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Ayan Sarkar
December 30, 2019

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In online business, as customers do not get the chance to see the product directly, your customers rely upon how you represent your product towards your customers.

“Ways to promote business has gone through evolutions and innovations over the ages. Promoting business in the pre-internet era was a completely different ball game altogether. However, business promotion online has also gone through change and improvement over the years. Depending on the latest innovations in the fields of graphic design.”

Let us take a look at the top graphic design trends to promote business in 2020, designers can develop their strategy for promoting their business in upcoming days.

Your Company logo should deliver the brand message

Your company logo represents your business. It plays an important role to set the very essence of your business. Take an example. When you hear the name of a brand like ‘Puma’, I am sure you recollect the puma logo in your mind. This is what called branding. Now let us take another example, think of the importance of the logo of apple with a bite! It is one of the most celebrated brand logos all over the world. This type of impact a logo is supposed to have. So, design a unique logo which can enhance your brand value.

Heavy, But Simple Fonts

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Fronts are placed into descriptive categories. Heavy fonts indicate thicker and more weighted, which means bold and extra bold fonts. Because these types of fonts are the most noticeable one and easy to execute. Easy fonts are versatile graphic design tool and in terms of visibility and showy spectacle, it gives a simple yet accurate view. Heavy fonts can draw the attention of the customers. You can use them for headers to emphasise or to highlight a particular part to add value. The customers would automatically be drawn to the heavy text, thus, make the full use of the trend.

Specified design for Ads

Every company spend money on business ads to publish it on social media platforms or other platforms to spread your business. To fulfil your purpose, you need to utilise the knowledge of your graphic design properly. You have to fit your design within the given space and of course, the design should be expressed enough to serve your purpose. Keep in mind the readability and visibility of your design. During designing add campaigns, different fonts and style could be used so that it can fit in within the given space.

Mobile-friendly design

you have to keep one thing in mind before you start the design, most of the users who are accessing your website or social media page using mobiles. It will be attainable on mobile phones that run mostly on android and iOS platform. Therefore, ensure that the graphic you use whether for your website or promotional purpose is mobile friendly. Starting from your company logo, home page banner, landing page all pages should offer mobile-friendly approach. You must take the expert graphic design service, where the mobile and desktop version would be different. Their experienced knowledge will guide you to take the advantages of the market and design the page to that it can run smoothly on the desktop and mobile device for both the platform.

E-mail marketing campaign design

E-mail marketing plays a very important role in your business to fetch customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Thus, while promoting an you should focus on the matter how you are going to design your email to generate more customer. The brand identity should be flattered. With the help of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, you can acquire data more accurately for prospective users. If you use big data analysis to monitor and manage your data, you can establish a better and advanced network with the customers. You need to put an attractive subject line to draw your customer easily to open the mail. Your unique design and strategic placement of the CTA can add a huge conversion rate.

Choose Right colour Palette

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Muted colour palettes are probably the easiest design trend to adapt for your web business. Muted colours refer to colours having white or added to it to create a less vibrant, almost dull colour swatch. You can add or create a muted colour palette from your existing brand colours. In the digital platform, if you use muted colour pattern it works the best. If you do not optimise your printing method, the colour may not print properly. On social media platform, muted colour schemes can be a welcoming break from the extravagant bright graphics, your brand relies upon to grab the attention of the customer’s.

Design your landing page

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Your landing page should be as simple as possible. It is an interesting area to apply the emerging trends. There are a few reasons to design your page without any complication. The foremost reason would be, it would help you with Search engine optimization (SEO). A simple page would take less time to load. Page load speed is an important factor. Quick loading time helps you to rank your page higher by Google. Next important thing is CTA (Call to Action), simple landing page helps you to generate clearer CTA. If you overload your page with too much designing pattern, your ‘sign up’ button would be unnoticed easily. You need to add bright colours here.

Image resolution for social media

When you are planning to do promotion on social media, the first thing you must focus on how you design the banner and what should be the image quality. The campaign conducted by you on social media can have a huge impact on your business. Therefore, the images or banners that you share publicly have immense importance in your business. Another thing you have to keep in your mind that the viewers do not have the time to check your post distinctively. So, you have to prominently show your prerogatives so that views can easily identify that while scrolling through their feeds. So, to hook the attention of your customers you need to make the banner enough attractive. You have only a few seconds in your hand to impress them.

Check out your targeted audience

As you are conducting promotion as per the need of the audience, so you have to know the taste of your audience and especially, the product base. You cannot offer extravagant design to promote a light product. The design should be appealing to the people you are offering your promotion. You have to design the graphics considering in mind the age group, cultural and financial backdrop and develop the content accordingly.

Customised design

The design of your business logo, banners of any promotion all depends on the type of business it is. You to design differently in case of a real estate business or a web business. Customised design is as important as your brand logo.

Designing your Business Card

A business card has its importance when you make it significant for your business. Your business card carries nothing but your name, company name and logo, address, company details. Sometimes you add a catchy tag line on it. Before finalising your card, give it a thought, is it enough to impress or influence someone? Is it enough to build your brand image? Your business card needs to look impressive and compelling. So that people can remember your business name or logo at a single glance. As a result, when they require such product or service relevant to your business, can give you a call. This is how you can earn customer, not because of your business reputation, but because of the impression, you created through your business card.

Unique brand animation

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GIFs are very popular, even repeating animation are very significant output in designing. It is used to convey an emoting that words cannot produce. Thus, when you want to cater to the best kind of designing to hold the attention of your customers then you should not negate the importance of it. Most companies have started to realise it and they have utilised this pattern for a significant outcome. This animation pattern gives you ample opportunities to add the logo and brand colour so that you can highlight it to represent the brand association. Utilising branded animation gives to scope to utter exactly what you need to convey in a particular context.

Abstract Illustration

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I think it is the most illustrative representation of your brand and at the same time, it is quite difficult to execute. You must incorporate this pattern in your brand if you are still using the heavy designing pattern. When I say abstract illustration, I mean not to use particular proportions and dimension of drawings that would not exemplify real-life object, rather it would show a bizarre and queer outlook with a dreamlike effect on it. However, in some cases, you would probably fail to utilise this particular shape or pattern for your business pattern. These illustrated imageries have been adopted across industries. If you are running a tech industry, then you should immediately start it.

Creative loading pattern

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Motion design is today’s most popular trend. Malleable animation attracts people a lot. Sometimes for various reason, loading page can take a longer time, without having any problem from your end. When it takes a while to load a page, people tend to drive out from your page. However, complex, entertaining animated looks can hook the users and it can also allow creating a personalised user experience. This way your design can also hold your customers in hand. You must make the full use of creative and innovative loader design based on the type of industry you are running.

Dark Themes

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Dark themes add a classy outlook in your website or web app. Dark themes patterns have started to prevail, as it attracts the users. According to a recent study, it is reported that users like to go through dark themes. Especially it allows to present your brand in a more creative way. Presently, world-known companies have released software updates with dark themes.

Final Discussion

Graphic design is going to play an integral part of your business. It will be immensely beneficial for your business if you want to develop the skill as per the emerging technology. It’s time for you to utilise these styles. Of course, all these patterns cannot be implemented all together, now it is your take to pick the most significant patterns, that your business requires. If you are running a web business or in other industry where you rely upon web-based services, then you must start implementing these patterns. Focus on a few which can easily be executed. To commence with these patterns, you can organise a contest, where the designers will take part and provide their samples keeping in mind the popular trend. Choose the one and go for it to implement.

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Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.