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Ayan Sarkar
December 22, 2015

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A hashtag is a wonder in the last past decade. It was born to manage the need as well as the sense of social media buzz. This was active as well as creative in the user adoption supporting hashtag adding to the popular social media platforms. Internet language over the past few years has taken off and is a huge part of the evolution. Hashtags are often followed by a keyword and they are used for categorization right on social media.

Hashtags have a really high value. There are certain states and info given below which should make understanding, appreciating as well as using hashtags very easy.

What does research say

If you are looking for a complete arrangement on the topic of hashtags then you should be using hashtags.

Hashtags started on Twitter and spread to Facebook, Google+, Google search, Instagram and everywhere right on the social media.

There are plenty of reasons why the use as well as acceptance, of hashtags should have plenty of reason to consider. Hashtags are not only used on a Google search but can also be used while on Twitter. A proper hashtag will make the content much more viewable with anyone with an interest in the hashtag.

But the big question is that how will you find right hashtags for the created content and make sure that you got the right number on the social network. Here is how you will break it down.

Hashtags on Twitter

As per the statistics, tweets with hashtags get two times more engagement than the tweets present without it.

Effective uses of hashtags can certainly double your online engagement. The process of four retweets can certainly increase to eight or 10 retweets to even 20 with a simple #.

Some research shows the volume of hashtags bears professional monitoring with one or two hashtags appear to be max. But the use two or more hashtags can drop your engagement by an average by 17 percent. Twitter research confirms that hashtags have a significant advantage with 100 percent increase in engagement with the use of hashtags. Each and every brand can see nearly 50 percent increases. The engagement which can be measured in clicks, favorites, replies or if only retweeted then hashtags will be a smart bet.

Tweets with one or more hashtag are nearly 55 percent than more likely be retweeted. With, the right use of twitter hashtags will gather maximum tweets with more clicks.

Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram is another hotspot for the use of hashtags and one would love to extensively tag photos and there does not seem to be a saturation point.

Instagram posts with more than 11+ hashtags usually have the highest interactions. The best part about this recommendation is that data comes from users with 1000 or less than the followers which include small businesses. Hashtags could be the best option with fast following right on Instagram.

Hashtags on Facebook

It is true that Twitter and Instagram are clear winners for hashtags but the case is different in case of Facebook. Here are recommendations for using Facebook.

In true sense, Facebook post without the use of hashtags usually are better than those which are used with hashtag.

Hashtags have around right on Facebook since June 2013 and three months later a research proved that using hashtags on Facebook has zero positive effect right on reach. Post without the use of hashtags out-perform with hashtags.

It is certainly not best to abandon hashtags use on Facebook just based on the data. It is always best to try first and is best to test as there are lots of analyses left to be done.

Hashtags on Google+

Right on Google+, posts are given hashtags based on the content but you can also edit as well as add on the own. Nothing is unique about Google + as you can add hashtags in your comments as well as the post.

Google+ is Google’s social network and hashtags can now be built into Google searches. Normal search results with proper Google+ posts. In fact, Google+’s related hashtags offer an opportunity to discover new ideas with rising interest level at various topics.

Tool to find as well as manage the hashtags

With the use of the right tools, you can use hashtags as a system for various social media campaigns. Each and everything is collected under just one hashtag banner, you can see at a glance at the reach of the campaign as well as the discussions here.

1. Me

One of the complete hashtags tools which one will find is which has reams of data to analyze hashtags. You will find related hashtags and their popularity. With, this service hashtags will display how popular the hashtags will relate to the original.

2. RiteTag

RiteTag helps to make sure that tags that one use is chosen by showing how good and great or overused a particular hashtag is. The visual organizations of hashtags are into colored bars with analysis at a glance.

3. Tagboard

With Tagboard, one can use hashtag across multiple networks. The results pages right on the Tagboard show the posts which are hashtagged post right from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Vine.

4. Twitalyzer

Twitalyzer does show that hashtags are part of the audit of the twitter accounts. With Twitalyzer, you can easily investigate how and what hashtags can be used for. This can really be helpful in finding out the niche’s tweets.

5. Trendsmap

Local businesses find value in Trendsmap which shows the relevance of the hashtags that are being used in the geographic area.

Steps to find the right hashtags to use

With the help of above tools, you can find few perfect hashtags and like various online term. Here are certain steps to find out the right hashtags.

1. Learn from the best

Twitalyzer can give you the good foundation of where to start in case of hashtags search by showing how influencers are using the hashtags. You can grab a handful of hashtags which the influencers are admiring and inputting them into Twitalyzer. Right at the bottom of the results page, you will see a section of mostly used hashtags.

2. Covering all the bases: To consider the related hashtags to consider

Armed with the list of ideas of hashtags, you can use to see the related hashtags which are worth pursuing. You can take a note of the circle size on the results.

Not every hashtag listed here will be relevant and it might get you some previously considered. You can use #business, #infographic and hashtags of the network like #twitter and #facebook.

3. Know all-stars along with the best hashtags to use

The popularity and volume can be the perfect indicator of the importance of hashtag and you may take a step further. has various premium tools letting you go deeper into the statistics on hashtags. You can get solid data from RiteTag

Most of the posts contain the word marketing, these tags are most likely the great, good and overused ones.

4. Double Check: Choose the right hashtags which mean something else?

One last check will finalize the list of hashtags should be whether or not the hashtag and can be in a whole new concept in a different context.

The worst thing can use with using hashtag to realize it after tweeted that the same hashtags for an entirely different topic.

Hashtags can be used generically by thousand users in various sorts of different contexts.

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Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.