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Atanu Sarkar
November 6, 2015

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Well running a B2B business is certainly a very difficult even for the experienced CEO. Over the passage of day, attracting new business right to finances and hiring can surely be problematic. It is nearly impossible to keep proper track of what is going in your business. However the whole work can be easier than you think if you can find the right mobile apps to help. Here are 12 most helpful apps which will guide you to run your B2B business efficiently.

1. Asana

When it comes to project management nothing gets better than Asana. This is available for desktop, iOS and Android devices. This helps everyone right on your team to stay productive and organized. With this app, you can assign tasks to each member of the team as per their capabilities for complete projects with subtasks, due dates along with notification to the emails of the employees. Even when you are away, this app helps you to stay on top of your business.

2. Google Analytics App

With an online website, you should be running some kind of analytics software to keep track of each and everything right on the website along with who is visiting. For this whole process, Google Analytics can be great solutions for desktop users. Google Analytics app fir Android devices and iOS is ideal for those needing a more easily compatible platform. Right from Google Analytics, you can get numerous things from real-time data, audience insights, behavior, acquisition data and conversions. With your mobile internet and this app, you will know that your website is performing while on run.

3. HootSuite

Social media is not always the biggest concern in any B2B business owner but it should be monitored very closely for any sort of user concerns or feedback which may arise. If you are a big B2B company then odds are that you have agency-based social media marketing team taking care of these stuffs. But with smaller business, it is not so easy to keep track of social media updates.
Well with HootSuite app you can solve all the above issues. It is perfectly perfect with the desktop version of the app monitoring the relevant social media accounts right in one place with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can get all the updates here with Twitter home feed, mentions, Facebook news feed and LinkedIn updates. To be honest, this app is a must for each and everything including business right on social media.

4. LinkedIn Pulse

This is an organized way where you can gather all the news which is relevant to industry as well the interests. With this app, you can collect important news as well as bites with professional content and present them in an easy to use format. You can totally control your feed and choose influencers and sources which you wish to follow. These people can be individuals well within your field or just sources for the content.
With the help of likes, shares as well as comments, this app will help you join your industry with likes, shares and comments. You can easily send this information to your own network letting people know who are connected to you. This is really a trending as well as concise way in case of a particular market.

5. WebEx

With the app WebEx, you will never again a meeting no matter wherever you are. It will allow you to host as well as attend meetings as well as organize various online events right from your tablet or mobile app. You can keep in touch right with your team as well as office no matter wherever you are. The app allows you to share files, message, video conferences with each and everyone right on the platform keeping track of the team’s activity.

6. Salesforce Mobile

A CRM should always be in place to keep your sales effort profitable for a running B2B business. For this whole operation, Salesforce is certainly a great option for those looking for s stable CRM in a place. This app has a great mobile version. This particular app allows the business to stay profitable with the sales continuing to be made.

7. DocuSign

For any B2B business owner, signing contracts with clients, employees and vendors can be an important task for any B2Bbusiness owner. If you are traveling then it can be a difficult task. But all the possible problems can easily be solved with the app DocuSign. This app is a handy one which takes any scanned documents allowing you to digitally sign your contracts as well as receipts as well as other sensitive content right from your smartphone . Well signing contracts are now much easier with the app.

8. EverNote

Keeping notes is really important part of any CEO’s daily routine. If you are having a thought and wish to jot it down quickly so that you can move along with your day. With Evernote, iPhone and Android owners can easily keeping notes of each and everything.

With this app, you can write all the notes you need with web articles, images of handwritten notes with photos of digital and physical details of the projects. With individual words, you can even search for relevant photos and documents.

9. Google Drive

If you wish to access your team’s files in one safe location whether you are in or out of your office then Google Drive is the right option for you. The various files which you can keep here are photos, charts, designs, documents, videos and recordings and more. Google starts with 15 GB of free storage connecting different workers to access various files. Individuals can view and download any file making the teamwork easier.
You can access your drive from anywhere be it computer, smartphone, tablet making it perfect for managing business even when you are not in office.

10. Flipboard

If you are B2B business owner, you should constantly keep up with the news. You may not have time to check your favorite publication but you might often find what you are looking for. You can solve this problem. The instant app ready for your use is Flipboard for iOS and Android. Flipboard collects content from various social media, news publication and blogs to display stories, blog posts, content in a magazine- like format

11. Dropbox

Filling in the gap right between mobile and desktop is real challenge when you are in a B2B business owner. If you are traveling, it is not so easy to access documents, images, spreadsheets. That is the time when Dropbox comes in. The platform will allow you keep all your content in one particular place. Right from presentations, documents and various other files, you can access each and every thing. This one is available in iOS and Android devices, Dropbox offers you everything.

12. Voice Text

Well voice text can help in tracking ideas as well as tasks. In case of traveling and mostly driving, certain app can be beneficial in recording capabilities. The app Voice Text can transcribe your voice right into a text or email and you can easily send that content into various social networking applications like Twitter and Facebook. With the help of a clipboard present, you can paste the text or other application you choose.

So now travel for business as much as you like and keep updated with every aspect of your workplace with the exclusive mobile apps which are available.

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Atanu Sarkar

Atanu Sarkar, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd & Webskitters LTD has strong data analytics, business development and entrepreneurship skills. He keeps himself updated about latest technological innovations in his past time and encourages his team to incorporate new technologies and move beyond the defined boundaries of design, development and digital marketing. His inquisitive nature constrains him from flattering any limits and that’s made him a successful entrepreneur, a great leader for his team and a wonderful human being.