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Atanu Sarkar
June 2, 2015

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Why do you need a software developer in particular a WordPress developer? Before replying these questions let me ask some more questions. Can you think of a scenario wherein a business is successfully running without a business head? Is it possible to prepare schedules or charts of a business without having a business manager? Can you look after an accountancy firm without hiring an accountant? Answers of all these questions come in the negative. Now going back to our first question it is clear now that to run a successful software development firm is not possible without hiring skillful and experienced software developers and in this stream of development WordPress is a useful platform.

There is a positive trend seen from the last decade about WordPress, its integration and customization. The ease of content management from the backend is one of the biggest advantages of WordPress. Even laymen clients who do not have a proper education on computer languages can easily manage their websites from back ends. Gone are the days when WordPress was used for creating blogs only. Nowadays there are many plugins or extensions of WordPress that are used for making highly efficient Ecommerce websites. One of the most popular extensions is the WooCommerce plugin.

Specialized sectors of WordPress

Development of a WordPress website has multitudes of different disciplines such as integration of template or theme, theme customization, responsive design, CMS development, installation of custom modules along with their integration, development of plugins etc. Plugin further enhances the functionality of a WordPress based website.

Now before hiring your WordPress developer, you should know which criteria to look for.

Features of an able WordPress developer

  1. First and foremost criteria are to look for solid educational background and questioning him/her to judge his/her technical prowess.
  2. Strong database development and design skills should be there especially upon MySQL.
  • The developer should have a strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax and last but not the least PHP.
  1. Fresher can be chosen if you adjudge him/her to have excellent skills of learning. However experienced candidates are always welcome. Candidates having more than two years experience can make very good employees.
  2. Further qualifications that can make for an excellent recruitment is the skills for customize plugins, installing, configuring and managing WordPress themes.

Expert knowledge

In the first case if you are hiring an experienced WordPress developer then you should evaluate earlier projects completed by him/her. Number of successfully conducted projects should be taken under consideration. Then you must consider to maintain cost overhead of a company and its various resources. You can look for flexible hiring options and dedicated hiring is a good option if the developer is highly skilled. Good revenues can be earned from projects where the developer, designer or digital marketing executive is hired dedicatedly.


Reputed website development companies can hire WordPress developers because this platform is rapidly growing and can form a solid background for the rise of your company. Of course your skill to judge the right candidate is another vital factor.

Atanu Sarkar

Atanu Sarkar, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd & Webskitters LTD has strong data analytics, business development and entrepreneurship skills. He keeps himself updated about latest technological innovations in his past time and encourages his team to incorporate new technologies and move beyond the defined boundaries of design, development and digital marketing. His inquisitive nature constrains him from flattering any limits and that’s made him a successful entrepreneur, a great leader for his team and a wonderful human being.