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Ayan Sarkar
March 24, 2017

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Do you want to improve the conversions of your business without spending your time in experimenting with various forms of designs and layouts? You could do that by splurging in the use of power words which can simply contribute in increasing your conversion rates to 12.7%. Your businesses get a wonderful and relevant traffic which converts, mostly because of the words that you use helps you to sound appealing and interesting for your readers.

The rate of website or blog conversion experiences a massive growth when some power words are used in the content. Humans always value emotions and when these emotions are tapped in perfectly in the content, they tend to focus on it explicitly. Starting from the headline, the body or the summary of the content, these emotional power words always have proved its worth in the industry.

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Using these words falls under the category which is known as the Emotional Marketing Value or EMV. With the usage of these words, the EMV score rises unexpectedly and it also enhances the chance of your content being accepted and received by others.

It has always been said that words are mightier than swords. Yes, of course, it is mightier and it proves to be of great help to your business if you know how to and where to use it. The context and the placement of the words are significant and should always be considered before using it.

“Words Are The Most Powerful Drug Used By Mankind,” said by Rudyard Kipling simply highlights the in-depth impact and effort of words.

Although, in the modern era, people use pictures, infographics, and images in order to ensure that their feelings are carried on excellently to their readers. But, without the use of words, proper representation and appropriate interpretation are not at all possible. Thus, the marketers in the modern era tend to focus more on the kind of marketing techniques and strategies which would use the right kind of impactful words that would bring the desired results for their businesses.

Equipping their content with the right kind of words the power words, has been the latest trend followed by the content marketers, so as to easily tickle the right kind of emotion of their target audiences which enable them to perform the action that would benefit the respective business. The conversion of a business is turning to be significantly dependent on the content or the words used in it which ultimately performs the key role in grabbing the attention of the prospects.

What Are Power Words?

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Before, taking you to the world of power words, there is the basic necessity that you should be well-informed about what these words are. Once you are acquainted with its definition, you will have a clear idea about how you should be using it so as to grab excellent conversion opportunities.

Power Words can be defined as the words which are used by smart copy-writers and content writers in order to trigger a psychological or emotional response in the mind of their readers. These are referred to as the “power” words because they have the persuasive and engaging power that people can’t simply resist from getting influenced by them.

It has the power to simply transform your business content from boring to engaging. It makes it more interesting to listen and makes it more persuasive. One cannot resist the temptation that these words offer.

Being in the content marketing world, you might be well-informed about the huge difference that the little things can make in your efforts. The small, little words of say about four to five alphabets have the power to fuel your marketing strategies and to make it powerful and persuasive for the market and the prospects.

Power words are known for forging an emotional connection with the readers or the prospects. They indicate action or achievement or simply make people feel that they are just right there for you.

Where These Power Words Should Be Used?

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Blogs, articles, write-ups, headlines, ad copy or any other marketing efforts where you need to entice your consumers or motivate them to take a specific course of action on their website, these words can be used. Whether you want your target audiences to read your blog or opt for your email list, their emotions have to be touched which can convince them to perform the action that you want them to take and this nonetheless can be performed excellently by the power words.

These words are arguably the quickest, easiest and most comprehensive way through which you can increase your conversion rates and as your clients to take the action which will be in favor of your business.

Here, we present to you a list of power words which have high emotional quotient and add a new pinch of variety to your marketing arsenal. You can use these words in any suitable contexts where they can trigger around any emotion of your target audience, promising to help you to achieve your conversion goals excellently.


What Makes A Word A Power Word?

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As defined earlier, a power word has the intensity and the charm attached to it which helps in tickling any emotional gland of humans through its usage. Whether you want to arouse fear, curiosity, anger, happiness, pep-talk or any other feeling, which would be working in favor of your business, among your target audiences, using these words simply make your tasks easier.

  • These words strike a perfect balance between exaggerated sounding words and run of the mill words.
  • These words enable you to communicate your ideas with great clarity and precision.
  • It allows you to come straight to the point while communicating with your business prospects.
  • These are the words which help the marketers to get ahead of their competitors.
  • These words are preferred by the journalists, marketers, and politicians in order to communicate their thoughts with great clarity, poise and significant impact.

How Power Words Help Marketers?

The marketing industry is an ever-evolving industry which requires the people associated with it to always be on their move in order to stay up-to-date. Every now and then a new trend crops up in the industry which requires the marketers to stay relevant and stand apart from their competitors. Adopting new techniques and strategies always work best for any business, but some significant and valuable strategies should be carried forward by rejuvenating it in new forms.

Using words for marketing is not something new for any businesses; however, the catch here is to use it in the most exotic ways which guarantee to get the best outcome for your business. While catchy and engaging content is always a great way to attract your customers, you just can’t reach the apex of the market until and unless the power words are used.

These words enable the marketers to:

  • Ace the market.
  • Garner great respect and recognition from the marketing peers.
  • Establish a strong reputation and to get noticed in the market.
  • Gain confidence in knowing how to communicate their ideas to the market with precision.

The Use Of Power Words In Marketing

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When it comes to marketing, word not only matters, it also plays a significant role. The changing landscape of the marketing industry constantly develops and the marketers always look forward to get the best strategies in order to always be in the race.

Words are always used with excellence and brilliance by the marketers. They come across with various situations where they have to choose one perfect word which can complete their sentence and can also fulfill their need of grabbing the attention of their consumers. Even in situations where two distinctive words appear to give the same meaning to the sentence, are used or considered by the marketers, simply because it holds different connotations for the consumers.

In tricky situations where the marketers are left with just a few lines or single word or few characters, in such cases the power words come to their rescue. Carrying a whole lot of marketing strategies and appeal in it, these words really are able to drive the brand’s message to their respective target audiences. It evokes certain emotions within consumers and result in a finest way which ultimately helps the brand to instigate them to take the action which can improve the brand’s overall visibility and business opportunities. Kick your business prospective into high gear with the usage of power words.

Various Situations Where Power Words Help Marketers

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Being a marketer, there are high chances that you will come across various situations which will just help you to get to your business and to sharpen your opportunities. The need of the business from the market constantly changes- sometimes it demands the attention of the consumers and sometimes it just wants its customers to get engaged with the business. With the changing needs and requirements, the kind of words used for promotion also changes, but the consumers always remain at the center of every new strategy, as it is for them that the entire thing has been planned, strategized, implemented, modified and then changed again. This is a continuous cycle, which shouldn’t be disrupted. It is the use of brilliant words which guarantee the marketers to meet their goals and empowers them to communicate at a higher level with much more engaging tone.

However, the various situations and the different suitable words which marketers use in such situations to grab the attention of their respective target audiences should be known to you.

• Resonate With Consumers

There are several situations where when these words are used can instantly resonate with consumers and helps them to excellently explain what the business objective or demand is. It helps the businesses to talk directly to the consumers. But, you have to keep in mind, which the consumers don’t care about what your business objective is or where you want to reach. They only want to know what is in store for them, what you can provide to them. The use of the word “You” turns a lot of head for the respective businesses.

• Grab Consumer’s Attention

While in the marketing industry, you have to grab the attention of the consumers and the words like “free” and “discount” creates magic here. It naturally clicks with the consumers and automatically entices them to make a purchase which looks much more attractive and alluring. While any words that could easily describe some kind of promotions or advertisement will lure the customers, but there is certainly no word that can replace the effect created by the word, ‘free’.

• Create A Sense Of Urgency

At certain situations or conditions, there comes a great need for the marketers to just convey their message to their customers with the right impact. Although, this measure is taken, but it doesn’t really create any kind of serious impact on the minds of the consumers and doesn’t even convince them to take actions. It is in such cases, that the words like “don’t miss out” or “limited edition” comes to your rescue. It creates what is known as FOMO or the Fear Of Missing Out among the consumers and thus naturally attracts them. These words are extremely popular among advertisers and they often tap it to enhance their business potentials.

• Promoting Exclusivity

Being exclusive is yet another feature for a marketer. On an average, the people from the marketing industry do create specific and exclusive offers which they make available to their customers. During such time, the use of the words like “exclusive”, “Selected” or “limited” do make a wonderful impact. With the use of these words, the marketers make the customers feel like they are valued enough to grant access to their products and services that the average consumers are not getting access to.


• Positioning The Brand

When it comes to position your brand, you have to be extremely careful to select words that help you to stand out from the competition. Depending on how you want your customers to perceive about your business is the exact way how will like to approach them. It depends on the way that you like to appeal to your customers, that you will take out the words which can easily place you in the market and make way for your brand. “Real”, “Authentic” and “Official” are some of the common words which ensure that your brand is able to establish a distinctive position in the market with a high level of trust earned from your customers.

• Making People Remember The Brand

Making people remember you is one of the neediest tasks for every business. Sometimes, no matter how great or powerful message you have delivered, but people still can’t recognize or remember your brand simply because you didn’t put much emphasis on your brand while promotion. A powerful message when coupled with your brand’s name is what develops the right kind of technique for your business. It is for this reason that you ought to use the words like your own brand name, a tagline or a slogan, along with your message. This will help your customers to automatically associate with your brand and remember it for a very long period of time.

The Power Words And Emotions Bond

Power words possess the ability that engages the emotions and imaginations of the consumers. It makes the sentence uttered or used for marketing worth noticing. It creates a strong value and carves a special position for the brand in the mind of the consumers.

The only thing the marketers need to focus upon while using these words is the context, in which it is used and the emotion, which they want to touch. Once, being clear about it, you will want to experience it. The culmination of imagination and emotion with words simply creates magic with which the consumers can’t resist themselves.  There isn’t any need to use the extremely tough or over-the-top words to lure your consumers; even the simplest words in its simplest form can make great difference. Before using these words, it is very essential for the marketers to understand the various emotions and the different contexts where you can use them efficiently.

Encouraging Words

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Encouragement is to persuade someone to continue something by giving excellent support and advice.

The words related to this emotion, tend to make people feel confident about their choice and it also provides them with the determination and the hope. The marketers use these words for encouraging the visitors to continue interacting or shopping with them sans any hurdle.

List Of Encouraging Words To Be Used By Marketers:

How To Boost Conversion With The Use Of Encouraging Words?

It sounds good to hear the words of encouragement, even if comes from a stranger. It provides people with the feeling of being persistent and identifies strength. With the use of these words, you can simply give them hope and can help them to feel-good about your business or their connection with you. This can simply gear up their bond with you resulting in a great rate of conversion.

Curiosity Words

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Curiosity is a naturally occurring urge that must be satisfied. The way we work on satisfying our hunger or thirst, it is the exact way we should work on satisfying our curiosity.These words have to be used in a way so that it can develop the sense of curiosity among the people and can also make it impossible for them to resist going through your content.

List of words which tend to enhance curiosity among your audiences or consumers:

How To Boost Conversion With The Use Of Curiosity Words?

Anything that can trigger the curiosity of the people has the ability to attract their attention. You must ensure to use these words so brilliantly in your content so that there are just no way out for them to get distracted and the only thing they are left with is the curiosity and their thirst for finding its satisfaction. Once you have been able to do that, you have got the key to unveil the path of excellent conversion for your business.

Fear Words

Fear although is an emotion that nobody wants to experience. But it is perhaps the most powerful motivator among all. It is that primal and essential instinct that keep us safe and that keep us going.Marketers, generally work with this strategy in a way so that they can develop the FOMO, the Fear Of Missing Out, among their customers and this is how they generally tend to plan its use.

The fear words which are used by marketers to attract the attention of their target audience:

How To Increase Conversion With Fear Words?

You can increase your conversion by making people fearful with the use of these words about what might happen if they don’t take a certain step as is suggested by you. It is however, recommended that you should not completely paralyze them with fear (just don’t go overboard), provide them with a proper solution along with the problem. This has always ensured them to connect with your business in the way you want them to.

Scandalized Words

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Scandalized is the definition to shock or horrify a person with something which they consider to be inappropriate or improper. It is usually thought of as sensuous, or something that nobody is ready to talk about in open.It is also many times considered to be lust, which is an intense desire for an item. When people get to know to anything scandalous or lusty, they ultimately find their way to get attracted towards it.

The list of scandalized words which you can use for enhanced business conversions:

How To Increase Conversion With Scandalized Words?

These words are too tantalizing for anyone to resist getting attracted towards it. It should be used to entice the craving of the people and to make them think about it all the while. This is considered to be a great way to make your own position in the minds of the consumers and to redirect them towards their business.


Greed Words

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Greed is a natural human tendency which develops the feeling within them to want more stuff than they actually need.Most of the marketers seem to use this tendency to develop the kind of opportunity or prospect which entices people to get more and more value out of their business. These words have the power to trigger the greed emotion by playing on the scarcity and loss aversion or by simply making it sound more valuable to them.List of greed words which stands second to none when it comes to attracting customers:

How To Boost Conversion With Greed Words?

When you develop the feeling of scarcity among people and enhance the value of the product, they tend to get greedy about it. The marketers make the people feel that they need the product, even if they are in no need of it and thus with the use of these words, they make a space in their mind about the need of the services, even without which they can manage easily.

Trust Words

Trust is a firm belief about something or somebody.The marketers and every business in the industry generally perform each of their functions or carry on their strategies in order to tap or gain the trust of their consumers. Starting from writing blogs to sending emails, everything is done in order to build trust among the consumers.

The list of trust words, you can really trust upon for experiencing excellent conversion:

How To Boost Conversion With Trust Words?

Trust words are used for establishing a strong bond between the consumers and the brand. With the use of these words, you ensure your customers that every step that they take is trustworthy and will bring an efficient result for them. It enhances their belief and the marketers use it to turn the faith of the people towards their business.

Anger Words

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Anger can be described as a strong feeling of annoyance or displeasure. It has a huge influence on the perception of the people and their reasoning and decision.This is an emotion which most of the marketers have no idea about how to tap or use it. Of course, it is a very bad idea about stirring up the emotion of anger in your visitors; however, if you plan to direct their anger at something else then this will surely work for you.

The list of anger words which stands second to none in the industry with its excellent efforts for conversion:

How To Boost Conversions With Anger Words?

It has been observed that advertisements that have placed the anger words have always found its way in the market as a highly effective one. It is more persuasive for grabbing the attention of the people than the sadness. You can state your anger for something which your business doesn’t support or doesn’t find suitable for, this will mold your brand in the market as the one which is not scared of speaking its mind and will definitely attract everyone around you.

Vanity Words

Several research have been conducted about the market which have found that vanity is one of the chief driving forces that lead to the purchase decisions of the people.People generally purchase things because of how they think they will look to themselves and to others. It’s not just the physical ability that the vanity is all about; it also suggests that people want to look successful. With the use of these words, you can assure people of looking more successful in the market.

Use these vanity words to adorn your business with a fast rate of conversion:

How To Boost Conversion With Vanity Words?

Marketers are well aware that people love getting positive attention and praise from wherever they can. It ensures that they are worth their existence and that their presence is being recognized by others. When the marketers opt for boosting their conversion, they tend to use these words which can ensure their consumers of enhanced vanity. It guarantees to provide excellent attention and praise that the people will get by using the products or services that they use.

Sloth Words

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Sloth is the avoidance of a particular work. People do not aim to do more than the minimum work that is required for them to achieve their aims.The use of these words makes your business more attractive for the consumers and also sounds more digestible for them.

The list of sloth words you can use for enhancing your business conversion rate:

How To Boost Conversion With Sloth Words?

The marketers use the sloth words and make it more enticing for the people by coupling it with other effective words. When these words are used, people are assured that they don’t need to do a lot of things for reaching a particular thing or for understanding necessary information. This clicks with them instantly and thus they naturally get attracted towards the products which sound to be more useful for them.


Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.