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Atanu Sarkar
April 11, 2016

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Technological advancement and latest developments of the modern world has introduced several beneficial systems of the society. Being able to remotely connect with your loved ones, business partners, traders and other group you are involved in is one such benefit that can be counted among the best technological innovations. If you have a business then cloud computing has turned into an obligation for you as it helps you to store and retrieve the data while being mobile. As you plan to move your first step towards cloud computing you need to have a clear idea about its fundamentals and benefits. So, let’s explore the cloud world.

Defining cloud computing

Cloud computing system is a system that allows the internet-users to safely share the process resource and valuable data on the internet. Linked with proper storage solutions, this system requires minimal management and presents a wide range of opportunities to store the required resources and to access it from any part of the world, anytime. This internet-based computing system has allowed the users to access the shared pool of resources through any network.

Cloud Computing is basically a term that comprises of three valuable services:

  1. IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service– This services involves a method that includes delivering everything starting from operating system to the storage. Clients are allowed to avoid the purchase of the software or server and can indulge in procuring the resources by merely on-demand outsourced services.
  2. SaaS or Software as a Service– It is the service that is expected to experience the advanced growth. This service requires the license of an application to the customers. The license is offered through pay-as-you-go basis. With its increased demand and great prospects, the SaaS software is expected to achieve $106 billion revenue by the coming revenue, according to Goldman Sachs report.
  3. PaaS or platform as a service– Out of the three systems of cloud computing, this is considered as the most complex one. It is a platform that is known for creating software and delivering it through the internet. If the report and research of Forrester is to be believed, the PaaS solution is expected to earn the revenue of $44 billion by 2020.

What led to the growth of cloud computing?

  • The increased and superior capacity of networks to handle every type of complex issues.
  • Widespread use of internet and the low-cost of computers and laptops.
  • The service-oriented architecture and the utility computing have also enhanced the growth of cloud computing.
  • The benefit of cost savings associated with the cloud computing have also led to its enhanced development.

Why companies are moving towards cloud computing?

Although the entire world is still thinking and planning what to use the cloud computing system, the entrepreneurs have made huge excellence out of the same. Gradually with the passage of time the number of businesses using this system is increasing rapidly. The reason for this change can be excellently summed up in the below mentioned points:

  1. Flexibility- For the business flexibility is very important and it is provided by them excellently by the cloud- based services. This is an ideal way for businesses that is growing with fluctuating bandwidth demands. The agility provided by this system ensures giving the business a real-edge over their competitors.
  2. Automatic updates for software– Apart from all other features, the one feature that attract the entrepreneurs towards cloud-services are its incredible knack to update the software automatically. This takes away the pressure of wasting time over maintaining the system manually.
  3. Disaster recovery– Another interesting feature of this system is disaster recovery. The backup and recovery solutions of the cloud system are gaining immense popularity amidst the small and medium sized entrepreneurs. It saves time, data and also avoids the large up-front investment of recovery.
  4. Access from anywhere– You can access your data and other saved resources from anywhere, anytime. Allowing you to access the required data on your mobile phone, you are not even restricted in your choice of using the type of device.
  5. Cost-effective- Cloud computing ensures cutting the rate of investing in the high cost of hardware. There are subscription based model which requires a one-time flow of the cash and the cost is pocket-friendly for business of every size.
  6. Increased association– This system also enables the entire team of the business to access, edit and share the documents anytime. This keeps the entrepreneurs directly informed and updated about the real-time changes made in the cloud-based workflow by their collaborations.
  7. Security- In case you lose your laptop, mobile phone or the sensitive data stored for your business, it becomes extremely difficult for you to gain back the access or the chances are worse of not being able to retrieve the data. In such cases, there is a total loss on the part of your business. To avoid such situations, the cloud computing is developed, to help you access your data from any machine type.
  8. Environment Friendly- Moving to clouds and storing your data is also an environmentally-friendly step taken by you. This serves as a sustainable solution which creates a minimal impact on the environment. The server capacity fluctuates up and down as per the need of your cloud space, this helps you to consume the amount of energy which is required by you and not eat up the entire portion alone.

List of things businesses can’t think about without the help of cloud

Businesses are exploring new and excellent avenues to make the most use of the cloud system that would prove beneficial for the expansion of their prospective. The five mentioned points below clearly sums the importance and value of a cloud-based system in any organization:

  1. Access World-class service– While the world has turned into a global village, it is a smart idea to make the global world your target market. This dream could not be interpreted without a cloud system. Accessing and using the advanced service with international standards give wings to the small size companies who cannot dream bigger than the local market. It is this system which serves as the gateway to the global world.
  2. Enable remote working- It is the use of cloud technology that allows the entrepreneurs to remotely check and keep a track of the productivity of your employees. The work of your team members can be managed and monitored through its cloud-based system. It also helps you to stay updated about the latest developments that are going on in your organization and makes you feel engaged with the work.
  3. Reduces the cost of investing in storage devices– the cloud system offers excellent storage capacity which reduces the cost of investing in a different storage device. This inexpensiveness of the system has enhanced its value and thus has proved to be a vital part of the company’s profit.
  4. Keep book-keeping online– Maintaining and logging to the private financial information is yet another major function played by a cloud computing system. The information can be viewed or shared by anyone who needs it and thus it helps in reducing the extra cost in hiring an external accountant or team member to monitor your personal financial transactions.
  5. High storage capacity– Sans the help of cloud-computing, it would have been impossible for any business to store large number of data over the internet securely. It presents excellent amount of storage capacity which encourages the entrepreneurs to not to look beyond this system.

Ensure an exponential growth for your business through the excellent and amazing use of cloud computing system. The future of the cloud computing industry is spinning around like a tornado and thus its pace of growth can be visualized. The long-term success of this service as a business oriented technology is assured by its excellent features and out-of-the- box strategies.

Atanu Sarkar

Atanu Sarkar, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd & Webskitters LTD has strong data analytics, business development and entrepreneurship skills. He keeps himself updated about latest technological innovations in his past time and encourages his team to incorporate new technologies and move beyond the defined boundaries of design, development and digital marketing. His inquisitive nature constrains him from flattering any limits and that’s made him a successful entrepreneur, a great leader for his team and a wonderful human being.