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Ayan Sarkar
February 28, 2020

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Technological advancement never fails to bring web development service trends every year. And for decision-makers, it is very much important to know about those trends.

Are you wondering why decision-makers need to know about those trends?

Well, there are two reasons that approach the saWeb Development Trends That Will Scale Up Your Business in 2022me for decision-makers. The first one is to sustain ever-rising competition and the second one is to sharpen their knowledge.

In addition, keeping up with these changes is enough to discourage most organizations. So, it is important to take the power in your hand and be a leader of this competition. To reshape your business in 2020, you must know about these.

To save your time and money while providing a concentrated piece of information about the web development service trends, here is a list that I made up according to the trends.

1. Increase Of Progressive Web Applications

This is one of the most effective trends in the field of web development services. It has the ability to push the WWW forward by making website browsing closer to native mobile applications and also to make those apps user-friendly.

In short, progressive web applications are recognized as a website that offers functionalities that are traditionally available to native applications. In a recent study, it has come to light that mobile devices can dominate other devices including desktops or other available devices.

To be more specific, applications account for more than 80% of the overall time users spend with their gadgets.

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Hence, progressive web applications can make a huge difference to change the situation for betterment by troubleshooting all the issues users facing mostly including poor experience, latency, and no offline access.

Here are some of the world-known companies that have already built a progressive web application to leverage their benefits for their organization. For instance, companies like Alibaba, Forbes, Twitter, The Washington Post, and other renowned companies have already built their own progressive web applications.

Technologies like Angular, React, and Polymer should be your preferred choice while developing a progressive web application for your organization. And for the record, progressive web application development takes 4x less time than native app development comparatively.

2. Web Modular Designing & Lower Development Cost

Modular web designing allows developers to reuse components and modules to create a web page instead of using restrictive templates for development. Developers can use these to create content blocks as it helps to display information in a powerful way.

However, building a modular design web page is like processing the development with a lego set. It means each piece should interlock with one another without having doubt about the development process.

Of course, every step will not be similar to another, but setting them up in a proper manner is what developers will have to work on. Only when all the pieces are combined, the built web page makes sense. Technically, this plethora drives towards a faster and cheaper development process but comes as a product with a similar outcome.

3. Responsive Design & The Increase Of Mobile Users

Responsive designing is now becoming a must-have which first debuted in this field as a nice to have feature. According to a report, the stat of increasing demand for this feature is growing like a bush fire.

In 2015, this feature was preferred by 35%, in 2016, the number grew to 43%, in 2017, it was 50.3%, the number grew to 63.4% in 2018, and 82% in 2019. Now, we are awaited to check the number 2020 is going to bring on board officially.

The rapid increase of mobile users is the main reason behind the demand of responsive web designing nowadays. People are using their mobile devices mostly to browse any site, hence, the demand is also increasing eventually to fulfill their requirements.

4. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Searching engines like Google are taking serious steps enhancing the browsing experience via mobile devices. Google first introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages aka AMP for publicity back in 2015 and now, it has become one of the most popular trends in web development services’ technologies.

What exactly this technology does?

Well, technology has been created to encourage website development that loads instantly and works smoothly across mobile devices. Accelerated Mobile Pages can easily load within 2 seconds compared to Non – Accelerated Mobile Pages, which can take 22 seconds of loading time.

Embracing this Accelerated Mobile Pages idea can be a deal maker for your business as Google loves speedy websites. Accelerated Mobile Pages can be easily visible while contributing to higher positions in SERP. It clarifies that this technology will be great for SEO as well.

Technologies To Use For AMP Development

For AMP development, users must be ready to use a new and purpose-built AMP HTML open framework. Google has already launched a website containing detailed documentation and guidance about this development. So, in case, you are interested in introducing AMP to your web development service, check the documentation out and get yourself started with the process.

5. Voice Search Optimization

All of the trends are cool, but this one surely takes the cake. This is a trend you can’t afford to overlook as it has a great impact on the web and surprisingly more is yet to come. Based on a report published by Gartner, about 30% of all searches will be executed without using a screen by this year 2020.

This report was published without mentioning the smart speakers rising over the years. According to the Active outlook, there is believed to be about 21.4 million of them in the United States by 2020 alone.

Hence, voice search commerce is also growing dramatically. Based on a prediction, it is expected that voice search commerce sales will reach $5 billion in the UK and $40 billion in the USA by the year 2022.

Taking this trend into consideration for your business can be a smart decision as this is the potential to become a part of your SEO and other tech strategies. Early adopters are always ahead of the competitors.

Technologies To Use For Voice Search Adoption

To work with voice database, web speech API can be used as API is divided into two components, respectively speech recognition, and speech synthesis. Speech recognition allows voice recognition and responding to queries. On the other hand, speech synthesis is known as a text to speech component allowing scripts to read text content.

6. API First Development

Currently, popular web development trends suggest web solutions to be well prepared for connectivity with other applications due to the rise of mobile devices, wearables, and other devices. All these devices should be integrated with one another and surprisingly this is the first approach that comes from API development.

However, the traditional approach can cause problems as the times of web or mobile app development, organizations do not pay much attention to API development. Mostly API comes as a side project that is always left missing proper designs and required tests.

Another problem of this traditional approach is a time-consuming API design process that increases development expenses and service market entry time.

Traditional API Development Cycle

Certainly, the API development cycle looks like this…

  • R&D team creates a design.
  • After the design is complete, the back end developers team starts working on a prototype keeping rest of the team and Quality Analyst engineers, front end developers awaited.
  • Quality Analysts start working right after front end developers get access to the prototype.
  • In case of any bug report or addition of any feature, the entire steps will be repeated all over again.

API First development is simultaneous and never forces one part of the team to wait until another part has finished its work. API is mock and hence it goes faster to let all teams work along.

For API First development, Swagger, and API Blueprint technologies can be ideal choices.

7. Chatbots and Customer Support

57% of users appreciate chatbots for its spontaneity. According to a report published by Gartner, it is predicted that 85% of customer interactions will happen without a human on behalf of organizations by the end of 2020. To support this prediction, TechEmergence also stated that chatbots will become the number one application for consumers of all AI integrations within the next five years. The chatbot is already finding its place among other customer service provider professionals.

Of course, this is not a big surprise. On the other hand, organizations are supposed to save a lot of money by making chatbots work instead of employing humans. This step will save around $23 billion approximately from the customer service sector alone.

What about consumers? Are they ready to talk to bots instead of a human?

Now, the data might get you surprised as 48% of consumers prefer contacting an organization via live chat. For the chatbots are perfect and a shocking 95% think that chatbots will be best used for customer services.

8. Motion UI

There’s no doubt about the size of the Internet. In a word, it’s massive.

Well, we all know this, but we are not aware of the effects it has on an average person’s attention span. Some sources report support that the human attention span is worse than a goldfish.

And because of that, there is nothing more useful than grabbing their attention with a captivating motion UI. Some of the popular organizations have already used motion UI on their web pages. This makes the pages changing rapidly after users scroll down to keep them engaged.

However, there are also chances of this strategy to turn out as a dud, but we will never know until it spends a few years on the internet. To bring some easement, it can be stated that the library is capable enough for animating designs and it is a great thing to let developers play with them the way they prefer.

9. AI & Cyber Security

In 2020, it is expected that robots will make a big difference in the world of cybersecurity. Just like developers learning the best way of building AI as this can help in customer support, predictive trends, and image recognition, AI is about the become the future of cybersecurity.

In a Statista prediction, it is expected that organizations around the globe will be spending almost $2.5 billion within the year 2016 to 2025 on AI integration. The number is rising more than this as AI is meant to prevent cybersecurity threats.

Why robots are believed to be helpful in the cybersecurity world?

Image Source:

To support this, there are several reasons. Most of the time, cybersecurity professionals have to eat, sleep and go to the restroom. The point is these people are not always available. And because of that, these professionals are unable to diffuse an attack until the damage has already been done.

In such cases, robots are able to work all the time. After they are created, organizations do not have to pay them per hour or an annual package, offer lunch breaks. They will be able to attack any problem within a moment and this will be mitigating the effects of the damage.

MIT has already developed an AI system to detect 85% of attacks even before those happen. With AI, the entire cybersecurity will become cheaper and way more efficient.

It’s Time To Wrap Up!

If you are like 57% of organizations who are planning to upgrade their sites with advancements for faster, stronger and more relevant outcomes, then you can follow these above-mentioned trends for betterment.

Spend some time on making these futuristic integrations to let users come up with expectations from you while surfing through your site. The more advanced your site is, users will have more trust in your work. It is the best way to influence them to bring betterment to their sites as well.

Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.