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October 29, 2015

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“#” does the sign looks familiar? We love to insert this sign wherever we are posting. Be it #picnicfungirls or even our emotional mood like #sadlonely. This is the sign which is used by each and every digital marketing expert along with a social network freak and many more. This hash tag is surely the key component in nearly the social as well as content marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ as well as Tumblr. In fact to bring any topic in the trending list, this popular symbol is the key.

But like every other thing, hashtags are very confusing for content marketers too. Yes we know how to use them but are certainly to a greater extent unaware of the best possible approach. Now how to determine the right strategy for integrating hashtags into the campaigns to generate results for the brand?

Here are some of the tips which can be used to balance hashtags to create more successful results.

1. Creating a category for your brand’s message

The origin of Hashtags were originally to categorize topics of conversation online so that it can help users to track down posts which are related to a event or group they were interested in. They are still till date the ideal method for organizing content. If you are uploading content in social media, then use hashtags to tell about the purpose and a value of proposition. Take the example that your content relates to a topic like #beauty, #fashion, #business or sale, you can do so by including a hashtag in posts that relates to your brand and products.

Like for example, Makeup Forever labels the posts on Instagram like #MakeupForeverOfficial along with hashtags on #strobing and #contouring which are two makeup trending application techniques. With the right use of hashtags, it can easily relate the user to your products in the right way.

2. Extending the reach of your social posts

Yes hashtags are really very useful in defining content but they can also extend the reach of your brand. Think hashtags as search marketing keywords with one unique feature which surely sets them apart. Well hashtags has a more generalized approach popular by audience while search keywords are highly specific. Now if you use hashtags that are popular then your content will appear in searches of hashtag and attract more eyes.

You can know about the trending hashtags from various social media platform like Instagram and Twitter. Do a little research about the hashtag which fits your theme generating a lot of engagement on your part identifying the tags in your posts.

3. Starting a trending topic

In most cases, the hashtags that are used in your posts are already there and help your post to be found. But you can also showcase your brand’s creativity with the right use of hashtags. This will give the opportunity to start something with audience. Make sure there is consistency and relevancy to bring a hashtag into a trend.

Use the technique of pop culture reference with respect to the brand to connect your brand with the population not just selling a product.

4. Last but not the least, use them wisely

Well this is something which we address as digital marketing sense but never overdo incorporating hashtags like giving in a single post too many times then your message will read like spam which would lead social media content consumers to unfollow your brand.

In case of the use of tags, there are multiple opinions but the general concept is to use three per post. Think of viewers as dedicated readers. Often the excess use of hashtags defects the attention which one is trying to relay. That is reason why you should use it in moderation.

Focus on quality as too many tags can gather more people but they may not be worthy of your business.

Hashtag Marketing

Well hashtags is certainly an important aspect for all sorts of social media campaigns as they put your brand’s efforts into a particular subject making it easy for audience to access what they are posting. Take care of the extend of your posts with a new trend or your overall messaging focusing on quantity and quality.

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