the business perspective, it is better to convert more visitors than to attract more visitors. In fact, professional optimization also increases the attention span of any average visitor.

Certain Facts Are Sure

  • Higher Rate Of Conversion = Better ROI.
  • More Budget Friendly Than Finding New Visitors.
  • Increases The Patience Of Visitors.

To optimize effectively is to attract the right kind of customers not just to blindly optimizing any given page or campaign. Again attracting wrong people is certainly not fit for any business. Keep everything in focus and just optimize to find the right customers who will love the product and also spread the word.

For Your Better And Detailed Understanding

Conversion Rate Optimization Is

  • A systematic approach to give better performance on the website.
  • User feedback, analytics with proper information on deeper insights.
  • Getting to understand the objective and needs of the website.
  • Thinking about the traffic and making the most out of it.

Conversion Rate Optimization is certainly not

  • Just doing what everyone else is doing based on guesses and hunches.
  • Decision on the opinion of highest paid person.
  • Getting users as possible irrespective of quality or engagement.

CRO Truth Bombs Which Will Surely Change Your Concept

Since the beginning of the web, Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is being popular. Various on-page elements like headlines, copy, calls-to-action, forms and design should be there to increase conversions.

Well optimizing the various elements of on-page does give excellent value. But there is surely another approach that is influencing the right people to land on the site by converting.

Here are 10 mind-blowing CRO truths which can change the way one can perceive the landing page with the right optimization.

1. The Traditional A/B Test

One of the traditional conversion types is the A/B test. By changing the font type/ button color with line spacing, one can effectively increase conversion by nearly 5 percent.

But there certainly occurred some problems as it was not as real as one thought.

The actual result of the CRO game was

  • The initial leads disappeared
  • Whatever your gains were, it did not stayed over time.

Over the passage of time, the A/B Test losses its novelty as it did provide effective outcome when the offer is new. A particular selling USP does not work always as people are always in search of something new.

Ad fatigue certainly increases reaching a stagnant point which gives less return. But certainly A/B testing is certainly worth the time but it is not a growth strategy.

Just by improving something by 5 percent say about 10 times a year surely does not increase your conversion rate by 50 percent because the gains surely do not stay for so long. Again more and more optimization will surely get you negative returns. By just starting with an offer of 0.5 conversion rate, one may face lots of upside down. But in the same way, if you have achieved nearly 6 percent conversion rate, your chances increases without hurting the sales.

2. Never Compromise On Increased Quantity At The Expense Of Quality

Image courtesy:

In the world of eCommerce, a sale is surely a sale but if one is doing lead generation then do not compromise quantity for quality.

In most cases, a higher conversion rate can actually ruin the percentage of getting qualified leads in the field of marketing.

Be careful of making superficial changes right on your on-page to increase leads at the compromise of quality like gifting free iPads or various gift cards. As per statistics, doubling up the leads can certainly double the time it takes for someone to follow-up the leads.

Now in the scenario that you have too many leads, then you may run the risk of losing important clients in the process. This all together lowers the connect rates and conversion rates.

3. There Has Been No Change In The Average Conversion Rate

In the last few years, CRO has gained a lot of importance. There have been various case studies where companies have tripled their conversion rate in the effective way possible.

Now the biggest question is if more and more people are doing CRO then there would surely be a visible impact on industry-wide outcomes. But the conversion rates are pretty much the same as there were 15 years ago? So why is it so?

Well, the normal search conversion rate is 2.35 percent but top 10 percent of sites usually have conversion rates of nearly 11.45 percent or even higher. These numbers never move up over the years. Now if more and more companies are adopting CRO, why is not the average conversion rate moving up?

4. Raising The CTR For Better Conversion Rates

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Click-through rate (CTR) is the most important conversion metric. Why? Because the higher your click-through rate is, the higher your conversion rate will be.

You can get people excited enough to click right on the offer then it can effectively turn into a conversion. So CTR by an increase of 2x, it will surely increase the rate of conversion by nearly 50%.

For example, by just adding the word “Free” to the ad, the effective CTR will surely increase but in a similar way if the offer is not completely free then the rate of conversion will surely drop.

You can get your target market excited by truly finding innovative offers on whatever you are selling. Well CTR will surely tell on how the offer is appealing to the people interested in the offer. Usually, the market is bigger than the people already present in the funnel.

Here are three ways, one can raise the CTR effectively:

  • Focusing on keywords with high commercial value.
  • Using the ad to create urgency with the fear of missing out.
  • Using emotional triggers right in the ad copy.

5. Familiarity Of Brand Is Important

Image courtesy:

There is another aspect which you cannot control in the case of on-page CRO is brand awareness. People who are familiar with the brand will surely likely sign up or be interested in purchasing the services or product.

We looked at conversion rates as per those were familiar right with the company, the visitors were nearly around 2-3x more likely to convert into repeat visitors.

Your CRO is the perfect measurement of those who are familiar or certainly not familiar with the brand. In cases, there can be someone who will be new visitor might be exposed the brand.

Brand affinity and recall usually has a huge impact on CRO resulting the highest leverage.


6. Boosting The Conversion With Professional Remarketing

Let us define Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing is usually referred to as the tactic which lets one advertise to the people who have visited the website with interest in service and product. You create custom ads for your website visitors and show website visitors with the help of Facebook.

Well, the biggest advantage of remarketing is showing people the advertisement they are genuinely interested in. They may be your old customers who have completed a sale or someone who have not purchased yet.

Well, the above point has clearly stated that better brand exposure can increase the conversion rates but the million dollar question is how can you increase brand exposure?

Conversion rates actually double, the many times someone sees an ad in a professional remarketing campaign. A professional remarketing will let you turn one shot at converting a user into more than 100 possible shots.

With Facebook remarketing, one can easily target with the use of a valuable combination of behaviors, demographics, and interests to effectively increase conversions as well as engagement by nearly 3 times for third cost-per-click. This is a place where you want to push hard offers which include consultations, sign-ups, and downloads.

7. RLSA Will Surely Save The Day

Image courtesy:

Understanding the concept of RLSA

With remarketing lists for various search, ads will surely allow advertisers to effectively tailor various search campaigns with a user who has previously visited their website along with the pages which various user have viewed.

RLSAs can be effectively used in two ways:

  • Adjusting the bid right on ad groups for users with what they are searching for Google with the use of keywords which one is bidding on.
  • Setting up various search ad groups which can be triggered with show ads especially if the user is right on the remarketing list and searching the keywords which one is bidding on.

RLSA campaigns are usually searching ads which target people who search the desired keywords along with those who have recently viewed your website.

They typically have 2-5x better ROI than those ads which are non-RLSA given the fact that they are familiar right with the brand. The problem is sure that RLSA will only targets who have visited the site.

The solution: forget the search ads which help to grow the cookie pools with the help of social media ads. If one can increase the audiences sizes by nearly 10 times then you can capture 10 times more conversions.

Well, strategy will apply only to the certain verticals with higher CPCs with lots of competition as well as conversion rates which are challenging.

8. Increasing Conversions With Video Ads

Image courtesy:

Video ads deliver on the two most important components of high conversion rates:

  • Strong brand recall (lots of ad impressions).
  • High CTR (high ad engagement).

You can get the highest value at a very lower cost with video ads on Facebook. They are really cheap as they have high engagement rates. People usually adore visual content as a video is the best way people can choose over some brand they have never heard of.

Video ads on Facebook provide the highest value at the lowest cost. They are so cheap because they have the highest engagement rates.

9. Changing Your Offer In A Big Way

Image courtesy:

If you observe the number of ads which are spent or viewed, you will observe a similarity. The highest converting offers usually have very little to do with conventional “CRO best practices”.

In true sense, what actually matters is the offer which is massively different and more valuable from what the various competitors are offering.

In true sense it does not matter how pretty the fonts or images are. Just making small changes to the current bad offer surely would not move the needle. This will surely bring small changes to just the conversion rate.

To bring some dramatic change and increase the conversion rates then one need a different and better offer.

Take the example that you want to collect more emails. Then what shall you do? Rather than just publishing another whitepaper with very low differentiation. The best possible idea or solutions will be creating something which the people actually want like a calculator or tool. These have a serious effect on the conversion rates which can be as high as 50 percent.

Like our website, Webskitters offers keyword suggestion tool by putting in more value. These keyword suggestion tools are extremely helpful. People just simply need to type in a keyword then you can easily view the full results which will surely attract more and more visitors to the website.

10. You Can Try To Eliminate The Landing Page

Image courtesy:

Get some notion very straight. Only just 2 percent of people are clicking on ads which you are displaying with only 2 percent people converting who manages to reach your landing page. That is surely a huge drop-off.

If you want, you can skip the trouble of landing page set and try to capture leads directly from ads. This is great and you can just do that.

There are various new mobile technologies like Facebook Lead Ads which no longer send people to the landing page with no longer letting people loose (97 percent from the landing page). Here you just need only one field which is email. Just try to eliminate the entire from the funnel.


There are three types of activities in the world of conversion rate which impact conversions:

  • On-page element: Well this is the place where much of the focus goes with the “best practices” which mostly include making changes to images, copy, fonts, and psychology and user experience.
  • Brand awareness: This certainly is not what most people consider “CRO”, brand familiarity does have a huge impact right on the conversion rates. People will surely buy from brands which they know or even like.
  • Growth Hack: Well the biggest reason for right low CTR is surely a boring offer. One needs to hit users with right offer at right time. Take the example of adding the world “free” to the offer. This may surely raise the CTR but kill the conversion rate but one will have to sort the unqualified leads. Try to change the offer in a more powerful way to make the product much more appealing t various people. Take the example like Dropbox which offers extra storage or Uber which can give you free ride or credits which can bring new customers.

Surely there is much more to CRO than just moving the on-page elements. Why increase the conversion rate by a 5 percent when one can increase by 5 times?

There would be conversion lifecycle. Think what is there on the landing page but also what happens before and after one see it. Or you can eliminate that page altogether.

There are new technologies like mobile, remarketing with RLSA which are future of CRO. The real balance is never about on-page elements with branding and growth hacking.


Atanu Sarkar

Atanu Sarkar, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd & Webskitters LTD has strong data analytics, business development and entrepreneurship skills. He keeps himself updated about latest technological innovations in his past time and encourages his team to incorporate new technologies and move beyond the defined boundaries of design, development and digital marketing. His inquisitive nature constrains him from flattering any limits and that’s made him a successful entrepreneur, a great leader for his team and a wonderful human being.