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Ayan Sarkar
November 4, 2019

Table of content

Everyone is trying hard to increase sales and productivity. Productivity can only be increased if the business person can grasp loyal customers with superior service. Presently every industry large and small are using mobile apps to escalate the growth. Noticeably, small companies are ruling better and return their investment in large businesses. Technology has evolved the market with a considerable positive result. Mobile has become social to know news and update about all affairs, these social media apps are used to converse and can notify push notification through mobile apps. Nowadays businessman chooses to market their business by mobile apps. By utilizing top mobile app development frameworks business owners can create amazing applications that offer instant chat options, so they can easily get in touch with their consumers. The owners can keep track of the interested people and following the traffic. They can promote their product in a different way through promotions and offer customized topic details to individual customers.

Thus, one must choose wisely the right app development company to build an excellent app.

Customer Engagement

In every business, communication plays a great role in order to know the demand of the customer. If you have a direct conversation with your customer, you would get to know about how they like your service or product and input their views and requirement. Naturally, you can manage accordingly to that. Especially, when the customers get a better user experience, they tend to stick to you. When you mould your strategies as per the need of your consumer you earn potential customers.

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A social media app plays an apt trick to enhance customer engagement and better user experience. Customers can input their reviews and comment if they want to introduce new things. In this part, segmentation plays a great role where you send personalize messages and make a more profitable connection. Sending push notification from your app also widen customer engagement. Some Mobile apps work offline so customers can access from any geographical location and time. The number of mobile users is increasing day by day as the mobile app operating system is easy and user-

friendly anyone can operate it. Thus, engagement in a mobile world is a fluid process.

Customer service and support

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if you disappoint your customers with poor customer service then you will fall behind. You being a consumer must have witnessed if the company does not satisfy you, you lost interest in them. that’s the story behind de-escalation. Mobile apps are very efficient if you utilize your strategies through it. AI implemented a mobile app can play the role of human assistant and reply to all the queries your customers have. The mobile app gives you the functionality to keep your customers updated through messages and notification. They can utilize the promotion period as well as you can build a good customer relation.

It is the department of a company’s customer relation administrative function that communicates with the client for their critical benefit.


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It is an important factor in business to place across the interests of your products and services to the right customer. Well-designed purchasing and promotional plan resulted in a long-term benefit, it draws more clients and assures the profit of companies. You can attract a host of consumers by adding this option to your mobile app. Remember the first appearance also matters in some cases. If you can promote your app before a suitable platform that would definitely impact your business. Promotional code and coupon can attract your customers and increase the rate of purchase.

Push Notification

Most successful mobile apps are those that have a push notification feature. Push notification encourages the customer to visit your app over and over again, as it offers exclusive offers and the latest products launched with their fabulous features. The main features should be included to accelerate the business successfully and to convert it into sales.

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Every person spends at least 2-3 hours daily on their cell phones. As people tend to use more smartphones than desktop, by utilizing mobile app you can reach more customers and target more audiences. If you can manage the marketing plan in the view of user behavior that will impact your business. Your marketing will be visible many times for users if it has a mobile appearance. While using the platform scrolling, opening or browsing, your business title and logo must be seen. If you allow internet-based services or products, manage a mobile app to implement your strategies. Secure it reasonable for customers who are engaged in equivalent things that people would perform their interest. The more occasions you offer to possible customers the greater your marketing preference would become.

Direct Marketing Strategy

Mobile apps provide a lot of data related to consumers to your company. For instance, age, location, personal preferences, and so on. More importantly, you can give a lot of knowledge to your customers regarding your products and services. With the concern of news feed and specifications of the product description and new updates of product launching, special rates, and promotion on occasion. We can track the potency of certain customers and reach their requirements. It is direct marketing to potential customers on the basis of behavior.

Use Social Platform

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The main trick behind social features in the mobile app is to share it as much as you can through your customers while they got special offers or promotions on Mobile apps. It helps your business to increase customers. Merge this idea into your marketing policy so that people can see your brand. Include features like chat, comments, likes, share abilities. Additionally, add login options to some particular app via Facebook and Twitter. This strategy secures customer engagement, returned sales, holding and monetization.

Build Your On-Demand Marketplace

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Presently customers are very enthusiastic about on-demand marketplaces. Mobile App that unique capacity to make it happen. However, to implement that you don’t need to launch an entirely new line of business if you want to build an on-demand marketplace mobile app. Even if you have an existing online business in place, you can still create an on-demand marketplace to expand your business via a mobile app on your own. One of the best existing companies Rover offers services like Dog boarding, dog visit, home sitting and others. They had only a website previously and they use the masterstroke to improve their business. Once they launched a mobile app, Rover was able to reach and presence more than 11,000 cities. In addition, the company also witnesses an impressive increase of 200% in user registrations. When they were emerging to the next step almost 10,000 people joined them on a weekly basis. They reported that 90% of their users who installed the app and booked service from them through that application are still active users of the app. And 90% of their users are recommended customers who were suggested by their friends and family. This is a massive result they faced and generally, they improved their services simultaneously. Between 2016 to 2017 they managed to triple their revenue and this boost has been a great help in introducing them to the new market.

Convert Websites with Mobile App

A mobile app complements the abilities of a website. It builds better customer support than websites. A website needs the customer to commence a browser and access the URL, whereas a mobile app demands an individual touch on the security of the smart device. A website is a big platform for advance knowledge and to post information about products and services. A website is a huge platform to post information about products and services like a copy, video, and images. Websites are a one-way business, on the other hand, Mobile application develops loyal customers.

From 2018 most businesses plan to extend funding on Mobile applications. Developing a website is a place where to catch new customers and aids to convert them to download the mobile app. After the user makes use of the mobile app on their devices it aids to generate opportunities to build loyalty and trust and expand your ability to social groups and present a personalized purchasing activity.

Earn Through the App Store

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If you own a subscription-based business model and are finding ways for effective and economical ways to drive conversions, building a mobile app can be your perfect solution for you. When you use an app to offer a subscription-based model to customers, it is more likely to convert customers in compare to offering them a product upfront. As a result, 60% of your free customer users will transfer to paying customers. When you set up a subscription option through your mobile app, you can easily earn revenue to grow at an impressive rate. This way users can save payment information in the app, and you have better chances to convert and retain customers as they are opt-in for an automatic renewable subscription. This particular business model is used by Spotify to grow their business to 170 million monthly active users.

Increase Customer Shopping Frequency

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It is the hardest job for the owner to drag consumers from a mere visitor to a paying customer. When you bridge the gap now you must look for ways to keep your customer stick to you while shopping a product or taking your services. This part is quite challenging as there are many competitors in the market. The price of achieving a new user is only justified when your customers keep coming back to you. You have to conduct an in-depth customer survey that could reveal your preferences like store locator, Barcode Scanner, recipe finder and so on, you can eventually implement these features in your app, and it would naturally be fattened up the number of consumers. On the other hand, the shopping frequency on a mobile phone has found to be 1.8 times more than PC shoppers. I must add here the customers who purchase from apps almost twice the frequency of a mobile site.

Reach to the Next Level:

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Today’s tech-savvy generation has an increasing demand for augmented reality apps. It has become a trend you can hardly find people who are not aware of it. While Augmented Reality is recognized as an amusement technology, it is commonly used in various departments like medicine, e-commerce, architecture, however, AR can break this popular limited shackle and can be utilized beyond its stereotype boundary. Companies have already started using this technology to provide an exceptional brand of fresh customer experience in their company. AR is commonly used in businesses to generate brand demonstrations, interactive publicity and give clients with real-time information. It has been proved that individuals are inclined to purchase the item they contact or communicate with because it forms a mental connection. The market for enhanced and virtual truth is expected to achieve $215 billion by 2021, according to a statistic report.

Market-based app

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Market-based Augmented Reality applications are those, that have picture identification oriented. You need to use black and white buttons to visualize AR material. If you point the camera to a marker to see the increased element. The software collects digital data on the map, and you will be shown the enlarged item when the system acknowledges the marker.

Location-based application

With GPS or digital compass location-based, AR apps can detect the users’ position and superimpose the AR objects in actual physical places. These AR mobile apps can share customer notifications to give fresh AR material in relation to a specific place depending on location. For example, an app will recommend the best restaurants in your vicinity and show you how to reach there. These apps can assist you to locate your vehicle in a huge car parking zone with GPS.

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Many startups and businesses have escalated their growth by providing the best augmented reality app for their business and it is proved to be very effective.


Now build your mobile app and include all the growth strategies, no matter in which domain your business belongs. If you start planning from today and apply these strategies the outcome will be significant. Irrespective of where you are at your business journey you can always implement these theories, a mobile app is a great way to pace up your small business.

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Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.