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Atanu Sarkar
May 3, 2017

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The mobile has become an integral part of everybody’s life. There are only a hand full of people around the world who will disagree with this statement. The advancement in the mobile technology has helped in transforming our lives meticulously and has catered to meet the emerging demands of collaboration, communication, efficiency, and entertainment from the mobile devices.

It has been found that people spent more time in using smart phone and mobile than they do in laptops or desktops. The sole reason being it’s easy-to-carry and consists of everything that you need to know. The tech industry has experienced a gradual yet a sudden shift of focus and the mobile phone has grabbed the center-stage.

There lies a massive and advanced market for the mobiles, and people desperately wait to see what new features the mobile is coming with. No doubt, the kind of services and the type of immediate response that it brings stand second to none in the market.

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The variety of mobile apps (social media apps, media sharing apps etc.) and its excellent use in the market has also contributed efficiently in transforming the current world of technologies to the farthest. There is an application catering to every need and requirement of the market and every individual. It is here that the people can explore various aspects of their life and can gain excellent information about everything around them. The popularity of the mobile apps has introduced the concept of mobile app ecosystem.

Mobile apps are gradually furbishing in the midst of the crucial technological advancement aura and surrounding. While some portion of the users are still in a state of confusion over adopting the immersing apps interface, the market has sped up too fast giving way for the expansion of the mobile app ecosystem.

What Is An Ecosystem?

Since our childhood, we have come across the term ‘ecosystem’ several times, especially in our science classes.

An ecosystem is defined as a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment, where each organism has its own role to play to help completing the procedure efficiently.

It is made stable when each and every elements related to it, functions together and come up with ideal way to form an interaction that results in maintaining the balance of the nature.

What Is Applications Ecosystem?

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With the definition of Ecosystem, you are clear by now about what the applications ecosystem can be.

The Applications Ecosystem is a set of capabilities and processes, which provide full lifecycle management of an application, since, the time of its creation to end-of-life.

Similar to the nature’s ecosystem, the elements and features of the applications ecosystem need to perform the function together or parallel to each other.


Mobile App Ecosystem:

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We generally have high expectations for the kind of experiences that we want to receive from a particular app. Although, the Google and iOS play store is full of apps of different arenas and sectors, but only a few of them reserves a place in our mobile phones. The apps with quality content and great customer experiences have a higher chance of staying on the home screen of an individual, rather than the app with less value. If your app is not interesting and appealing in all sense, it will be quickly deleted and forgotten, and you rarely get a second chance here in this platform.

The apps are a major platform for the entrepreneurs in the modern era to reach their target audiences explicitly. The mobile app’s potential has exceeded the potential of the websites and stars at the top of the people’s preferences with its significant approach and excellent functionalities.

Gone are the days, where mobile apps were synonymous to the world of technologies. Today, having a mere mobile app is not enough to guarantee the funnel engaged users. The apps have to give something extra and alluring to all. It has to leverage the integrated opportunities with the widely used services and have to become a comprehensive platform for all.

With the large number of mobile apps being significantly available in the market, the expectations of the consumers are also increasing its manifold explicitly. However, with the increase in the number of mobile apps, the downloadable options for the customers have rose to a great height. This is an increasing source of friction for many businesses as it affects the customer’s decision and the business’ impact. Although, the users wait all throughout to get the core experience of a wonderful app but freeing up space in their mobile is a thing, which they need to consider seriously.

Ultimately, the apps where the mobile businesses can culminate the advantages of seamless mobile internet with that of the mobile apps and its integrated features, find their way to the home screen of their users. This is what signifies the mobile ecosystem.

Where The Mobile App Ecosystem Will Lead Us?

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The development of this ecosystem is definitely not the end of the mobile apps era. Rather, it can be well termed as a new beginning of the mobile apps, where the apps are crossing every single boundaries and are making their own innovative way to the customer’s life. It is just being deconstructed into bit-sized pieces in order to provide the people with the right kind of small piece of information, which fit perfectly in fulfilling their immediate needs and requirements.

As the advancement of the app continues, it has become more important for the mobile business owners, to understand the user behavior in these new environments and craft customized and personalized experiences to deliver the best kind of mobile apps and app snippet services of their wish.

This app ecosystem is scheduled to deliver excellent services to the users and promises to cater their needs and demands undeniably. They are also becoming the key issues for driving up the mobile app usage in the modern market. End users are demanding a more personalized mobile experience that updates them regularly.

Paradigm Shift

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Many entrepreneurs and people still think apps to be the software with one-dimensional functionality. However, this perception has changed and is still changing dramatically. With the widespread adoption of mobile devices and the continued improvement of the hardware, the developers of the mobile apps are continuously on their look out to create incredibly powerful software, which perfectly fits within the palms of the users.

The app ecosystem continues to evolve while the developers are pushing the boundaries of technology and turning the app into a highly functional product. With the evolvement of the mobile ecosystem, the developers are continuously on their toes doing their R&D to introduce the latest developments that they can come across.

There is also speculations that very soon every mobile app will have an in-built payment option to help the end-users meet their requirements and to make it more relevant to their day-to-day life. The developers have realized that the apps must capitalize according to the need of the users and offer them real-life value in order to find a place in their mobile and their life. There are several payment models, which is sure to be more widely adopted and used for the new apps that enter the market.

Why There Are Changes In The Mobile Sector?

The visionaries of the industry are taking specialized measures and are evolving new ways to strengthen the mobile app ecosystem with more relevant and powerful features. With the two major OS of the mobile market, the Android and iOS, taking deep link initiative considering the new programming language, Cloud and Internet of Things, the gradual shift from this to that is evident excellently. It is also contributing excellently in bringing about the necessary change of the mobile app ecosystem and is making the mobile an excellent part of the life of every individual.

But, the question that arises here is what is the use of the mobile app ecosystem? Why is there such a great hype about this all around? And most essentially, why do we need the changes?

Putting it in the simple words, mobile is easy to use and we all are pretty accustomed of using it, irrespective of their screen sizes. The changes are made here in this sector, especially because of this reason. The kind of attention received by the mobile phones and the apps worldwide is contributing in its increase number of downloads, the growth in its size and the advent of multi-functionalities and features. We are leveraging the use of the mobile apps for almost everything around us and this is what has captured the attention of the significant mobile leaders.

Sensing the seamless mobile application use with minimal technical friction and interface resistance, the leading players of the industry are focusing on this field in order to achieve an excellent outcome, which they had always desired for.  The seamless and wide prospects offered by the mobile industry, empower them with excellent growth opportunities and replenish the industry with latest technological trends and innovations.

What Changes Can We Expect From It?

The changes, of course is not that taking the world to a complex direction, which can make things complicated all around, rather, it moves in a direction where it leads to rejuvenation of the sector and introduces new features, which are ideal for all. It makes the life of the users far easy and better than now and contributes in enhancing their experiences exclusively.

It is with these changes that we can expect the apps to move ahead than the physical store boundaries and reach their respective customers and consumers without creating any hindrance. It creeps comfortably in the life of the customers without them even realizing it. This is the wonder that is experienced once the mobile app ecosystem is introduced to you.

The ecosystem is rather considered as the deconstruction of apps with quick download options available its download optimization feature and wide availability mode sets around the wonderful features has equipped it with a quick response time, which fits perfectly in the requirements and instant needs of the users.

The Android Instant App Initiative of Google is a great example to talk about in this reference. It enables the users to use the app from a link, before buying or downloading it from the app stores. This step is a commendable one, especially for those who don’t need a particular app, but would definitely be benefitted with its one time use.

This is really of excellent help for the one-time applications, which doesn’t require to be downloaded by the users but is essential for them to complete their important tasks such as booking a movie ticket, a rail ticket or paying for parking and other such issues. These applications are really creating a major difference to the people where they can launch it or enjoy it from anywhere. Following the changing scenario and the initiative of Android, Apple iOS is also working towards creating a quick and easy access to their iOS applications that contains the feature of smart notifications.

The plans of Apple is different as it aims to smartly convert the notifications in to mini-apps and allow the users to float around the widgets, while quickly and easily gaining access to the same. Another significant difference of the app is its smooth feature of ever-shift to the Swift programming language. These languages allow the developers to create both- a mobile app and a server-side management with excellent use of easy access.

The seamless and excellent feature of the apps of the modern-day has given birth to the high expectations of the customers. It has also developed their expectations to experience the latest developments at their fingertips and to find a solution for all their needs and requirements easily and quickly whenever they need it.

In today’s mobile-first world, the market is full of competitions of different levels. We can also expect in the near future, that new and innovative players will step in the market becoming far serious contenders than now and introducing features, which are much more powerful and technically string than ever before.

Lowering the barriers of the market, the quality levels of the market will improve gradually and a healthy environment with great and tough competition will play a lead role in taking the app quality to touch new heights. The idea that apps are mere programs with limited functionalities and not a very strong role to play in the market will soon vanish from the market.

It is going to become a past reality in some years from now as the technical quality of the market increases and improves. With the technical advances and new prowess in the market, the app relevance in our day-to-day life will unfold gradually. It will set new standards of the market and will definitely cross all boundaries, which are currently available in the market.

The market has understood that the consumers love mobile apps. They are in awe with each and every feature that the apps provide them in order to experience a superior quality user-experience, which is independent of the varied screen and device size. With the increase of understanding, the number of mobile apps in the market is also expanding and the download process has turned into a source of friction. Thus, the ecosystem is now a major way through which the mobile app operator or provider can meet the demands and needs of their customers, while the customers can easily enjoy the service without having to download the entire app on their phone.

Trends of Mobile App Ecosystem:

Every industry in the market has experienced its own specific goals and objectives. There is an improvement in the overall service of every industry, thanks to the technological advancements and growth of the market. With new developments evolving every now and then, there are certain trends, which are introduced in the market for each of the industries. The mobile app sector is not untouched with the same.

With its continuous endeavor and evolvement, there are always new and effective technologies and features, which add to the overall development of the sector. The various trends, which draws a picture about the evolvement of the mobile app ecosystem includes the following:

1. Developers Ignoring App Store-

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This is a major problem. The question that arises here is why the app developers are moving away from the app stores. The app store- both Android and iOS- reports for about 70% yearly growth and development. With such terrific development and scope, the developers should be engaged to move here rather than turning their back to the store.

The answer for this can be summed in simple words. It is mainly because the app stores can’t sustain the majority of the mobile app developers. Out of the wide area and the large number of developers, only 10% of developers fall under the ‘safe zone’, while the statistics stands to 60% for the developers who stand at the ‘app poverty zone’.

Apple has always been encouraging and supportive towards its mobile app ecosystem. But, it fails to make the bulk of developers happy and satisfied. Of course, we cannot blame the company for that. App Store is a marketplace, like any other marketplace, and there are rules and regulations, which apply to it in order to explore the success. It is difficult to make every single developer happy.

For Android app development, the market is better because Google doesn’t care about its app development ecosystem, it focuses on making sure that many people can see its ads. This is the way of business of Google, and again we cannot blame it for working this way.

Now, the question that arises is how the app developers make money with apps. The revenue streams of the developers are mainly dependent on E-commerce. According to various surveys and reports published on checking the revenue of the developers, there are three models, which allow the developers to earn profit. It includes the following:

  • Apps As A Channel- The best example of this model is the Amazon App. It creates a mobile channel, which makes it convenient for their existing and prospective clients to shop whatever they want from wherever they want.
  • Mobile- First Business- Uber is an ideal example of this model. It allows its clients to enjoy sound and unrivaled business services.
  • Apps As A Platform- Creating an app as a platform for the users to connect with each other is an ideal concept, which helps the developers to earn excellent revenue. WeChat is a wonderful example of this model.

All the three models, mentioned above, has one thing in common, which considers that the app is just a proxy of the real value or service offered to the customers.

2. Developers Escape The Consumer Market-

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A consumer market is much bigger than an enterprise and thus the app developers naturally, get attracted towards it first. With the large number of developer’s traffic moving towards this market, it is natural that the competition increases in the sector, which makes it difficult for the developers to earn a good amount of money.

It leads them to move to the enterprise arena. It does make sense for the developers to switch from one arena to another, especially when it is not hard to re-purpose the app.

Although, it will be wrong to term the consumer and enterprise market as two different one, there in an interesting overlap between both the markets, thanks to the Internet of Things technologies.

However, with its increased competition and decreased level of revenue, the developers are ignoring the consumer market and preferring the enterprise arena much more.

3. Apps Escape From Screens-

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The Apps are always going through an evolutionary process, which help it to evolve gradually. It is because of the mobile device power consumption constraints that the apps explore an increased value of what it is capable of delivering.

In the modern day, the most innovative apps are the ones, which can simply become the companion of the device that brings the value to the life of the user.

The apps are vanishing from its existence, to a particular screen and are now made feasible and easy, for every user to avail it at their peril on their wish.

4. Platform Players Are Escaping Mobile-

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Smartphone has become the device of the era, or the most efficient and sophisticated device of the modern time. However, the truth is they alone aren’t capable enough to capture all data needed to make the user’s lives better. With the advancement of technologies and modern techniques, even the smart phones are lagging behind to meet the needs of the people.

The Internet Of Things is the new tech that gives the users the liberty to capture as much information as is possible.

With the technologies expanding and evolving, the current Internet of Things has the following four major branches:

  1. Smart Home
  2. Wearables
  3. Health & Wellness
  4. Car

The leading players of the mobile app ecosystem- the Android and iOS, have already made tough choices of having a solution for each of the four above-mentioned branches of Internet Of Things.

Final Note:

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With so many trends and technologies evolving around the market, there is tremendous range of services and ideal prospects for the mobile app ecosystem to develop and grow at a faster pace. People get to experience and explore the right kind of services, which promises them to save their time and to protect them from having a space crunch in their phone.

The mobile app ecosystem is developing and continuously evolving in the modern days, as people are opting for it more and more than ever before. Leaving no stone unturned, the developers use all kind of latest developments in order to build a strong ecosystem that lives up to the expectations of the customers.

Experienced developers with enhanced knowledge and skills are required for the development of a useful and excellent ecosystem. Tapping their own potential and understanding the requirement of the industry, the developers are always on their look out to develop something alluring and exclusive, which can guarantee to bring ideal revenue in return of their labor and hard work.

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Atanu Sarkar

Atanu Sarkar, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd & Webskitters LTD has strong data analytics, business development and entrepreneurship skills. He keeps himself updated about latest technological innovations in his past time and encourages his team to incorporate new technologies and move beyond the defined boundaries of design, development and digital marketing. His inquisitive nature constrains him from flattering any limits and that’s made him a successful entrepreneur, a great leader for his team and a wonderful human being.