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Atanu Sarkar
February 11, 2022

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Do you know you have only 5 seconds to inform your visitors about your company and encourage them to stick around? Yes, you read it right, only 5 seconds! Your website is supposed to work in your favour and help you achieve positive and impressive results. You need to plan the design carefully to get the relevant outcome out of it.

Check out if your website’s design is attractive enough to keep the visitors. According to the recent statistics, at least 40% of visitors, visiting a website for the first time uses the design as the yardstick to measure the credibility of the business. It proves that a well-designed website can help you achieve success in today’s business world.

Being a business owner, you need to understand the basics of designing a website. If you don’t have a website yet, it is the best time to get your business one. And if you have a website, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your website performing well?
  • Is it easytonavigate?
  • Is the layout attractive for your visitors?
  • Is the pricing placement easy tosee?
  • Can the visitors understand your business?
  • Do you have a high bounce rate?

If the answer to any of the above questions is not in your favour, you must improve your website and redesign it.

You ought to pay keen attention to the layout, design, and performance of your website. Hence, it is extremely important to give your project in the hands of a proficient and experienced team. With the experts on board, you can enhance the abilities of your website design and can convey the right message to your audience.

Today, a major share of your business is conducted online. You have to grab your visitor’s attention and optimize your website, according to the latest trends. New website design improvement ideas might not hurt your business in anyways. In fact, it might turn your business’ charm and enhance your business prospects.

Without the improvements in design, your website is destined to fail. Let’s protect it from that terrifying experience. Talk to your web designing team and get your website optimized with the current market trends and demands.

8 Essential Tips for Improving Your Web Design

With a lot of competitions around you in the market, you ought to pay attention to the core operations of your business, rather than loitering around the nuances that you don’t even have in-depth knowledge about. It’s best to let the experts handle what they are best at while you can take a step back and reduce one of your headaches.

To help you get the balls rolling your court in the digital world, we have compiled a list of 8 essential tips required for the improvement of your web design. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Remove distractions

Be careful of the elements that your website contains. Certain elements on your website can distract your visitors and misguide them about your messages. Complicated animations, images or contents might prove to be of irrelevant use on your website. With the restricted attention span of your audience, you need to deliver your message most simply. Your font styles, colours, imagery or logo, your brand should not struggle with these elements. Remove all the distractions that can create visual confusion among your visitors.

2. Be social proof

In the modern market, you ought to make your website socially proof. With billions of users on social media platforms, your website improvement ideas should take their advantage. It is important to add social sharing buttons for your visitors. Being social proof enable your audience to get in touch with your business, or share any impressive content or visual easily on social media.

3. Implement calls-to-action

Visitors are very naïve; you have to guide them regarding the actions that you might want them to take. People are sluggish when it comes to taking an action. You have to point them in the right direction to help them get rid of the struggle of what to do after they come to your website. Implement the call-to-action button to direct your audience and help them to enhance their experience. With the help of the call-to-action button, you can improve the buyer’s journey explicitly.

4. Use the right stock images

Using original photography is always recommended to be used on your website. Original images play a vital role. If it is not possible for you, then you ought to pick the right stock images. The downside of using the stock images is that you might find them on other websites too. It certainly doesn’t help you to establish your credibility. So, when you are ready to use the stock images, you have to keep yourself away from the cheesy images. Look for images that depict realistic scenes. Put your designers to work, ask them to create a stunning graphic and develop a well-built environment for the images.

5. Organized navigation

Develop your website with a well-built, clear and organized navigation. Navigation is the key to entering the competition in the market. It is essential to establish good navigation. You can guide the audience to dive deeper into the core places that you might want them to visit. Poor designing practices and over stuffing navigation can disinterest your audience. It will certainly also increase the bounce rates. You can offer a better user experience by organizing your navigation.

6. Don’t be afraid of white space

When it comes to design elements, white space plays a vital role. It helps you to break up the page and increase readability. It plays an important role in the design process. Also known as negative space, the white space can guide the eye of the visitors. With less white space, you can dictate the elements that are related to one another. It enables the users to focus on every part of the website piece by piece. When used properly it can play an important role in guiding your user’s eye.

7. Mobile Friendly and Responsive

Being mobile-friendly is primary for your website. In these modern times, you ought to optimize your website for mobile. With a large number of internet users on the smartphone, people return to their mobile too frequently. It is necessary for you to tailor your website to fit perfectly within every device size. Responsive and mobile-friendly creates seamless mobile experiences for the visitors.

8. Use Color Theory to Your Advantage

Colour theory and psychology matters a lot in grabbing the attention of the visitors. Using the colour theory, you can bring in a lot of visitors. Colours can communicate a very unique language, and it plays an active role in the UI/UX design of your website. You must not ignore it. Ask your designer to approach the colour smartly. If you are in the marketing field, you have to know that colour communication is an effective strategy to be aware of!

Looking To Implement New Web Design Ideas?

You may have dozens of unique ways to improve the design of your website, but here we have listed the top ones that are mostly ignored. 2022 is changing the designing and marketing landscape quickly. Getting on board and entertaining your audience through your design is the best way to leverage the importance of designing.

Hire a creative and innovative team of web designers right away, and start implementing these ideas into your website. We promise you’ll love to experience the new prospects that your business will experience. It can bring dramatic change, and improve the performance and conversion rate of your website.

You may be thinking that this might be unnecessary for your website right now. But please be informed that this is the right time to revamp your website and business. If you are still unsure of a website redesign, then you can get in touch with our team, and we will help you know the importance.

Our team will help you stay ahead of your competitors in the game. Implementing the right web design ideas in 2022 will reduce your bounce rate. It can also give a refreshing look to your website, which impress your visitors and prospective customers.

Atanu Sarkar

Atanu Sarkar, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd & Webskitters LTD has strong data analytics, business development and entrepreneurship skills. He keeps himself updated about latest technological innovations in his past time and encourages his team to incorporate new technologies and move beyond the defined boundaries of design, development and digital marketing. His inquisitive nature constrains him from flattering any limits and that’s made him a successful entrepreneur, a great leader for his team and a wonderful human being.