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Atanu Sarkar
November 22, 2019

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All e-Commerce business owner knows the importance of customer feedback whether it is a small- or large-scale business. It is a killer method to improve the marketing of the store. At the same time, it is important to generate quality feedback from your customers. Unless their experience is bad, customers do not bother to provide feedback. They generally do not input any feedback when they are satisfied with your service however, the opposite is done. In fact, when they receive poor service or products, they decide never to come back to you. Thus, customer satisfaction is the key to earn positive feedback. If not, you will not only lose that customer but also their negative feedback can affect your business too. Thus, companies are investing money and labour to establish better customer engagement and seek responses. I will share some unique and effective ways to earn quality customer feedback.

Why will you care for Customer Feedback?

Customer Feedback helps to find out what customers like and dislike about the products and services you offer. So, according to the needs of the customer you can change and introduce products. Each CEO wants his/her products to be the best to satisfy customer’s demands. Through feedback, you can have the idea of your customer’s needs and expectations. And this is where the role of feedback comes. The information makes it easier to work on possible changes and product development. Customer feedback is an amazing asset to have in our toolbox. It gives the business owner real insights about how our customers feel and what they want. Remember one point that your unhappy customers are for your betterment.

Live Chat support

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A recent survey has stated, 44 percent of all online shoppers want to have live chat support on an e-Commerce website. Live chat can fix the various issue. Chat support helps a company to get accompanied with their customers by better understanding their needs and the issues they face while surfing. It also helps to identify any recurring issues and helps to find long-term solutions. You can increase the efficiency of online chat by making it proactive. To apply the function more effectively set a live chat window on your website so that whenever they browse your site a live chat option pop-up before them. If you proactively display the chat window, it can increase the number of chatting. They are more likely to use or stay on your website. When your customers are satisfied with your service, especially, when all their inquiries are answered, you will be able to gain better customer engagement and user experience, which will eventually result in quality feedback.

Social channels

Social Media is the most popular way to find out the right customers and their choices. You can build a good customer relationship using social media platforms. A business person should target the popular social media websites to know their customer’s choice and also the popular demand of the people. It is very crucial to engage in a deep-rooted conversation or discussion with people who are interested in your products. You have to keep an eye to make them engage in through events which you should post on this platform.

Customer Service Performance

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your Customer service plays a great role to get positive customer feedback. Customer service is closely related to user satisfaction. If your customers are not satisfied with the service, you provide they will never get back to you. When a customer faces any problem in purchasing something and returning something, they always rely on your services to perform their task or clear any doubt. One negative response can result in an unwanted situation. After every customer service, you provide to your customer you need to put an option where each customer can input their experience regarding the service you provide. You can also send out emails, requesting your customers to provide their positive feedback regarding the service you provide. Always keep track about the details what are the popular queries your customers come across.

Add Feedback option on Confirmation Page

When a customer confirms an order ask them to provide their experience with you. Remember if you target your customer’s psychology you will be benefited. As you know when one makes a purchase of the product of their choice they tend to be satisfied and likely to provide a review. The questions should address whether they face any difficulty to find your website or reaching the right product or whether they were satisfied with the option available to your store. It should be brief, and answers should be multiple choice. This feedback plays a very useful source of information and a very important part to know your customer’s preferences. It not only works as a source of quality feedback but also provides you with ample scope to introduce new things according to the choice of and demands of your customer.

Put Feedback option at different field

To earn positive feedbacks, you need to incorporate the feedback option on a specific field. E-Commerce website faces a huge rate of abandonment. Maximum people tend to abandon their cart for various reasons. So, as a potential business person, you should be aware of these reasons and curb the problems customers face every now and then. This will help you to know your business growth. When a customer empties their cart ask them what is bothering them to complete the process. Or you can give customers multiple choices to share their points. According to a recent study, the maximum customer hesitates to make a payment before delivery if they are new on your website. And sometimes they want to avoid unexpected delivery charges, and in some cases, the final checkout process is too long. You can add a pop up that should provide the customer with an option to contact customer service. This way you can solve the problem they face or guide them to complete the purchase. This way you can increase the sale rate too.

If you put a feedback button right after the purchase, in a specific place, you are likely to earn positive feedback. In every case, when one customer completes a purchase, they tend to have a happy mood. When a customer has rightly found their desirable products, they likely to give you positive reply. You can display a pop-up after the purchase is done. This can affect your business positively.

Online Community

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Create an online community to generate outstanding feedback. You can implement this method very easily, however, it needs to be moderated regularly and attentively. It includes starting a new discussion, moderate it and posting and updating new entries and you need to keep responding to the feedback so that you can build an engaging community and make your customers feel attached to you. This way you will earn credibility too. Thus, the key theme of this method is engagement. There are various tools like getting Satisfaction and UserVoice helps you to mend a strong community and ease the discussion between customers and businesses. You can motivate your customers to share their experiences, picture, and videos related to your products. You can design the homepage of your site using the pictures of your trusted customers. This entire process, in turn, will motivate new customers to engage with you. When you will put so much importance on your customers, they will be very satisfied and will provide you with positive feedback.

Display customer feedback

Showing positive feedback can increase your sales rate immensely. It has many advantages for your business. Many customers tend to follow the customer’s feedback and then decide to buy a product. Thus, product feedback can play a great role to motivate a customer. Remember one thing that in e-Commerce trust can only be built through words. And the recognition of your website completely depends on your customer’s reaction. According to a recent study, it is proved that people get encouraged by the behaviour of other people. When they see other’s reactions, they feel confident to behave this way. This trend equally goes for feedback. When they see other people’s feedback, they likely to follow the same. All the reviews should appear with the full name of the customers with a trusted location and organization. Some companies tend to input fake reviews, but customers are intelligent enough to differentiate between the two.

Ask Feedback in exchange of Rewards

Giving rewards and credit points is a trend that follows every app-driven business. As it is very important to generate positive feedback and at the same time it is difficult too. Most of the customer put their feedback when they experience something unpleasant. Naturally, this negative feedback can affect your business by reducing your customers. Thus, you need to adopt new methods to encourage your customers to input their feedback when their experience is good. Thus, you can add a reward to motivate your customers to input their comments. These rewards can include a special discount on a specific purchase, contests, gift cards, and free shipping, etc. However, the prize you are offering should be beneficial enough to leave a comment in exchange for that. If you only aim to develop cross-selling methods, it will not serve your purpose. Customers will regard this special reward as unimportant and unnecessary.

Do Not Hide All Negative Feedback

There cannot be only positive comments. It is very natural to have some negative comments as well. In your service and quality of your product, there must be some negative encounters faced by your customer. Thus, if you omit all the negative comments and showcase only the positive one this will affect your business to earn credibility. Using negative feedback can be advantageous too to maintain professionalism. However, you need to maintain a certain decorum in order to handle negative feedback. Start by apologizing and responding respectfully towards your audience.

Use NPS for Establishing Loyalty

NPS or Net Promoter Score is a customer satisfaction mark which shows how your customers recommend your site or platform to your friend. All customer can see this rating statistic on a scale of 1 to 10. It is generally used to evaluate customer loyalty. Recent research has reported that the companies which have the highest-paid NPS can outgrow their competitors by 2x. You can keep track on how satisfied your customers are. And when you can watch the number of recommends your customer made, you will have a clear idea about how your customers are satisfied with your business.

Send E-mails to Stay in Touch

You can use email and message to know what your customer wants from you in terms of your services and products. If you have a detailed track on how your customer’s choices are shifting on the basis of the market you will be able to cater the same. It is better to notify your customer through a survey and poll about the product they purchase or service they avail. Remember to reply to your customers through emails and stay in touch with them. It is very important to build good customer relationships in order to get positive feedback. Other than that, when they can solve their problems through an email, and they tend to stick to you.

To Conclude

If you get maximum negative feedback, do not lose your hope to improve yourself, remember once Bill Gates said: “ Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”. No matter what feedback you receive from your customers good and bad, it always helps you to build better customer relationships. When you get to see negative comments, you can use these points to build your services more strongly to satisfy tour customers. And positive comments always encourage you to continue or maintain your service just the way maximum customers want. If you listen to your customers respectfully, you will be able to deliver the best possible results and satisfy the requirements of your customers.

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Atanu Sarkar

Atanu Sarkar, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd & Webskitters LTD has strong data analytics, business development and entrepreneurship skills. He keeps himself updated about latest technological innovations in his past time and encourages his team to incorporate new technologies and move beyond the defined boundaries of design, development and digital marketing. His inquisitive nature constrains him from flattering any limits and that’s made him a successful entrepreneur, a great leader for his team and a wonderful human being.