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Ayan Sarkar
April 28, 2017

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Stepping in the market horizon is highly intimidating, particularly for the startups. The market landscape is full of fame and finance perils. The startups should consider developing their business essentials.

Startups, in their initial years, might lay their focus upon the niche clients and might be fearful about stepping in the larger market arena. Some believes that the big brands have already captured the large chunk of the market and their target audience will not value them when compared to their large conglomerate counterparts. Although, it is true, but there are always some doors open for the startups to succeed. The need is to find the right path to get up to the doors and experience height of success.

The prime focus should be to spread a word about their presence in the market. Acquainting themselves with the tremendous marketing techniques, and adopting the effective marketing strategies for fuelling the growth of their business, tend to be a standard rule of thumb for the startups. However, being a time and money-consuming task, many startups skip this step, considering it as an additional burden on their existing efforts.

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The real scenario, however, is entirely different. You spend myriad of days and months, in establishing your new venture. However, what benefit do you expect to harvest if your target audience is not aware of you? Of course, none!

The doors for a bright future of your startup open as soon as you start spreading a word about your presence. Your efforts start generating revenue when the target audience is aware of your business.

Once the launching strategy, the goals and the objectives of the business are well defined, you must start your branding straight away. There is a great need to deliver your public presence and build your business with a strong start. Branding is the best way to do so.

Branding- An Imperative Tool For Modern Marketing Landscape

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Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small. It provides them an edge over the immensely competitive market. Establishing a brand simply means putting forward a promise to your customers – a promise of not deceiving them, a promise of living up to their expectations and a promise to deliver quality services at their disposal.

In short, a brand is an experience that you deliver to your customers. The entire essence of branding revolves around the relation that a company nurtures with its customers. Although it is a tricky business, it is an essential strategy, which swears to bring better ROI for your business.

If it is an afterthought for you, then probably it is a bad decision on your part. Branding should hold one of the prime focal points in your business plans. You have a wonderful plan for a maverick business coupled with sufficient finance and excellent team – but all of this will simply go in vain if you do not have market visibility.

For every business, visibility creates opportunities. The commercial success graph of the startups depends on how faster they establish their visibility in the market. It is only through branding that the market and target audience will learn of your existence and your products quickly.

Before starting with your branding strategy, it is essential for you to answer the following questions:

  • What Your Company Stands For?
  • What Is It All About?
  • What Does Your Company Believe In?
  • What Are Your Core Values?
  • What Is Your Unique Value Proposition?
  • What Is Your Brand Story?
  • What Is Your Brand Visual Language?

This will give you a clear picture of how to start bolstering your brand image in the market. You need to know that leaving a right impression on the minds of your customers is what guarantees your survival in the market.

Branding is a continuous process. There is no end to it. Engaging customers, new or prospective, with your startup, will boost an emotional connection among them. It even creates positive brand equity, which will help you endure the challenging times easily.

The Five Stages Of Branding:

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  • Brand Awareness – Making people aware of the brand and its presence in the market.
  • Brand Recognition – The visuals that brands use play a major role here. Customers recognize the brand and know what it offers.
  • Brand Trial – Encouraging customers to try the brand.
  • Brand Preference – Customers come back to your brand for repeated purchases. The results of the emotional connect.
  • Brand Loyalty – Customers demand the brand and prefer it to others.

Moving customers through each stage successfully require the business to have a thorough understanding of the market and a detailed planning and analysis of how to move ahead. For the seed stage companies, the first stage – creating brand awareness, is what matters the most.

Tips For Increasing The Brand Value Of Your Business

For every startup, branding comes as a head-scratching process. Having a variety of spheres, it leaves them baffled about where to begin. You ought to focus on your distinctiveness.  With so many companies emerging on the surface, what would make you compelling for your customers? You have to draw a clear line between what you and your competitors offer and give your target audience the necessary reason why they should prefer you to others.

The process of branding begins as you define your brand. Sounds weird? However, it isn’t! Answer the following questions and delineate your brand:

  • Is the name of your business apt with what you are offering?
  • What is your company’s mission?
  • What are the benefits and features of your products and services?
  • What is your USP? How are you different from your competitors?
  • What qualities do you want your customers to associate with your company?

Answering these questions will require you to do some mind-boggling sessions with your team and determine what your business is all about and where do you want to place it in the market. Once you are clear about this, you now have an apparent understanding of your own requirements can now proceed to brand your business.

The following tips will help you to perform the business branding of your startup marvelously:

Do Thorough Research About The Market –

Being a startup company you ought to know what is the missing component or element of the market that you can offer through your business and can stand out. A thorough research of the market will give you a detailed idea about where you are or where you can place your business and it sure helps you from falling flat on your face.

Know Your Target Group –

You cannot keep every section of demographic happy with your services. You ought to know your target group and prepare your plan to gain their attention explicitly. The two major aspects, which you will unveil through this information, are:

  • The demands of your clients.
  • Factors that help you to determine your customers.

This will help you to play a major role in determining how you are going to present yourself to the people who matters to your business.

Learn About Your Competitor’s Brands –

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The next important thing for you is to learn about your competitor’s brands. What does their logo represent? How are they different from you? How are they performing in the market? How do they communicate with your shared customer base? Find out the answers to the questions similar to these and see how you can eventually help you to take exclusive decisions for your company.

Note Your Uniqueness –

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With a market research and competitive analysis, you now hold key data that will help you to start branding your firm. Juggling through every piece of information that you have, you need to note down what is your unique differentiators – the points that make you stand apart from your competitors. This is what you need to focus upon in order to make sure that your brand is standing in the market with a distinctive identity. Try finding a differentiator, which is vibrant, soothing and cutting-edge, and it will give you an upper hand over your competitors.

Establish Your Brand Personality –

Your brand personality involves practical areas of your marketing strategies. What should be the color of your brand? How should the logo look like? How will you establish your voice across your content and other promotional materials? These are few of the questions, which will help you to establish a wonderful brand persona. It is very necessary for you to imagine your brand as a person and then think of what qualities would you have preferred in it. How will that person approach the market? How would you want him to speak to your audience? How would the person attract the prospects? Or How would he gain their loyalty or trust? The features that you have enlisted are the ones which you need to develop in your business for designing a distinctive brand personality.

Develop A Visual Presence –

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Always remember, a picture can speak a thousand words. So, never ignore their value or essence. Make use of the images to ensure spreading a word about your startup. The colors, graphics and the font, used in the image should align with each other. All these, play a significant role in sending your message to your target audience. They are the basic tools, which you can use to successfully, create a mark in the minds of your potential customers.

Use Social Media Platforms –

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The social media presence has definitely played a key role in boosting the impact of your branding strategies. Use the social media platforms to share your views on various topics, which are relevant to your industry, engage with your customers and brand your business. It is a significant way through which you can establish the voice of your brand. The startup companies use the social media platforms to ensure they are never out of mind of their potential customers.

Maintain Brilliant Customer Service –

With your growing popularity on social media platforms, it is easier for reviews, positive or negative, of your business to spread like wildfire. It is thus extremely important for you to maintain a brilliant customer service and capitalize the positive customer experience. When a customer shares a positive feedback or leaves an encouraging comment about your service, do not forget to like and share it and revert to your customer. This simple appreciation may attract a large number of clients for your business. If you receive a negative comment, do not lose your calm, check the issue and handle it with care so that your customer does not leave you forever.

Be Consistent In Your Approach –

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Branding needs consistency. Being at an early phase of development, if you adopt specific guidelines from the very beginning of your branding strategy then there are probable chances for you to maintain your brand identity in a consistent manner. This also ensures that you start the second stage of branding – brand recognition – at an early stage. Being consistent is also essential to ensure that your target market begins to recognize and get familiar with your brand from an early stage. This reaps excellent results for your business gradually.

Get Experts On Board-

Branding is a process possessing explicit impact in generating leads for your business. You can study about it and can equip yourself with its various strategies to start the process on your own. There are many examples from the startups businesses, where the entrepreneurs indulge in the marketing procedure themselves to get everything in place. You can also get experts on board to stand at the edge of the market. The experts know their industry and when you hire them, they will make sure that they even know yours. While hiring the experts take a look at their expertise, review the projects they have done and go through the success rates of the brands they have worked for. The veterans of the industry do help you to take a big leap in branding, but it is obligatory for you not to leave everything on them. The popular method of branding is to update yourself about the strategies and techniques that the experts suggest and work in parallel with them. Measure the result and the ROI of your business after implementing this tip and you are definitely going to experience an exponential growth.

Branding Helps In Trending

The brand building was earlier thought as a process restricted only for the multinational conglomerates. It is during the advent of a large number of small companies in the market arena, that branding has become an integral part of their development phase. Relatable, authentic and recognizable are some of the key features for your brand in order to succeed the competitive edge of the market. Relying upon your unique brand proposition will help your startup to stand out and will cultivate a brilliant relationship between you and your customers.

You must not design your branding strategy like that of your competitors. Standing out is the key here. Leveraging this feature will ultimately help you to get the best position in the market. In addition, exercising it fanatically with a discipline to ensure the process of how the brand position communicates in the market, rest assures that your startup will touch heights of success. These practices will make you a suitable example for your successors and an inspiration for the new startups to emulate.

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Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.