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Atanu Sarkar
October 28, 2016

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Everybody owning a garden or a backyard think them as a landscaper expert. They think themselves to be a pro in the sector. But, the reality is whenever they plan something new for their landscape or want to do some addition in the area they always rely on the real professionals of the industry and thus contacts the landscaping business entrepreneurs.

A landscaping business from its surface seems to be a pretty easy and quick task. People think it to be a business with less work and more money. But if you ask a landscape business owner he will never agree with this. Do you know the reason why? It is because this business requires the owners to possess an in-depth knowledge about the plants, the trees, their variety, the method through which they can deal with the landscape issues and the likes. They also need to find and hand-pick experts who are keen about landscape and possess great interests in plants and trees. Above all, the modern techniques and technologies developed for the sector should also be available with them in order to provide their clients with the right and the perfect kind of service.

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How Landscape Entrepreneurs Can Develop Their Business?

With huge customizing options and ways available in the market for giving the landscape a great makeover, the landscaping business owners need to keep themselves updated about every single aspect and latest trends of the industry.

If you are into this business and are looking forward to various ways and techniques through which you can set your business apart from the competitors, then you can take a sigh of relief as you have landed at the right place. Ending your search, here we bring the 11 most efficient tips which can prove to be highly elegant and efficient for boosting your landscape business in this competitive and high-in-demand scenario.

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Build Long-Term Relationships

Growing your landscape business requires you to work upon building a loyal base of customers. The revenue in this business comes 80% from the existing customers and 20% from your new and prospective customers. Thus, you can well understand how significant it is for you to maintain a good and long lasting relationship with your customers, which make sure of a good and loyal customer base for you.

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Some customers may employ the professionals of your company for an entire season whereas others may contact you only once a year. Residential customers or commercial customers, both are extremely important for you. However, the commercial customers will always have a landscaping need as they need to keep their landscape and garden in the best possible condition.

The one and the only way that guarantees you a continuous flow of business is a well-established communication with your clients and build a long-lasting relationship with them through your high-quality and unrivaled services. Apart from delighting your customers, these steps also guarantee that you will never have a lack of business prospect.

Yard Advertising & Branding

The commercial places and the yards where you regularly work can be the best places for you to do your advertising. This is also considered as the easiest way to market your business. The yards which you maintain on a regular basis serve as the best and practical example of your work for your prospective customers and thus it can bring to you great prospects for the growth of your business. Placing the signs of advertising in these areas ensure creating more business opportunities in the subdivision where you work. It also serves to be a relevant piece of information for everyone who is looking for businesses similar to yours.

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Yard Advertising can lead to attracts many new customers towards your business and help open several doors for your business to reach the heights of success at the shortest possible time. With advertising gradually, you also need to develop your brand and focus on ways to do so. Branding your business in the right and most professional way plays a significant role in the success of the business. Poor quality marketing materials or a monotonous and dull website can turn off even the most interested and potential customers.

It increases visibility for your business, brings necessary attention from the relevant group of people and of course enhances the number of leads for your business in the most cost-effective way.

Build A Team

It is always important for you to maintain an important and trustworthy team for your business. It is the key towards maintaining the trust of your customers. For retaining good and loyal customers all you need to do is to live up to their expectations and fulfill their needs with great experience. A good and well-skilled employee will thrive in a professional work environment and will make sure to deliver the best of the services to its clients under every situation.

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It becomes essential for you to hand-pick your employees and conduct a proper training session to keep them updated about the industry. Holding regular staff meetings and giving the professionals the liberty to invent new things and come up with new ideas always ensure to develop a great and unique professional environment.

Partner Up

When you are in a landscape business, it is impossible for you to develop in the market without developing a strong bond with local garden suppliers and manufacturers. The business requires the use of thousands of various products, items, supplies, and services which definitely is not developed at your own office and is purchased from the local suppliers. Develop a strong relationship with them and be assured of receiving high-quality materials at the cost-effective rate at any place and anywhere.

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These local businesses really appreciate the fact that their service is recognized by you and thus they value your partnership. It is thus wise that you should develop a partnership with them and enjoy a long lasting beneficial relationship that enhances your business to a great height.

Know Your Costs

An important part of your business is to gain a realistic picture of the exact expenditure of your business. Knowing the actual cost of your business serves as powerful information for you to take strategic decisions for the growth of your business. In order to survive the competitive market, it is highly essential for you to get the realistic picture of what the true costs of your businesses are.

The true or the actual costs mean calculating the direct cost of the account which includes the labor, tools and the indirect costs which include insurance, electricity, telephone etc. The number of days for which the project is supposed to run is also a major factor which should be included while calculating the costs. It is recommended to keep a systematic and organized process and maintain detailed records to gauge each and every investment of yours.

The power to estimate the costs of the project should be there within you, as you might face several clients who would always want you to give a rough estimate about the total project costing. It is imperative to develop this estimating skills right from the beginning of your business. It saves you from falling prey to any kind of loss or misstep that could cost you plenty in terms of your resources as well as your time. However, for estimating you ought to understand your business properly and should always have written notes about the expenditures. Estimating is a science which needs the support of facts and figures, in this case, yours actual expenditure serves the purpose.

Be An Expert

For running a business it is very important for you to be a master in the particular sector. It is same with landscape business. If you want to make it big in the industry, you ought to be an expert. You must be well-equipped with knowledge about each and every arena of this industry. Being an expert helps your customers to trust on you and it also lures them towards your company in search of proper guidance and advice for maintaining their garden or landscape.

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It is necessary for you to promote yourself as an expert in the industry for which your business earns the necessary attention from prospective and existing clients. It is also this feature of yours which guarantee you a unique identity that sets your business apart from your rivals and makes you more relevant for the customers.

Developing a specialty and brand identity is an essential component which works in your favor and which helps you to grab a good hold over the market. The best way to establish yourself as an expert is by promoting your skills and sharing your views with customers in the garden stores or to the attendees and members of the garden clubs. This gradually positions you in the market as a renowned and skilled expert of the industry.

Get Familiar With Tools

Every geographic region specifically supports particular kind of plants and flowers. The soil and the temperature vary from place to place which is why it becomes favorable for few plants and trees. It is important for you to become familiar with the plants that can be grown in your area and know its each and every characteristic which can help you to guide your customers about which plant can adore their garden or backyard throughout the year.

Becoming familiar with the necessary tools, equipments, and technologies related to the industry is an obligation for you. If you plan to make a big name in the industry, you ought to know the right use of the right tools at the right time.

If you are not aware of these things then don’t panic. Set aside your time and money for taking the classes and training which would make you equip with the basic knowledge about the area where your business is placed and the type of flora that it supports. It will also help you to give your customers the most attractive and economical options for their landscapes which in turn helps you to develop the long-term business relationship with them.

Your immense knowledge also helps you to match the changing needs of your clients and give them the customized services that they look forward to.

Be Punctual

If your client has given you an appointment for a particular day and time then you ought to be there at the scheduled time as being punctual impresses them. Always remember that your clients have very strict schedules to follow and if you miss their appointments you will find it extremely difficult to get it again. It might also cost you a client which ultimately can lead to create a negative impression of you in the market. When for a meeting for your business don’t get diverted from the issue and always be curious to know what exactly your client is looking for in the landscape project. The key rule to impress your customers is to never be late.

Being on time also reflects professionalism and respect towards your job. It also allows you the necessary time to analyze the situation, visit the spot and understand your client’s requirements at its best.

Don't Forget Digital

Marketing is an integral part of every business. It is true for your landscape business as well. The traditional method of marketing and advertising can never be ignored and you must make brilliant use of it. However, you must also make sure to use the modern advertising methods which could help sky-rocketing your business.

Going digital and making the best use of the virtual world is one of the finest ways to implement new ideas and to get the most exclusive publicity and visibility from the existing and prospective clients.

Your digital assets, online banner advertisements, social media accounts, website etc should be consistent and should match with each other. Don’t go overboard with your advertisement. Keep it simple and real. You should always be assured that your advertisement or marketing tactics should not represent you as a too-good-to-be-true service provider. Rather it should help you in establishing a good name in the industry which is significant enough to gain proper attention from relevant people.

Give Every Project Your All

Each and every project that you handle must be unique in nature; their requirements would definitely be different from one another. Thus, you always need to assure that every project which you handle should have your best efforts poured into it. Thus you must always consider and offer your best services for every project that you handle.

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Even a single customer is extremely important for your business. Their review, their feedback, and their rating may bring a whole bunch of new customers for you and thus it is recommended that you should always look into the matters that promise to content your customers to the utmost level.

Make the use of the latest technologies, tools, and plan and design the backyard or the landscape in the most exclusive way for your customers and you become their lifetime favorite, thus making a long-lasting client for your business.

Build Credibility

The prospects in the landscape sector are skeptical. You need to build the prospects for your own business. In general, people prefer the concept of doing business with someone upon whom they can trust. The quality of your services and the level of advertising that you do should be irresistible and has to be highly efficient. The customers are reluctant to immediately believe on what you say. They prefer to see your work and believe in the projects that you have completed.

In order to establish credibility in the market, present your portfolio and recent prospect in front of your prospective customers as a specific proof of your business, in a way that they can understand it and will be encouraged to believe in your business.

Your customers eagerly wait to know about you. What you do, how you do it and how the customers get the benefit out of your servicer is what interests the customers. Don’t brag about yourself and go overboard about your publicity to impress them. It can force them to take their steps back. However, it is obviously okay to point out your accomplishments, milestones, your credentials, your projects till date and how your clients are satisfied with your services. This interests them and attracts them.

Client’s testimonials play a huge impact in establishing your credentials through the help of the modern technologies. Video testimonials are also very effective. You should try and capture the experience of your existing customers in a video and post it onto your website or social networking profiles in order to make your own name in the industry in the best possible way.


Know your business and know your geographical location, that’s it- Congratulations! You are already on the path of success now. Apply and follow these 11 tips for your business and be assured of receiving the best visibility and attention from your prospective clients that would definitely give the required boost to your business.

Atanu Sarkar

Atanu Sarkar, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd & Webskitters LTD has strong data analytics, business development and entrepreneurship skills. He keeps himself updated about latest technological innovations in his past time and encourages his team to incorporate new technologies and move beyond the defined boundaries of design, development and digital marketing. His inquisitive nature constrains him from flattering any limits and that’s made him a successful entrepreneur, a great leader for his team and a wonderful human being.