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Ayan Sarkar
December 12, 2019

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Email List is a set of a database of email subscribers who have accepted to receive promotional messages from your organization. If you are having an online store and want your store to become demanding among the customers, then you need to build an email list. Among all the list building strategies, each one is not relevant to online retailers. You need to acquire a few strategies to grow your email list in order to build a potential customer relation. First, take a look at what is an email list and why it is important to build your email list.

What is an Email List?

It is a collection of individual email addresses where you send email marketing campaigns. Through these emails, your customers get notified about every single detail of your marketing policies. There are a few reasons for which your customer chooses to activate to connect with you.

  • To learn about your company in details.
  • To receive relevant offers.
  • Get notified when new products release.
  • To avail discount code.
  • To get access to the lead magnet.

Why Build an Email List?

Not all who browse your site does not complete a purchase with you. You have to keep one thing in mind all your customers have not the exact clear idea about your company. On the other hand, some people already have an idea about you while some have probably joined today. So, in that case, your marketing strategy would be different in handling different customer. that’s the trick. You cannot behave in the same way with your new and existing customer. Your well-segmented of the high-quality lead magnet can get you to earn a considerable growth in your sale funnel. You can create space to convert subscribers into buyers. As you know every eCommerce business person is heading towards email list, so, in that case, you need to develop something unique in order to be in the top.

Here I have given you the idea of best email marketing strategies:

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Create remarkable content for your email

It is important to create attractive content, for your email. No customer would read an elaborative message from their precious time, they would not invest extra time at their busy schedule to know about customer services. It has to be crisp enough to attract the customer by just a single glance. The discounted portion or the purpose of your email should be highlighted with tricky language. You need to offer customized email services. So, in that case, of new customers, your proposal should sound welcoming, whereas your existing customers should be treated as a family.

Encourage Customer to Subscribe and Share

Subscribing and sharing are the two integral parts of growing your email marketing list. You need to encourage your customers to subscribe to your site and share or recommend their friends and family for installing your site. Encourage here means, you need to offer something in exchange for a share or subscribe. You can offer your customer discount coupons and vouchers for one subscribe. And if they suggest their friends any referral code, it will, in turn, benefit the two of you. This way you can stimulate your customers through email. You can include social sharing buttons. This way you can have the track of their friends and networks and enlarge your contact list. You can include the ‘Subscribe’ button as a simple text-based link so that people can access the forwarded emails easily.

Offer Discount

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Foster New Offers through Social Media

Offering too much discount frequently can develop a negative impact on your business. A good brand and good company should maintain its authenticity and weight by offering a minimal discount on products and services. However, discount plays a great role in increasing your sale rate. Thus, you cannot avoid it altogether. This way your customer can shift to another brand. Offering a discount thus, is important, which has been done by your email services. When you are sending them a discount coupon through the email you need to have a track on your new and existing customers. The discounted price should not always be the same.

Customize Email Popup List

You need to exclude existing subscribers from your email popup list. Many retailers retarget returning visitors. This could build a negative impact on your impression. This way customer relationship may affect in a negative way. You can approach your customers to visit your new arrival page or new product launch page. However, in each case, you need to maintain certain decorum by not sending something too frequently.

Validate New Markets with Popups

If you are planning to enlarge your business internationally you can choose two definite aspects through popup emails. The first clear cut strategy is to inform them straightly that you do not ship abroad. You can seek suggestion from customers to reach them ASAP. Through customer service representative you can manually add the prospect. However, this method is quite back-dated. Through email popups, you can perform your task more efficiently. You can add a customized page for international users which is the best suited to measure the interest of emerging markets.

Promote Online Contest

Social Media plays a great role here to grow your email list. Make full use of it. In exchange of contact information utilize your social media account to host a free giveaway. Influence your customer to click on your page for signing up through an email address. This way you can enlarge customer engagement which is a crucial aspect of all online business. Another thing you need to incorporate is a social sharing button in the final pages so that others notice your customer’s activity on your page. You have to keep one thing mind that the impression you form in one’s social media account can make or break your website.

Foster New Offers through Social Media

Promote New offers which require an email address to avail of the services and product. Online retailers are heading towards Facebook to promote new offers. These offers are designed in a way that your email ID would allow you to avail the offer. Adding a social sharing button is important here. In the landing pages and thank you page you can incorporate the social sharing button. You have to encourage your customers in exchange for credits or simply by approaching them to share their experience in their own social media account.

Quiz to earn Subscribers

Using quizzes and surveys is a brand new way to target subscribers. Maximum online retailers use this method for better effectiveness. Beardbrand is one of the successful brands which have generated 1,50,000 leads. This process is entirely done through some steps. When you first visit the hope page there would be a popup option to attain the quiz which is designed for the customers to provide them with a better customer experience and deliver the exact product as per their need. Then you have to go through a series of questions. After completing the questionnaire session, you will be asked to enter your email in exchange to avail of an exclusive offer. This way you can have access of your customer’s mail ID, on the other hand, as you have collected product-related data, based on those data you will be able to provide better services either by email and sometimes naturally.

These functionalities add extra facilities to the customers because:

  • This is an ultra-targeted user segment. Having details of customer’s choices helps you to offer the product of their choices.
  • It helps online retailers to personalize the user experience.
  • So, if you skip building these quizz sessions, I am sure you are going to miss a huge opportunity from your end to create a potential email list.

Publish Links to Avail Offers Via Social Media

It is the time to utilize your Facebook Business page or LinkedIn Company Page to publish links to the gated offers you might also host on blog posts. Make sure that the topic discussed in the Linkedln group, ensure the offer is a welcome addition to the conversation.

Page-Specific Discount

On average, seven out of ten visitors abandon their cart without completing the process of purchase. You can send personalized offers to specific customers for those who tend to abandon their cart. This checkout-specific incentive encourages customers to complete the purchase.

One-Click List Building Method

Among all the witty challenges to increase your email list this way, you would probably gain the most incentives. While purchasing a product you must show some related products paired with your customer’s search result. When they click one of these recommended products, a popup would be appear stating ‘the current product is out of stock’ and with that notification, you should add a column to input the customer’s email Id. This is because to notify them quickly as soon as the product gets available. This way you can collect a host of emails and notify your customers accordingly as per their search result and interesting fields of functioning. Collecting emails for out of stock items is a great way to enhance the list of targeted prospects.

Ask for Feedback

People like to offer feedback when they get experienced with your company. You can incorporate certain questions that could appear in the customer’s mind while availing any service with your company. You can also create a live chat tool which can be used whenever any questions appear in your mind. This way before commencing a conversation you can seek for email addresses from people who have stayed on your website for quite an amount of time.

Split Testing List Building Campaign

In spite of attempting all positive aspects for the list building campaign, you still probably missing considerable result. In that case, you need to think about the different aspects like the design, gated content, contests, and others. A/B test or split tests include call-to-action text, the color of the gated offer, the time of day you are uploading your post on social media, and even where on your website these signups are placed. Little changes from your end can bring hundreds of more conversions.

Shape Your Order Confirmation Page to Double Your Optoins

Your order confirmation page has the ability to earn the potential lead. Your customer has completed a purchase from your website. Whenever a customer shows a serious interest in your brand you must show them more related products on the basis of their previous purchase. Here offering a discount can be avoided. You can ask them to buy similar deals or offers, it is an engaging way to increase signups. Another powerful task would be to offer points for further purchases. It not only helps you to get more emails but also aids you to boost customer retention.

Include Customer Reviews on Landing Page

The customer review is a very important part to hold new customers and helps to improve the authenticity of your organization. It not only helps you to grow the email list but also helps you to earn cordial customer relation where you can engage your customer in healthy conversation through providing reviews. It adds genuine value to your landing page when you publish the best reviews with their contact information.

Final Discussion

These ideas can help you immensely to grow your email list. However, some of these ideas are really intricate to develop. In spite of having the right technology and infrastructure, many companies fail to implement these methods. As the collecting method is solely depended on how your customer reacts to whatever you offer to them. Timing is a very important factor here. When your customer is in a hurry to complete the purchase, they tend to avoid giving their details.

Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.