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Atanu Sarkar
October 30, 2015

Table of content

If you own a popular blog site, you shall have an idea about your selective blogs that have gained largest numbers of viewers. Keep them inside your “Hall of Fame” list but do not you think that they are dying a silent death? With time more innovations come up and blog contents get staled. But do they stale in their entirety? It’s not that simple. Like rotating fashion-trends, you can rotate your blog contents too. You need to handle them smartly. Add new techniques and refresh content language along with adding relevant data-charts or images to transform them into fully relevant blog contents that stand with time. So we are taking into step within the realm of “content repurposing”.

Importance factor of content repurposing

Strong content is primary weapon of marketing. Sometimes with time our old blogs get better just like old wine getting better over time. A small tweak at your old content can create outstanding effects. They can really create a huge difference.

Benefits of content repurposing

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Time is the biggest important matter in every sphere and more so in business. Thus when you’re in a tremendous time pressure and need to produce an engaging blog in few hours, you can repurpose your old blog that was famous in its time.

Think it in this way: important topics are hardly changed. It’s the solution that gets modified. So research and incorporate newer aspects within the older topic.

According to latest online researches on content writing, there’s no need of creating contents all the time. Rather less but quality contents should be sent to more and more people.

Let’s jot down important benefits of content repurposing below:

I. Boosting of your SEO methods: Writing multiple blogs focusing upon a certain group of keywords can raise opportunities of targeting those desired keywords.

If you post repurposed contents outside your blog, chances of getting quality links (to your site) rises. There’s added advantage of managing the anchor text attached with the link.

II. Expand your audience base: Ironically it may be that in comparison to your old blog, your newly repurposed blog would generate higher audience. It is possible in this way that when you post your repurposed blog through different channels, more audience would read that.

III. Reinforcing your messages: As business owners we all know that repetition is vital to convey your message to your audience. This is a basic concept of marketing. And repurposing of contents play important role here as we know that topics of these blogs are interest generating so more visitors would be engaged and you would be able to convey your message more effectively.

IV. Raising your authority: If you want to be recognized as an industry expert, content repurposing can play significant role. Defining a single topic from a variety of angles and posting them on various platforms can give you your due recognition.

After knowing the benefits of repurposing let’s select our deserving blog contents. Here also there are methods of selection.

Selecting deserving contents for repurposing

Methods of selection are as follows:

  • An evergreen content: What makes your content evergreen? Major factors are quality and timelessness. Quality contents attract major traffic and are always most effective weapons of digital marketing. In other hand some contents don’t lose its relevancy. This timelessness cements its relevancy in the long run.
  • Reviewing your popular posts: Review your blog site with site analytics and see which post has gathered biggest traffic. Monthly Report should be checked for top contents.
  • Additional portions of a topic: While going through your archive, see for topics that you can improve further. With time there might have been additional points emerged, linked to your topic. Or you might have gathered new points regarding your past blog.

Let’s see how we can make our previously hit blogs much more popular.

How we do it?

Ways are many and they are as follows:

  • Spin-off the old content: Sometimes a spin-off old blog can create magic. More so if you separate each of your list-items and create blogs out of each of them. This is an amazing way to be more specific. You can add in more background information, examples and tutorials to make them more informative.
    Interestingly reverse of the above-mentioned way is true too that is you can make an informative blog post after blending 2 to 3 posts together and making a more expanded blog.
  • Creating a presentation: Presentation slides are effective ways to generate good traffic. Let’s say one of our evergreen blog has several actionable advices, useful statistics, useful quotes; these can be efficiently converted into interesting slides and you can share them at SlideShare social site- an easy and flexible tour of your previous contents have been created so easily. Is not it?
    Creation of slides has been made easy by tools like ‘Canva’. You can take help of its inbuilt feature of templates for blog graphics, social-media images and presentation slides. After creating them you can make a slidedeck via Prezi, PowerPoint or Google Drive.
  • Creation of an infographic: Infographic is an amazing step to outline important points of your blog and that too in a visually enticing manner. Have a lot of data included in your evergreen blog? Think about infographic. You can relate points and chart out a different story or you can break an article to highlight its main points.
  • Pinterest instructographic: Similar with infographic in its look and feel, instructographic focuses more on a topic’s ‘how-to-do’ aspect. This focuses on the teaching aspect of a design. Select your ‘how-to-do’ type of blog from archive and post it on Pinterest.
  • Rewriting and republishing: If you scrutinize your archive you will find some fascinating articles, some of whose points have not aged well. With maturity and time you can rewrite them and republish them after rebuilding those points effectively.For this you can create a separate folder and keep all the blog contents there. Then it would be easier for you to take a note of what to follow-up next.
  • Don’t forget to add a short note in the beginning or end to tell about its origin. If your post has drawn significant amount of viewers in the past then you can refresh its content further and post it within existing url to use its already good amount of traffic. Some blog sites let you republish it with its latest date along with its existing url. Thus you can show it as your latest blog and exploit its already good traffic pull.
  • Reposting your evergreen post on social-media sites: It may look stupid to repost your content on several other social-media channels but it can raise up to 75% more engagement then the original post.
    This method lets you to reach audience at different time zone. You can alter headlines of your post and reach out to a wide base of audience.
    With popular social-media sites like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+; publish your posts on Quora. This question and answer format is highly efficient method of generating traffic.
  • Crafting daily email series: You can use chunks of main points of your blog in your daily email series. For example each point of our present blog can form a separate email series. In this email series you can add your own examples, additional instructions and images.
  • Creating your ebook: Many popular ebooks have interesting origin of first being a blog post. To transform your blog posts as ebooks, you need to conduct extensive research. Supplement your blog post with worthy information and transform it into your desired ebooks.
    Tools like Papyrus can help you design your ebook as you wish or you can assign this work to your in-house design team or outsource your work.
  • Add a guest post: Quality guest posts are good sources of incoming creative articles, stories and new ideas. ‘Hub and Spoke’ method applies well with posting your guest blogs. It specifies your original post as the ‘hub’ and your blog post as ‘spoke’. Bothe of them is connected and will drive in more traffic to your site.
  • Transforming your post as video series or podcast: One interesting way to repurpose your content is to transform it into a video series or a podcast. This is an efficient way to connect with your viewers in a more creative and easy way. Best method is to take your blog post as origin of your discussion and elaborate the discussion further into an extensive arena.You can host a webinar based on your blog post and this is a significant aspect of audio and video repurposing of content.


Content repurposing is a great way to reap in benefit of SEO and already established traffic. We suggest you to plan your repurposed content before you write your new post. Remember that 1 interesting story can lead to several others.

Atanu Sarkar

Atanu Sarkar, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd & Webskitters LTD has strong data analytics, business development and entrepreneurship skills. He keeps himself updated about latest technological innovations in his past time and encourages his team to incorporate new technologies and move beyond the defined boundaries of design, development and digital marketing. His inquisitive nature constrains him from flattering any limits and that’s made him a successful entrepreneur, a great leader for his team and a wonderful human being.