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Atanu Sarkar
October 28, 2015

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Building your own online or web store is certainly not an easy task. Well you can choose your preferred ecommerce platform for developing and building your web shop, list all your products and upload them and make your site live. But that is certainly not enough.

Whatever eCommerce platforms you use, be it WooCommerce or Magento, there are different tools which might help to launch an online shop. But this advanced as well as essential will surely offer you long-term growth and success.

There are various functionalities along with eCommerce best practices which you can prioritize and consider opting for your own site. Here are the areas as well as the tools which will help to get the work done.

Allowing the option of guest user

Most of the people do not like to sit for a long sign-up form when you are buying any sort of product or just a single item. Just imagine if you make the buying process simpler then more and more people will surely prefer your website. Just allow quicker registration with the help of social network or postal address.

All the more best, just allow your user to purchase without any sort of registration at all. If you simply allow your users to checkout as guest then you can increase your sales very easily.

Suggestive tools and solutions

In case of WooCommerce, it allows users to buy products right as a guest but it may not be necessary to use the functionality on all sorts of products.

Now if anyone wishes to disable guest purchasing, then the WooCommerce Selective Registration plugin gives the authority to do so. You can also choose the right product which will make the user register.

Similarly for Magento users, there is the option of Medma Disable Customer Registration extension allowing you to disable checkout functionality of guest user and customer registration

Allowing user the liability to rate and review your products

Each and every user who visits your online store loves to get some kind of authority. Moreover all the users are now a bit cautious about credit card fraud as well as fake websites. One simple solution to solve all of these problems is to provide your customer with some kind of assurance, which comes with positive ratings and reviews for your products.

Most of the regular shoppers like to read about the experiences of other shoppers had with an item before taking the decision to buy something. However if you let this happen then there is surely the risk of not so good feedback. But always remember when it is the question of reviews, positive ones are always better than the negative ones.

Suggestive tools and solutions

The Magento Social Suite extension will help to add social login right to your site for users along with auto-post products.

In case of Prestashop, you can use Froggy Facebook Comment module which will help you set up a product review providing you a simple and effective way to share your products on social site.

Make sure you have fast loading speed

Web surfing is very addictive. That is the reason why web users do not wait if your website is taking longer to load. As per the statistics, nearly 40% of your customers leave your website if it is taking more than 3 seconds to load. That is the reason why you should make sure that your ecommerce site loads as fast as possible.

Speed optimization for your website is not such an easy task and can be a tedious job; however there are certain tips and suggestions which will still help in getting you a fast website.

Suggestive tools and solutions

For WooCommerce website, a particular plugin is there called One-Page Shopping which increases your page loading speed to nearly 70%.

With Magento, there is a powerful extension by the name Performance Speed Booster which will optimize your performance by decreasing your response times and page loading

A having a prominent search bar

Web users are now much more confident when they are using online store. No matter how many products you stock there, a prominent search bar will get you relevant results.

As per average, nearly 30% of the shoppers use the search bar on the website because they know what they are looking for when they enter an online store. A prominent search bar will increase the chances of your search leading to conversion of sale.

Suggestive tools and solutions

Tools are surely available which will help in efficient searching. There is the WooCommerce Live Product Search plugin or the Magento Search Autocomplete and Suggest extension offering the opportunity for better search and results.

Developing a proper categorized menu

Yes it is true that 30% of the search users are confident about what they are looking for but other 70% of the users use the site navigation of the website.

A proper navigation is certainly useful for customers if they want to reach their desired products. Now let’s make it clearer, if you wish to have thousands of items in your website then certainly there must be proper navigation on your website.

Suggestive tools and solutions

For Prestashop, there is the tool by the name Responsive Menu Module displaying any type of content right from text, images as well as categories lists.

For WooCommerce users, the tool available is Responsive Product Category Vertical Mega Menu which will get your work done very easily.

And lastly for Magento, there is DHMENU which is undoubtedly a user friendly menu extension.

Offering Rapid help and Response to your customers

Now even you know it that your customers will surely need help at some or the other point of time. Most of the sales surely go seamlessly but for some that do not there is suddenly requirement for a prompt support system.

In case of a small business with less than 100 products, a simple customer support page will suffice but when the number increases to more than 100, then there should be a reliable support system to provide the necessary help.

Suggestive tools and solutions

You can install the WooCommerce Product Enquiry plugin to each of your product pages offering buyers the opportunity to contact you without getting navigated anywhere else.

For Magento, there is the extension by the name Support Ticket System providing a proper customer care system right to your site.

Saving time with a proper FAQ Section

A proper FAQ section will surely again provide the customer with some common support requests right from shipping, returns as well as payment methods and will also save time on both you and your customer part saving the trouble to wait for a standard support requests.

Suggestive tools and solutions

FAQ tools for each and every website is easily available right WooFAQs for WooCommerce, Advanced FAQ for Magento and for Prestashop there is also the option of FAQ. After installing the plugin or extension and module, add some FAQs on your part for better customer satisfaction.

Optimized for mobile

With smartphone conquering the digital world, you surely do not want to miss mobile customers, right? Your ecommerce website surely needs to be optimized for mobile. This one surely goes without saying. Nearly 50 % of the shoppers are using their mobile to open your site.

To properly optimize your website for each types of mobile devices so as to provide your mobile customers optimum and supreme experience.

Suggestive tools and solutions

The Tools & Solutions:

Most of the WooCommerce themes and Magento templates which have been designed in the last few years are certainly responsive.

To make your website responsive, try using a theme for it.

SEO, the unforgettable one

To get any website equally and very much successful, it is very important to get it SEO optimized. Yes for most of the website owners, SEO is surely not an easy process to grasp but certainly not so difficult one.

The process of SEO optimization is a process of trail and error and surely a long process. Keep a checklist of factors to get the best SEO technique.

Suggestive tools and solutions

To ease your SEO problem, there are various plugins and modules available for WooCommerce, Magento or Prestashop user. There is WooCommerce SEO plugin along with SEOSpace Magento Extension for optimizing your content, image titles, and meta descriptions along with canonical URLs.

Well this is surely not enough, you can easily add some added functionality, plugin, modules and tools to ecommerce website as it is the front face of your online business and any positive change will surely provide more and more business.

Atanu Sarkar

Atanu Sarkar, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd & Webskitters LTD has strong data analytics, business development and entrepreneurship skills. He keeps himself updated about latest technological innovations in his past time and encourages his team to incorporate new technologies and move beyond the defined boundaries of design, development and digital marketing. His inquisitive nature constrains him from flattering any limits and that’s made him a successful entrepreneur, a great leader for his team and a wonderful human being.