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November 20, 2015

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Facebook now presently share a long bond friendship with Google so as to gain traffic from Google. Facebook is now focusing more on search engine optimization by properly implementing Google App Indexing to get maximum traffic with the modern and gradual shift to mobile continues till date.

Facebook Inviting Google’s Traffic

Some of the content of Facebook is allowed to index by Google dating back to 2007 when initially profiles pages of Facebook were opening up in Google and other search engines. Proper Indexing means Google can easily read all the content of the pages. In the search results of Google, these pages might appear.

This whole process of indexing offers benefits both to Facebook and Google. With the more content of Google, Facebook gets maximum traffic. With the passage of time, Facebook has opened up much more in the content which Google indexes. Well with Google App Indexing support, existing content right from Facebook are properly indexed well within Google for a better mobile experience.

Proper App indexing Facebook loads faster not the browser

The latest news as per Wall Street Journal is that Facebook is now allowing Indexing of Google App.

With Google App Indexing, Google can easily jump people from listing of web page to publisher’s app where one sees the same content.

What happens is that when someone clicks on a Facebook listing appearing in search of Google instead of a full web page, Google instead opens up Facebook app with the same content.

In such cases, Facebook offers public profiles, groups, pages as well as events of Facebook which are already opened up in Google. Pages which haven’t got into Google App Indexing are status updates and personal posts. Google now can index them. They can show up when people does mobile searches on Google.

No new information with App Indexing

With app indexing, Google does not get any new information as Facebook is not providing something new.

The search engine of Google is very much dormant on the web but the computers cannot automatically crawl as well as categorize the information written inside the app which smartphone crawls most of the time.

Apps do not contain information which Google cannot index in case of apps. Apps often pull information both from the websites as well as apps. Take the example of Yelp, TripAdvisor as well as Facebook as Google is well aware of what is inside their apps along with what is inside the website.

The Google App Indexing is now making it a whole new better experience right for the searcher leading them directly into app apart from browser rather than finding information

Works only for Android not for Bing or Apple

This whole process works only for Android as there is no such implemented ways for Apple or Bing. So mobile searches on iOS or Windows Mobile will surely not show in search results

Why will you do it

Google App Indexing is surely a big win as this move of Facebook will encourage more publishers to use it making it a better experience for mobile users of Google.

In fact these also follow SEO practices as Google is rewarding apps more than its browsers in its search results. This whole process can boost potential rankings.

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