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Ayan Sarkar
September 24, 2014

Table of content

The methods of increasing traffic to your website have been uttered many times before. Let’s recapitulate the points so that you can check what you have done, what’s left and what’s need to be done.

i) Design of the website – Check the design of your website. If it is superb it is absolutely fine with your visitor, users or customers. But wait! If it is abstract though elegant but NOT USER FRIENDLY -the customers will leave immediately after arriving on the page. This will increase the bounce rate. High bounce rate will not help your website in attracting new or returning visitors.

  • Just keep it simple and most importantly USER FRIENDLY! Engage your customers / visitors so that they cannot jump from your site to another. You can also use catchy or image related to the theme of your website. It will help to generate more traffic.

ii) Content of the website – You are all aware that CONTENT IS THE KING! This is cliche now. Isn’t it? But the fact is TRUE!!! Nobody can deny it. A good content will bring more and more visitors who can turn to your CUSTOMER!

  • Write an UNIQUE content! A content should be written meaningful and user centric. You may find lots of writings on a same topic. But as each day is different from the other same should be for the content. It has to be different from others. Try to add content or refresh your content after a period of time. You have to decide about the time factor.
  • Write blogs for your company website regularly. Use different techniques to improve your blog. Write on current topics that you can relate with your business.

iii) SEO – Every website should be search engine optimized. A new website can be found in the SERP after a good amount of SEO work. If you neglect SEO for your website you are hampering your business.

  • Onpage SEO – Keep all the aspects of this SEO proper for your website. Analyze and choose correct keywords, create meta tags including the keywords. Optimize the header and image tags. Make a proper SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY URL structure; do not keep any special characters other than hyphen “-“. Solve canonical issue; optimize robots.txt and XML sitemap.
  • Offpage SEO – The Onpage SEO should be supported by offpage SEO. Generate links from authorized sites. Optimize your blog ; optimize your video; email marketing and newsletter subscription; write proper articles and relevant new releases and optimize them.
  • Google Adwords or PPC – It is “Paid” SEO. Are you using this feature of Google? Sign up with Google adwords today! It will bring more visitors and convert them to customers with a little amount of money. But Google adwords or PPC service should be HANDLED WITH CARE.

iv) The usage of Social Media – A company not present in Social Media is not present anywhere online. Social Media is an effective tool to promote your website. The presence in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, You Tube and Pinterest is very much required. Check if YOU (your website) are present in all or almost all of them.

  • Create profiles and pages if you haven’t done it yet. Update your profile / pages regularly. Put the SOCIAL ICONS on each page of the website; integrate the same with the blog. Share your blog on the social media. DON’T promote your site always! Because all other Social Media members will find it boring and will leave your page immediately. Participate in discussion; write about current trends and topics of your industry. Share, like and re-share posts of your online friends. Make friends and followers list a very long one. This ultimately converts to traffic. But remember quality matters than quantity! Do not forget to keep the social elements in this medium after all it is all about engagement.

v) Blog – Blog is a way to update the website by adding content to it. Every website should have a blog. This is a good way of attracting more and more visitors. I guess you have a blog. If not install it today!

  • Write blog on any hot topic of your industry. Share it in Social Media. Ask others to share their feedback. Comment on others’ blog belonging to the same niche. Bloggers always share views. Submit your blog on various blog directories. Generate RSS feed of the blog and optimize it.

vi) Video Optimization – Do you have a video for your company’s service? If you forgot to create it make sure you do it ASAP! A video will engage more visitors.

  • Video optimization is the need of the hour for a website. Just like advertisements shown on TV you will find visitors will turn to your customers after watching the videos about your service online.

vii) Other areas of improving traffic – Various other ways are there to improve traffic.

  • Create an email marketing campaign. Make a list of email of your potential customers and create a content which will attract more customers and traffic to your site.
  • Create a subscription form for sending free newsletters and e-books.
  • Use the form for running a competition. It is a good way of making traffic.
  • Use Google authorship. It will tell the visitors that you are genuine representative of your company. For that you have to use company’s authentic and REAL email address.
  • Engage visitors for affiliate commission. It will help you to promote websites via others.

These are just a few re-written ways to IMPROVE TRAFFIC. It is just an old wine in a new bottle! But as the taste of the old wine always nice so are the above points. If you forgot to implement do it now! These BASIC things will GENERATE more visitors for your website. Isn’t it?

Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.