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Ayan Sarkar
May 17, 2021

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With the development of technologies, the world of business is changing quickly. The shift towards business development is rapidly transforming in every possible way. The number of organisations that are competing with each other is growing extensively. Organisations have an ever-increasing need of adopting new technologies. The best way to adopt the latest technologies is to hire top dedicated developers. It is an ideal method of dealing with this efficiently.

The exponential growth that these technologies come up with is a great opportunity. Relying on a dedicated development team to research, and develop new technologies, is an excellent option. Depending on an in-house IT team for meeting these demands can be more challenging and costly. The external professionals can help you to meet your software needs sans the hassle of maintaining an in-house team.

Who are Dedicated Developers?

Dedicated Developers are professional developers hired for building a particular project for an extended period on a regular and committed basis. They serve as an entity of your organisations and operate at a cost-effective rate. These professionals concentrate on the project that you hire them. With their updated knowledge of technologies, they develop the software to achieve the desired results.

What is a Dedicated Development Team Model?

A dedicated team model is the model of collaboration between a client and a software development service provider. The businesses get to work with a team of professionals. You can meticulously select the expert developers according to your requirements for a specific project. This team serves the purpose of an extension of your internal team. The co-operation and dedication of the remote professionals towards your project remain unquestionable.

When to Hire a Dedicated Team Model?

A start-up, an established business or a digital agency, the need for software remains the same for all. Evaluate your business requirements. Hiring a dedicated team prove to be beneficial for your business.

You can hire the dedicated team model for meeting your project objectives, including:

  1. Projects to grow and expand quickly.
  2. Long-term projects with multiple tasks.
  3. Projects with a fixed and considerable workflow.

Organizations hire dedicated developers to meet their staffing needs. It helps them to:

  1. Need of an extension of your current team.
  2. You lack a software team and need one.
  3. Need experts for your software requirements.

Why Should You Hire Dedicated Developers?

Serving digital customers is the need for every business. Internet users are connecting with organisations through the website or mobile application. The software serves as the gateway for businesses to reach new customers. The dedicated development team can help you build a bespoke software for your business.

Image Source: fauxels/ pexels

Dealing with complicated problems, the experts offer robust software development. Outsourcing your software development services to dedicated developers turn out to be beneficial.

  1. Entire Control
    Get associated with a reliable and professional web development company like Webskitters. Be assured of receiving high-end services. Hiring dedicated experts from them would give you complete control over the project and your team. You get the opportunity to manage your team as per your requirements.
  2. Cost-Effective
    Make yourself free from the tension of maintaining an in-house development team. Invest in a dedicated development team to get desired results. The cost of the in-house team gets slashed out with a dedicated team. They resolves your business issues with their expertise. The team even prove to be beneficial for your accounts.
  3. Expert Developers
    One of the chief reasons the companies prefer to hire a dedicated development team is their expertise. Their experience, and skills serve to the advantage of the company. You get to accomplish your business objective.
  4. Increased Productivity
    Based on your project’s requirements, the dedicated developers provide seamless services. Testing, evaluation, and development, every process of developing an app or website, is deployed. Using agile methodologies, they increase their productivity and speed up the entire process.
  5. Guaranteed Results
    Hire a dedicated development team to get guaranteed results. The developers use their expertise and follow best practices to meet client’s expectations. They work dedicatedly to ensure giving you a great experience.

Is it Good to Hire Dedicated Offshore Developers?

If you decide of investing in dedicated developers, the first thing that will come to your mind is hiring a local team. Hiring an offshore development team is more beneficial. A local company can take the development stress off your shoulder. It is not an economical option. You will not have long-term fiscal benefit with them.

The offshore dedicated development team benefits you in the development process and finances. It is the best cost-cutting measures that you can undertake.

Hiring a dedicated offshore development team has become a general trend among organisations. Let us take a look at the most common reasons why an offshore team is chosen over a local one:

  1. Inexpensive Approach
    Maintaining an in-house team is a costly affair for a start-up or even for large companies. Gaining the service of a dedicated team from offshore is a smart option. No company wants to run out of money or give an extra share of their revenue in the development process. Opting for an offshore team helps in cutting off the overhead costs of managing an in-house team.
  2. Accessibility to Global Talents
    Many would argue that the local development team is good. Fair enough. Global experts are the key to your success. Choosing an offshore agency for your business’ software requirement ensures that you have easy access to international experts.
  3. Seize New Market Opportunities
    New technologies are encouraging companies for better online presence. Having access to a global team would give you an upper hand over your competitors. They tap the booming market trends and incorporate them within your software, giving you an edge over others.

How to Hire Dedicated Developers?

Organisations are dwelling in the digital world with the help of websites and applications. In today’s market sphere, businesses are encouraged to adapt to the global changes and stay ahead of their competitor by digitising their products and services. Hiring dedicated developers is the best solution that they can gain in this regard.

The challenge is to find a reliable partner for hiring their development team. Getting the right partner for your business development is the most significant part of developing your app. The business needs to take measures to hire the right expertise for their project within their stipulated budget.

  1. Define Your Business Goals
    One of the best and most significant ways to hire dedicated developers for your business is to define your business goals. You ought to know what you need from the project. Keep your requirements short and crisp.
  2. Evaluate Your Skillsets
    Identify the skills and expertise that you will need in your software development. Tell your developers about the technologies you want them to use. The clearer you are about your project, the better and quick result you will receive.
  3. Plan Your Budget
    You must fix a budget. Planning your finance is vital and have clarity about the capital required to commence and finish the project. Discuss your budget with your agency. They will help you to get a brilliant project right within your budget.
  4. Conduct Personal Interviews
    You need to select the right agency. Your development partner agency will provide you with a list of candidates who will match your project requirements. You can conduct personal interviews of these candidates and check their experience, skills and portfolio. It is through their interviews that you can understand their personal and professional traits.
  5. Smooth On-boarding Process
    After you have selected the most suitable candidates, it is now time for you to smooth out the on-boarding process. Finish the necessary paperwork and get your dedicated development team ready to work. You can ensure a fast-paced process to incorporate efficient talents as an extension of your team.

Why Businesses Hire Dedicated Development Team?

The technology industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the current market. Business leverage these technologies to enhance their market presence and make their business stand out from the rat race. It becomes essential for organisations to tap the potential of the technologies.

The need of hiring a dedicated development team becomes indispensable. Experience, knowledge, and technology, the combination of these three become a part of the dedicated development team. The specialist team of architectures helps in improving the performance of your business. Outsourcing the services to your development partner guarantees reliability and efficiency for the long-term of your business. These partners establish a firm hold of a business on the market and develop productive software for your organisation.

  1. Hiring the Best Talent Available
    With the dedicated hiring model, you can hire the best talents of the world. These experts understand your programming needs and increase your team’s efficiency to optimise your operational costs.
  2. Remotely Manage Your Offshore Team
    Outsourcing your development team equips you with the right kind of essential communication support and allows you to manage your offshore team. Providing you with real control over your virtual employees, the dedicated team gives you the liberty to monitor their work.
  3. Bypass Legal and Geographical Boundaries
    Your dedicated developers can be located anywhere around the world to serve your needs. You don’t need to restrict yourself within your geographical limits. With the dedicated developers you can save yourself from any limits that curbs your growth.
  4. Control Over Data Security
    With the cloud-based servers of your company, you can store essential details and confidential data. Your virtual employees can access information about your company through the servers. Data security is of utmost importance for every organisation. A reputed and professional outsourcing vendor will take care of it.
  5. Nurture Long-term Relationship
    With dedicated developers, you can experience an extended team for your business. Your in-house resources work in collaboration with the dedicated team, and the result is outstanding at every level. Establishing a strong working relationship with your internal team, these dedicated developers serve as an excellent tool for your business.

Where to Find the Best Dedicated Developers Team?

Many organisations find it difficult to hire a dedicated development team. Finding the right and suitable partner is a daunting task. Only few organisations are aware of their practical needs and the ways to fulfill them. Others struggle deeply to survive in the market. The on demand development services enable organizations to create unique digital presence at cost-effective rate.

Find out a way to hire and manage an outsourcing team for your business. The only step that you need to take is to hire an outsourcing agency. The offshore development agencies caters to your software development needs. Validate your dedicated development agency’s expertise and services by reviewing their profiles thoroughly.

  1. Look for their market experience.
  2. Check out their development area.
  3. Check their client’s pool.
  4. Keep a tab on reviews.
  5. Check the security and money guarantees.
  6. Do take a look at their agreements and read them carefully.

Finding a professional offshore development team appears as a challenge. You can look for them through different platforms.

  1. Getting recommendations from your contacts/ associates.
  2. Search for the terms ‘Hire Developers’, ‘hire a developer’, ‘hire offshore development team’ or ‘hire offshore dedicated development services on the search engines. You will get a list of reputed companies.
  3. Connect with companies through conferences, seminars and meetups.
  4. Search for dedicated teams on professional platforms.

11 Top Dedicated Developers Team Ready to Work for Your Business Success

It is vital for businesses to understand their dedicated development team and its composition. Ensuring to develop an appealing software development for your business, hire the top 11 dedicated developer team for meeting your requirements.

1. Dedicated CakePHP Developers

CakePHP is an open-source development framework for PHP. The framework is an excellent solution for developing a website.

CakePHP has extensive and innovative state-of-the-art features. It helps in maximising the potential growth of a business. Website or web application developed through this framework possesses rich productivity, code re-usability, advanced built-in tools and flexible templating system.

The framework is exclusively beneficial in developing robust social networking platform to even eCommerce and enterprise-level web applications. The unrivalled web solutions produced through this framework tends to perform exclusively in the market. Developing the best application in the least possible time with maximum functionalities, CakePHP eases the developing process with flexible options.

The advantages of hiring dedicated CakePHP developers for your business are many, exploring it with experts is the best idea.

  1. Object-relational mapping facility.
  2. Better and secured payment gateway integration.
  3. Exclusive customisation solution options.
  4. User-friendly options with maximum features.
  5. Fit in the frame of the user’s requirement.

Developing customer-centric web applications for your business, your dedicated development team, provide quick deployment services to fulfil your requirements. Hiring experts from a reputed platform enables you to explore new market opportunities. It allows you to develop exclusive solutions with result-oriented capabilities.

2. Dedicated Drupal Developers

Drupal is an open-source Content Management System used for creating websites and applications for a business. Being an SEO-friendly framework with cool mapping features, Drupal is a safe and secure platform allowing organisations to explore tremendous market opportunities.

This framework is an ideal choice for enterprise-level websites and applications. It is a power-packed platform utilised in various cases and in developing a versatile solution for your business. Providing a wide array of Drupal solutions, the dedicated Drupal developers assure the success of your business. They are experts with the necessary skills to deliver excellent results in customisation, theming, development and template integration for your business’ digital solutions.

Hiring the services of a dedicated Drupal development team ensures you to gain the most out of the framework.

  1. Drupal is powerful and versatile.
  2. It helps in developing highly scalable platforms.
  3. The framework provides seamless mobile experiences to the users.
  4. It offers unrivalled and ambitious digital experiences.
  5. The technology is an easy-to-customise platform.
  6. It allows headless commerce integrations.

With the development solutions of a dedicated team, you can experience a real-time enterprise application. They empower the application with efficient solutions for driving the growth of your business.

3. Dedicated Java Developers

Java helps the business to adapt to the changing market scenarios. The marvellous features and functions of this framework power your digital solutions and changes your organisation’s dynamics for the better.

Java is a suitable framework for developing mobile applications, network applications, web applications, embedded applications, desktop applications and enterprise software for organisations. Being platform-independent the framework is mixed with multiple technologies to accomplish the project goals and business objectives.

Java delivers tailor-made, innovative and interactive solutions to businesses. It is packed with interesting and interactive features that captivates audience’ attention.

  1. Java is simple, portable and platform-independent.
  2. It offers multilingual support for the developers.
  3. The platform provides systematic app development that ensures cleaner codes.
  4. It is highly secured with Java APIs, tools, protocols and algorithms.
  5. The technology supports dynamic compilation along with automatic memory management.
  6. It offers architecture neutrality.

Leveraging the skills of your dedicated Java developers, you can experience tailor-made services for the development of enterprise-grade solutions. They are experts in delivering fast, robust and scalable application. With them being well-versed with the Java technology stack, they sincerely devote their time to build a suitable solution for your business.

4. Dedicated WordPress Developers

WordPress is one of the most popular frameworks, known for crafting a rewarding web solution for your business. It is a compatible framework that meets the diverse needs of various business models. It is a supreme web development platform that helps organisations to manage their professional goals. For developing secure, high-performance and easily up-gradable WordPress websites, organisations are touching new heights in the market.

Being a popular Content Management System developers use WordPress for building stunning, creative and feature-rich websites. It is self-hosted and easily up-gradable developing beautiful themes and ready-to-use plugins that help in developing beautiful solutions. Tapping the market potential and helping you to have an edge over your competitors, the platform plays a vital role.

The benefits of using WordPress development services for building a unique and ideal digital presence for your business. It consist of exclusive features that enhances your business prospects.

  1. WordPress is easy to install and use.
  2. It fetches the traffic for business websites through its responsive design features.
  3. The platform enhances the richness of its content and offers media management.
  4. It provides plugins for the customisation of your website.
  5. The framework helps in the creation of highly appealing and feature-packed e-commerce stores.
  6. It offers minimum coding needs.

The dedicated WordPress developers prove to be of immense help to your business through their expertise and brilliance.

They give individual focus on the complexities of the project and follow clean and clear coding practices. Hiring dedicated development services, the specialists provide you with a seamless delegation of an appealing solution.

5. Dedicated Laravel Developers

For businesses that need a rapidly developing approach for high-quality software, Laravel is the foremost choice. This open-source, PHP based web application possesses brilliant features that make it a perfect fit for any enterprise-level software development. Its fast approach helps the developers to build a modular web application with spontaneous and trouble-free coding.

Businesses can develop high-end Laravel-based solutions for multiple business requirements. With experienced and dedicated Laravel development team enables the developers to design, create and customise multiple web applications. Adding features and functionalities to your software this framework offers comprehensive solutions that establish you ahead of your competitors.

The framework ideally resolves the challenges of web application development and makes your app risk-free. Deploy Laravel framework for meeting your software requirements and gain exclusive benefits.

  1. Laravel guarantees high security for your software.
  2. It provides the excellent and unrivalled performance of web apps.
  3. The framework offers strong authentication for your web apps that enhances their functionalities.
  4. It is an open-source platform with a wide and powerful community.
  5. The technology has a blade-templating engine that allows the developers to use pre-defined templates.
  6. It allows smooth and easy database migration.

The dedicated Laravel developers offer a comprehensive and versatile experience to the business with their expertise and skills. Their profound knowledge and top-notch skills enable them to establish a robust solution for your business.

6. Dedicated Magento Developers

Magento help you to carve your name in the eCommerce sector. It is one of the most preferred and user-friendly eCommerce platforms with high-functionalities. With its open-source technology, the framework offers powerful marketing tools to the business. The Magento-based online store helps in generating revenue for your business.

Magento provides interfacing capabilities that help in securing the best commercial presence in the online domain. By offering robust models for your eCommerce store, you can boost your scalability and delivers satisfying solutions for the organisations. Leveraging the tools and technologies, the dedicated Magento developers build feature-rich and reliable online stores. They create bespoke solutions for matching the requirements of your business and its objectives.

The eCommerce store developed with Magento is stacked with characteristics that captivate your target audience. The platform contain unrivalled features.

  1. Reliable analytics and reporting features, adding value to the store.
  2. Secured payment gateways for smooth eCommerce transitions.
  3. User-friendly features delivering an enriching shopping experience.
  4. SEO-friendly coding for better search engine rankings.
  5. Seamless integration with the current applications.
  6. Support for multiple stores and languages.
  7. Highly-responsiveness and mobile-friendly eCommerce platform.

With the right skills and knowledge of the platform, the dedicated developers craft a customer-centric store. Adhering to the best industry practices, the specialists create a seamlessly running store with high service standards.

7. Dedicated Shopify Developers

With the evolution of the online shopping trend, the competition in the eCommerce market has multi-fold. Businesses from around the world are seeking opportunities to explore the market. Organisations look for ways to tap the potential of the eCommerce market and to enter the market. The best way to enter digital solutions is through the development of beautiful eCommerce stores. Shopify is one of the world’s leading eCommerce framework that captivates the attention of the audiences.

Shopify is a simple and easy-to-use platform that possess exclusive rich features and is scalable. Being versatile this platform successfully helps in setting up a powerful online presence for any business. From startups to large enterprises, this framework possesses exquisite features that help in unlocking new opportunities. The platform is packed with exclusive marketing and SEO-friendly features.

Image Source: mohamed_hassan/ pixabay

Boosting your eCommerce sales, Shopify enhances the brand value and takes your business to the next level with its brilliant features that include:

  1. Shopify provides a user-friendly and professional interface for your online store.
  2. It enables you to develop a responsive Shopify store for capturing mobile audiences.
  3. The framework has enterprise-level integration and maintenance features.
  4. It offers online marketing and an SEO-friendly interface for the stores.
  5. This eCommerce store platform enhances the online visibility of your brand and expands your business’ growth prospects.

Organizations often tend to hire the dedicated Shopify developers from expert and professional agencies. The specialist team helps in increasing the online sales of a business and enhances the visitors. They can drive online sales with their exclusive marketing strategies. They are highly scalable, reliable and delivers customized Shopify online stores that are compatible with multiple browsers.

8. Dedicated Python Developers

Python is ideal for transforming your innovative ideas into a profitable website or web application. The website developed through Python framework delivers gigantic results for businesses. The Python development solutions hail from multiple domains and various business verticals. This general-purpose programming language is highly efficient for incorporating Artificial Intelligence solutions within the website or web application.

It is a production-based language, which offers enterprise and first-class project and empowers businesses to reach new heights of success with technical advancements. This utilitarian framework provides healthy, active and supportive community support. With its extensive library, the platform allows the developers to save time and cut down the initial development cycle. Python remains the foremost choice for web development projects and even in game development.

Employing this framework with cutting-edge solutions and path-breaking technologies enable the enterprises to meet their demands with its exclusive benefits:

  1. Python is an open-source platform that allows modifications at any time with our experts.
  2. It is highly extendable and is associated with several applications.
  3. The framework boosts interaction within websites and apps.
  4. It simplifies the process of script-writing.
  5. The Python technology enables hassle-free and speedy development.

Hiring dedicated Python developers deliver companies to innovate with their high-computing performance and speed. They help organisations to build tailor-made and enterprise-grade platform. The dedicated developers combine their expertise to address the modern and critical needs of global clients.

9. Dedicated Zend Developers

Zend framework is a popular platform for website development. It allows businesses to expand their presence in the digital world. The Zend framework helps enterprises to unveil new market opportunities that revolutionise their online presence. Tapping the modern-day internet-savvy population is a challenging task. Zend framework makes it easy and smooth.

This object-oriented, simple, and open-source platform develops dynamic and attractive software. Providing end-to-end customised solutions for business enterprises Zend framework renders top-notch solutions.

Developing a dynamic and scalable software for the businesses, the dedicated Zend developers enable to craft smart and secure website for your business. Possessing world-class and perfect technical knowledge, Zend experts build feature-rich solutions for various business verticals.

With its features and vast libraries, Zend helps enterprise to save a lot of development time. It employs vast libraries to attain the task effectively and quickly. It is loaded with tremendous and exciting features.

  1. The framework supports PHP5 and high –versions for web application development.
  2. It offers an object-oriented feature, which helps in scalable, secure and qualitative web 2.0 application.
  3. Zend has a vast library that allows frequent usage and speedy development.
  4. It integrates an elevated learning curve for its high complexities.
  5. Zend framework allows for most in-demand business needs for global clients.
  6. It offers real-time, dynamic and technically advanced website and web application.

Making the web development process smooth and quick, the enterprises hire the dedicated Zend development team from your professional agencies. They are equipped with the expertise to provide high-calibre PHP applications, which are prominently effective for your business. Partnering with these specialists enable you to implement your Zend framework to automate the software through automated strategies and solutions.

10. Dedicated React JS Developers

React JS is an ideal platform for businesses that develop highly iterative user interfaces for dynamic applications. It is an open-source Javascript framework that helps in building feature-rich applications. Offering high-performance apps the framework offers scalability, simplicity and speed to the development process.

End-to-end React JS development services enable the business to create and innovate web and mobile applications. Start-ups and large-scale enterprises, every organisation leverages the use of dynamic and business-specific solutions of React JS. This framework supports a painless transition that creates a new dimension for your business.

Allowing rich data to develop a super-fast scalable application with extraordinary virtual solutions. It encapsulates the professional components that help in building their business application and transforming their digital presence. The developers can reuse the  React JS development code component. Supporting re-usability and cross-platform app development, React JS allows rich data to pass through your web apps.

With the help of dedicated React JS development services, the businesses can explore tremendous advantages. The platform is equipped with exclusive features.

  1. React JS is a search-engine-friendly platform.
  2. It makes it easier with special syntax requirements that allow it to combine with HTML.
  3. The framework helps the developers to harness state-of-the-art tools and implement them efficiently.
  4. It handles synchronisation and data updates without reloading.
  5. React JS uses the JSX template that replaces the regular JavaScript.

The dedicated React JS developers fulfil your demand with flying colours. These experts and skilled professionals make your application user-friendly and highly intuitive. The dedicated team renders high-performing applications with excellent UI that captivates the user’s attention.

11. Dedicated Swift Developers

For businesses that tend to develop feature-rich iOS applications and tap the iOS market leverages the Swift platform. This powerful programming language is easy to read and maintain. It is highly expressive in terms of its design and features. It provides intuitive experience and world-class development services that meet the market standards. Providing unmatchable functions the framework is capable of delivering seamless, robust, and secure applications.

With cutting-edge solutions, the platform accelerates the app development process. It improves businesses from every vertical to experience high-performing and cost-effective Swift applications. Using the best practices with proven technologies the framework is ideal for remote online and offline access. It supports real-time development for continuous integration and deployment.

The Swift platform gives the end-users a better experience using its unique features.

  1. It offers an interactive and enjoyable coding experience with clean syntax.
  2. Swift applications run at high speed, giving a better experience to its clients.
  3. The framework has in-built mobile software security and compliance features.
  4. It offers reporting and analytics functions for better decision-making.
  5. Swift provides best practices for security and confidentiality.
  6. It offers an enterprise-level Swift application.

This feature-rich high-level programming language develops a wide variety of apps for your business. Hiring dedicated Swift developers enhances your business prospects.

Revamp your existing digital presence with expert developers. Experience end-to-end services in your iOS application development. Utilising the advanced technologies, the developers integrate third-party APIs.

Hire Dedicated Developers to Experience Market Success

With their singular focus to serve their customers, the dedicated developers adapt to best practices. Hiring the services of these developers from a reputed and trustworthy agency ensures round-the-clock and comprehensive services. It’s their expertise that enable them to deliver improved ROI. Bid adieu to your development hassles and search for intelligent solutions. These agencies meet your strategic goals and customised requirements. Connect with the best agency and hire the best minds in the business to meet your specific objectives.

Featured Image Source: fauxels/ pexels

Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.