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Ayan Sarkar
October 26, 2016

Table of content

Introduction To The World Of Remarketing & Retargeting

Marketing, promotion and publicity are an integral part of the society since the early phase of human civilization. Several scripts and sculptures have been discovered which proves the wide use of promotion and publicity in the bygone era. Although the society has evolved to a great level and new technologies have been discovered and invented but the utter importance of marketing and promotion still holds on to the similar position for its exceptional benefits that it provides to every business.

The concept of marketing is continuously evolving and has undergone tremendous and revolutionary changes with every step of modernization. New wings of marketing have evolved, modern strategies are being designed, excellent usage of several platforms- all these and several others are the part of the changes experienced by marketing industry.

One of the new developments in advertising and marketing is the act of retargeting and remarketing. It has become a more popular way of advertising which when being implemented in your marketing strategies increases the conversion rate or ROI for your business.

Remarketing and retargeting ensures marketing to the same prospect multiple times and targets the online ads to the same traffic over and over again. This is an effective strategy that serves to be extremely critical for every business in this internet-driven market.

Although there are so many techniques and methods to reach out to the customers, but there is no hard and fast rule which can assure the actual customer engagement and profit maximization. The method of remarketing and retargeting guarantees an exposure to the plethora of customers in the market and also opens several doors for the marketers to optimize their virtual presence.

What Makes Remarketing So Remarkable?

In modern days, the customer engagement is an essential look out for every business. Companies ensure using every trick in the book and go ahead the defined lines to tap the potential of the market. The marketers generally think of new and effective ways through which they would grab a hold over the large chunk of market share, for which reaching out to the customer every second is very essential.

Remarketing is a method of advertising which allows the marketers to connect with visitors of your website who has not initiated the purchase or enquiry on the site. It is considered as one of the best ways to be visible to the bounced back traffic and to turn them into significant conversion for the business.

Existing customers are often considered as the best customers for any company. They know the brand they are dealing with, understand the level of engagement with the brand, have a trust on the product and are satisfied with your service. They keep coming back to the website over and over again. Gaining their attention proves to be very valuable for the business.

There are also customers who visit your websites or your competitors’ website in search of the products that they look for. They check out the products on your websites and add it to their carts but never place the order. Getting their engagement and grabbing their interest is a challenge and an essential need for your business. If these customers can be grabbed then the conversion rate of the business rises high.

With the help of remarketing, the chances of reaching out to the existing as well as to the new prospects increase significantly. There are several web marketing strategies which are often used to increase the conversion rate but the outcome never increases above 2 percent in such cases. The other 98 percent prospects cannot be lured through these strategies, thus increasing your chance of lagging behind in the market. Remarketing and retargeting serves the stellar performance here in these cases.

Remarketing is also known as e-commerce marketing or behavioral retargeting. It is used for driving the customers back to your website and helps them turn into successful conversion for the business. This type of online advertising or marketing method is mostly used for showing the ads or targeting the individuals who had previously visited your website but moved on to other sites. These ads serve up to the individuals who moved out of your site and present to them the wide range of offerings which they visit.  It guarantees additional exposure for your brand and opens several gateways for increasing brand impression and customer loyalty while it also plays a major role in enticing the customers to come back to your website. The targeted display ads used in the process helps in overcoming the shopping cart and form abandonment and targets the customers back to the site.

It has been found that 98 percent customers who visit your website are not ready to make a purchase at the first go and they leave the site. Bringing them back compounds the challenge for the online marketers. The staggering percentage of the prospects that leave the website without conversion is extremely disturbing for the marketers and forces them to indulge in some extreme mind-boggling sessions for identifying and implementing practical strategies which can gain the customers. It is thus that the remarketing and retargeting are used for drawing the customers back to the advertiser’s site.

Evolution Of Remarketing & Retargeting

Initially adopted by retailers such as Amazon, and the Discovery Channel the ads used to appear on popular sited which include YouTube, Facebook and other niche destinations, retargeting earned negative response in its initial phase. It was considered to be creepy for its egregious uses in the online world. However, with time remarketing and retargeting has been able to shake off its negative reputation that it had garnered during the beginning of its journey.

Since its very beginning in 1995, retargeting uses the method of third-party browser cookies. Even today, this system relies at the heart and core of retargeting that is used by virtually all commercial websites. With their continuous endeavor, the marketers learned and unveiled several new methods of use retargeting in the best possible way. Today, the marketers are perfectly equipped with the right kind of methods and techniques that would bring excellent revenue to their business while enhancing their conversion rate.

The most common scenario today that can be seen in the retargeting landscape is that the advertisers offer discount to the customers to ensure that they return to the site. And the best part of this technique is that it works! Yes it actually works. Why? The reason being that when a customer looks at a product with the intention of buying it, but later discards the decision for some or the other factor, is offered a discount on the product, then the customer is going to toss with the idea of buying it and ends up in completing the task that the advertisers want them to do.

Retargeting needs to be used but to a certain extent. This has been understood by the marketers who have analyzed that when the similar ad is shown to the same customer too many times, the image and reputation of the brand is ruined in the eyes of the customer, especially if he or she has visited the site for not more than once.

Learning from the mistakes made in the past, the marketers have adopted the use of varied techniques which would not infuriate their customers. One of which is the technique of burn pixels. A burn pixel is a pixel which is placed on the confirmation page of a purchase which ensures the customers that they will no longer be targeted by the advertisements of these products. This helps in limiting the annoyance factor for the customers and gives them a good experience while dealing with you. A good experience means that the customer will definitely come back to your website for buying yet another product.

Why Marketers Use Remarketing Techniques?

The smart marketers of the industry are always on a lookout for something excellent and out-of-the-box techniques that would help them in their business excellently. The reason why marketers use remarketing for their business includes:

  • It helps in bringing back the landing page visitors who don’t convert.
  • It engages and re-engages the shopping cart prospects.
  • It sells product to highly targeted customer groups.
  • It increased brand awareness.
  • It communicates right message to the right customers.
  • It increases conversions and improves sales.

Difference Between Remarketing & Retargeting

Although remarketing and retargeting are used as a synonym in many places and describes the similar kind of advertising but it focuses on completely different users. The users who are actually interested in your product or who have added something from your website to the shopping cart or who have expressed their interest in your products can be targeted through remarketing. It needs to be understood that they have come a long way in the buying funnel and when they were close to the actual buying process they changed their mind. This does mean that there are still chances of convincing them which is done through the remarketing process. The remarketing efforts are fulfilled taking the form of e-mails and focuses on finding out why the person switched the decision at the last moment. It also involves the process of what else the brand can do to attract the customers and to help them complete their purchase.

On the other hand, retargeting mainly focuses on people and individuals who are moderately interested in the product or the brand. These individuals fall under the category of users who have visited your website but haven’t taken any other deed to articulate their interest in actually purchasing a product. With the help of the retargeting efforts are designed to keep your brand at the top of the users mind and constantly reminds them that they’ve visited your website and that you are still there for them. It generally takes the form of ads which are served to the uninterested visitors to keep your brand on the top of your customer’s mind when the individual is ready to make a purchase.

Retargeting is the process of returning traffic to the website through advertising whereas remarketing is the process of recovering the abandoned shopping carts through automated email to the customers. Both the process is designed to increase and boost the conversion rate for the website. These tactics are extremely fruitful for the marketers who choose this realm of retargeting and remarketing from a variety of different channels and strategies. Driving higher conversion rate and increasing great ROI nurtures the path for the business to explore excellent opportunities in the market and to convert the customers who are giving you even the slightest signals of buying intent.

How Does Remarketing & Retargeting Works?

Retargeting is the best form of online advertising that helps the marketers to keep the brand in front of the bounced traffic, relevantly after they leave the website. With this advertising type, the marketers present their brand in front of the targeted customers over and over again in order to convince them to come back to their site and complete the process of purchasing.

Remarketing or retargeting works by following the website visitors who check out the website and then leaves it and move on to another website. In this process, when a person visits the website, a browser cookie is installed and it follows the user as they move or travel to other websites on the internet. It then shows up the advertisements to the users on different websites and encourages them to click on the same and return back to the website.

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The lifecycle of remarketing or retargeting can be best defined through the following four basic steps:

  • Person Visits The Website- A person visits your website by getting to know about it through different sources which includes word of mouth, advertisements, digital marketing promotions etc.
  • Cookie Is Installed- A cookie is defined as a small amount of data which is sent from a website and is stored in the web browser of the user’s computer. These cookies follow the users on every website that they pay a visit to.
  • Your Ads Are Shown To The Visitors On Other Websites- A display ad (which you have already prepared for use) is shown to the visitors even when they move to other websites. The ads need to be prepared of different sizes and shapes so that it can easily fit on the different ad sizes which are offered by other websites. The more varied ad sizes and shapes that you create the more you have the chance to increase your brand’s visibility. Google’s Guide to Ad Sizes describes in detail the various sizes that your ads can be and the different shapes that you need to get ready with.
  • Visitors Click On Your Ad- In this last phase of the cycle, you get to explore the opportunities offered to you by the display of the ads on various websites. It instigates the users to click on the ad and get redirected to the website that they had left earlier. It gives you another chance to convert them into a significant sale or lead.

This cookie-based technology uses simple JavaScript code which to follow the users anonymously all over the web. Bringing the visitors to the end of the buying funnel, this technique of advertising helps the advertisers in enhancing the ROI of the business and in turning the potential customers into happy customers.

How Remarketing Is Different Than Regular Display Ad Buys?

Regular display ads tend to focus on grabbing the attention of the people who are not even aware of your presence or have not yet paid a visit to your website. The purpose of these ads is to earn the trust of the users, introduce them in the market, establish a good hold over the market and brand effectively. It becomes a long and thorough process, where the targeted audiences are continuously exposed to the ads and are lured to visit the website or make a purchase with it. It focuses on bringing the attention of all people.

On the other hand, with the use of remarketing and retargeting you get to expose your brand to the individuals who have already shown their interests in your products and have paid a visit to your site. By installing the cookies, you can track and follow the visitors to different websites where your ads appear to grab their attention. With wide and excellent usage of the cookies and the alluring display ads, the chances of the bounced traffic getting converted becomes extremely high.

The remarketing and retargeting advertisements opens door for you to gain exposure in front of the people who are already a visitor of your site and the regular display ads helps you to reach out to a larger segmentation of people, without guaranteeing actual conversion for your website. With remarketing, you target the audiences who already have an experience with your brand or product, whereas when it comes to the display ads, you don’t have a specified group of people to target at.

Remarketing allows you to keep a record of your audience and get to follow them on the web world. The display ad does not give you this liberty. It can guarantee you just the exposure to the large number of audiences, the numbers cannot be tracked and the individuals cannot be followed in any way.

Both of these methods of advertising have their own privileges and advantages attached with it. The display ads are great to give the new customers an introduction about yourself, whereas the remarketing method is apt for grabbing the attention of the customers who have bounced back.

How Retargeting Is Measured?

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Measuring the effectiveness and impact of retargeting and remarketing is quite a difficult task to fulfill. It has to be well analyzed that the number of people who are appearing on internet or who are using internet on every single day stands in millions. Targeting every single individual is a dream of every marketer but being practical it is not possible. One can imagine, plan, strategies and implement techniques that can boost the visibility and can promise an exposure to a large number of individuals, but can never plan to target everyone. However, with the use of retargeting, you can actually target every single individual who have visited your website and later left it. Your ads appear in front of them from time to time giving them a reminder that they had visited your website but have discontinued its usage. It encourages them to come back to the site and complete the last stage of buying channel.

Remarketing actually gives the credit to click-through and view-through conversions which contributes in the excellence of the performance. Measuring the advertisement’s performance of remarketing is done mainly through these two channels.

The click-through conversions are the conversions which occur as a direct result when someone clicks a retargeting ad that they were served with. It brings direct results for the marketers. The visitors actually see your ad and clicks on it to come to your landing page. It brings instant and effective results for the retargeting ads and increases the prospect of transforming the visitors into active customers.

The view-through conversions are the conversions that are attributed to another channel. It is essentially triggered when the visitor is on a different website and actually sees your ad but does not click on it. Instead the user later directly visits your website through the search engine or other referring sites. The visitor gets informed about your product or offer through the retargeting ad and your aim of getting them back on your website was fulfilled but they did not directly clicked on the ad and landed on the landing page. They rather choose the other method and search and find you to check out your website.

Understanding The Different Funnel Stages Of Remarketing

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The use of several retargeting or remarketing platforms ensure the marketers that they can easily show the messages and ads to the visitors and target audiences on the basis of specific sections or pages that they have viewed. Having in-depth information about the section or the target page makes it easier for the marketers to understand the specific requirements of every audience who visits the page. It helps them to offer the right content that helps them to easily pull the customers through the funnel. The different funnel stage of your visitors includes the following:

  • TOFU or Top Of The Funnel- The people belonging to this category of the funnel are the users who visit the website pages in order to check the content rather than the product. It captures the initial leads and helps the people to get detailed information about the company.
  • MOFU or Middle Of The Funnel- The visitors who belong to this category of the funnel generally checks the website and its inner pages to check the products that you sell, but it only remains at the high level.
  • BOFU orBottom Of The Funnel- The visitors of this funnel are really interested in the products that they are looking for in your website. Through the use of remarketing you can actually ensure that your visitors turn into active customers rather than being the turn-around customers.

How To Effectively Use Remarketing For Your Business?

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The norms and forms of advertising are changing with every passing day and new methods and techniques are being invented and introduced in the market. The remarketing has been added to the advertising field as yet another tool in the arsenal. While everything has been explained about remarketing and retargeting, you need to get a good understanding about its use which can guarantee excellent business prospects for your brand.

The effective use of remarketing for your business includes the following ways:

  • Use Ads With Relevant Messages- Retargeting ads require you to bring about relevant messages at the surface. When you are running a retargeting ad campaign you need to be specific about the product or service that you are advertising. Writing according to the industry standards and industry-oriented ads always ensure higher click through rates for the business.
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The CTR of these ads are on an average about 20 to 60% higher than that of the average content ads. Another point that needs to be kept in mind to deliver relevant messages through advertisements is to customize the ads and target the specific pages that can attract the prospects and ensure high quality attention for the business.

  • Use Cross Channel Retargeting- Mobile and desktop are mostly used by people from all around the world. It is extremely necessary for every business to get on every device and grab the attention of the visitors who are using the devices. Over 50% traffic on Twitter and Facebook uses the mobile to access these sites and thus to reach them the cross channel retargeting advertisement is extremely important for people around the world. When using the remarketing strategy for your business it is also extremely important for you to optimize the social media profile or website for mobile.

It needs to be kept in mind that the messages or content of your ad should not truncate when seen on mobile phones. When using the cross channel advertising system the marketers ought to consider running different messages on the basis of the visitors of the site.

  • Use Email Address While Running The Campaign- Targeting your audience only through the website visitors might increase your chance of missing out on a large chunk of individuals over the time. It needs to be ensured that you use the email address of the target audience which increases your chance of reaching out to them and luring them towards your website at a greater level. When you have thousands of email address in your database, it will gradually help you to experience golden opportunities of marketing your business to them.
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Retargeting through email address is important because it is easy and highly effective in bringing the people to the funnel stages. The customized messages of special offers, discounts and the likes that are offered by the marketers to the mail of the individuals increase their chance of increasing their visibility in the market.

  • Use The Right Marketing And Tracking Credit Model- Retargeting ads are undoubtedly great for your business. But you need to measure its impact over the time. It is very important for you to utilize an appropriate and ideal attribution model. Retargeting gets the credit of increasing the sales of your business and enhancing the reach of your website in the market. But in order to avoid overvaluing it, it is important to gauge its impact from time to time.
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It possesses the value and the strength to drive both, the opportunity creation and the lead creation which helps the businesses to experience wonderful avenues for their business advancements.

Remarketing & Retargeting Platforms

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Remarketing and retargeting being the modern trend of advertising in the recent years have experienced tremendous popularity for its excellent benefits and great role in enhancing the sales of the business. The search engine and the social media are serving as the best platform for retargeting and remarketing the business to the large number of audiences. It is a clever way to connect with visitors and raise the brand awareness while improving the sales conversion competitively.

The main reason behind remarketing and retargeting is to find the people who have shown their interest in the products and services that you deliver. Reaching out to that particular group through different platforms can lead to incredible success in your sales and also contributes in the increase of the ROI of your business. The various popular platforms which are used for remarketing and retargeting are

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter


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Remarketing ads through Google is managed through Google AdWords and are shown on web pages, which accept Google advertising placements and are visited by your target audiences. Remarketing through Google is an ideal technique for the businesses where the sales process is long and competitive in nature. It is considered to be a powerful tool for meeting your criteria, identifying your target audience and encouraging them to complete the purchase which they had left behind. With relevant PPC management services, you can get fruitful result for your retargeting advertisements which also lead to better and improved ROI.

With Google Remarketing the visitor of your website will have a cookie placed in their browser which helps them to see the targeted ads of your site to Google partner sites in the Google Display Networks. Google recommends targeting everyone who views your home page, but it increases the remarketing costs and prevents you from being focused and targeted. While with the use of the Google remarketing script tags you get the liberty of targeting more narrowly which in turn helps in increasing the relevancy of the ads and eventually caters to reach out to the larger group of interested individuals.

Advantages Of Google Remarketing

It is a powerful and ideal way to stay connected with the target audience even after they leave the site. When you opt for remarketing with Google, you open several gateways for your business to reach out to the larger audience as the ads are shown on the Partner sites of Google as well.

By presenting your ads to the visitors even when they browse other parts of the web or different websites, you get to experience and gain brand exposure which makes your brand easily recognizable to your target audience. It also boosts the level of trust of the customers and entices them to make a purchase from your website.

The detailed report, analysis and market search which are an integral feature of Google remarketing, you will get to explore and experience better conversion rate for your business.

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Types Of Google Remarketing

The types of Google remarketing which allows you to increase your appearance to the potential customers include the following:

  • Standard Remarketing- It targets your past visitors by displaying your ads even if they visit the other sites which are partner sites of Google Display Network. However, this is not contextual targeting or advertising which means that if your business or ad is about food and the visitor is searching a garments website, your ad will still be displayed to them on that website.
  • Dynamic Remarketing- This type of Google Remarketing presents dynamic ads which are specifically about the products and services that the visitors have viewed on the website. The ads appear to the visitors as they move on to browse various Google Display Network websites and the Google Display Apps.
  • Remarketing For Mobile Apps- It can be termed as standard remarketing, as the concept is similar to that. The only difference is the ads are shown to people who use the mobile apps and mobile website for visiting the website.
  • Remarketing List For Search Ads- With this type of strategy you get to prepare a list of past visitors and then target them with the relevant ads when they do follow-up searches on Google.
  • Video Remarketing- The targeted visitors are shown the ads when they interact with the videos or YouTube channels. When the visitor browses YouTube, Display Network videos, websites or apps the ads appear to them.

Features Of Google Remarketing

  • Auto Optimized Layout Feature- It allows the advertisers to choose from the pre-made list of ad templates and A/B test which is based on ad performance.
  • Product Recommendation Engine- It allows the advertisers for product ads on the basis of what the shoppers have recently viewed.
  • Real Time Bidding Algorithm- It helps to determine the bid for each and every impression.
  • Cross- Device Retargeting- It helps the advertisers to target their visitors through different electronic devices.


Being a significant social media platform with 1.71 billion active users, Facebook offers tremendous opportunities for the marketers or advertisers to increase their social presence and to build credibility for your business. The best practices to increase the revenue are to show ads on social media to the shoppers who have already visited your website.

Facebook allows very precise and accurate targeting. The Facebook retargeting works in the similar way to that of the others- by placing a cookie that follow the users. As a result of this cookie, when the next time the visitor visits Facebook, he or she is served with the ads that can entice them to come back to your website. It is considered to be a powerful and excellent way to stay in touch with the existing customers and turns the curious visitors into valuable buyers. Retargeting through Facebook is based on the customer list, the website traffic and the mobile app activity of the user. It is considered as one of the most powerful forms of online display advertisement to target the people who have already expressed their interest to the products.

Advantages of Facebook Remarketing

The Facebook app is used by a large number of people for their phone as they prefer being connected with others while they are mobile. In the modern era the mobile traffic is the most pertinent group to target for boosting the business over the time. The smart phone penetration continues to increase at a rapid pace which makes it mandatory for the marketers to gain exposure to them. Through Facebook retargeting option you can actually reach out to the large number of visitors who bounced back from your website.

Continuous exposure of your brand to your target audience over the time builds up a strong level of trust among the individuals and it also caters to improve the brand awareness. With its excellent features of targeting and retargeting the audience you can narrow down the path by focusing on the relevant group of audience based on their geographical location, age, gender, interests and other factors.

Facebook is improving its position as a secured and smart advertising tool. It is constantly improving the ways of advertising and the reach of the businesses. The advertisement on Facebook is experiencing steady and excellent CTR which is gradually improving and is exploring several ways for the benefits of the business. The significant range of analytics and the detailed report of the ad’s performance also serve as a prestigious advantage of this platform as it allows gauging the overall effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

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Types Of Facebook Retargeting

The various types of ads that are overwhelmingly welcomed by the marketers for enhancing their advertising options to reach out to their targeted audiences include:

  • Lead Generation Ads- This is the best ad which helps you to grow your email list and create significant way to achieve new prospects for your business. This Facebook ad auto-populates most of the fields which the users otherwise had to fill manually, making the users feel comfortable to complete the other fields and fill in the process.
  • Dynamic Product Ads- It features personalized and relevant products for the individuals, who were looking for the same products on your website. It instigates cross- sell purchase and attracts the visitors for completing the purchase procedure excellently.
  • Abandoned Cart Ads- Probably the most interesting ones for the marketers, this ad helps the marketers to gain back the visitors who have added product to the cart on your site, but abandoned the entire process. It delivers more impressive and ideal results for the business.
  • Customer Thank You Ads- This is a great retargeting ad which enhances the customers to shop with you again. The marketing efforts take a huge leap when you actually take out time to thank your customers. It plays a significant role in keeping the current or existing customers engaged with the website and establishes a high and excellent impression for the business.

Features Of Facebook Remarketing

  • Design Multi-Product Ads- If your business has a large number of products to sell in the market; you can create multi-product ads which has its own title, image and landing page.
  • Add Featured Videos- Videos are the latest way to promote your business on Facebook, adding a significant video guarantees that you can lure your prospects easily.
  • Customized Advanced Remarketing Features- These are the recent additions to Facebook but are playing a significant role to bring the people back in the funnel.
  • Dynamic Product Ads- Depending on what products the visitors were looking on your website, Facebook targets them with the ads similar to that product from the catalogue of your website, which reminds the people about your business and brings them back to your site.


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LinkedIn, known as the best and most exclusive professional social networking platform, is also playing with this new concept of remarketing and retargeting. The ecommerce companies are off late realizing the value and importance of advertising on this social platform. With this platform you can actually get to increase the chance of conversion and create excellent impression in the target group.

Remarketing with LinkedIn does not mean paying for ad space on the right position that acquires the attention of the audiences; it also gives a good and viable option which helps in creating brand awareness and helps to serve more relevant traffic for the business. The new features of this platform enhance the potential for improving the results of the B2B campaigns which flaunts your product efficiently.

Features Of LinkedIn Remarketing

  • Pure Platform For B2B Marketing- LinkedIn is a professional platform, remarketing through this platform will ensure exposure of the business at the B2B platform.
  • Leverage Off-Platform Partnership- With LinkedIn the businesses can advertise to off-platform which includes thousands of publisher sites on the web.
  • Effective Targeting- Reaching out to the potential group of people, retargeting helps improving the results of the effective B2B ad campaigns for the businesses.


Pinterest has experienced meteoric growth in its popularity and has managed to become the third most popular social networking sites, being only after Facebook and Twitter. This bandwagon allows the users to search for relevant images, get interesting posts to share or pin and to enlarge their connection base. The ad retargeting on Pinterest is mostly done on the basis of the interest of the users and the search keywords that they use. The demographic abilities and the interests of the people are not likely to be same here on this platform, which is very unlike to that of its counterparts Facebook and Twitter.

Pinners get exotic range of ideas here and they are also all take actions upon them. It has been found that a total of 87% of the traffic on Pinterest are making a purchase after finding a product on this platform. It gives the marketers the liberty to get their ideas or products in front of the right audiences at just the accurate time.

Advantages of Pinterest Remarketing

  • Getting Traffic- The first thing that you need to keep in mind is to ensure that the content or the advertisement that you are sharing is pinnable. If it matches the criteria then it is perfect to gain traffic to your website.
  • Detailed Insight- With Pinterest you can gain a detailed insight about the performance of your ad through its analytics which further helps you to analyze the entire situation with greatest and superior range of services.
  • Large Connections Equals To Large Reach- The more you have connections on Pinterest, the more suitable this platform is for your business as these online interactions can actually play a major role in defining and attracting suitable results for your business.
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Types of Pinterest Remarketing

Pinterest, being based on visuals mostly, offers the following types of remarketing:

  • Customer List Targeting – It helps the marketers to target existing customers with the use of emails and mobile ad IDs.
  • Visitor Retargeting- It allows you to reach out to the people who have already visited your website.
  • Lookalike Retargeting- It helps you to gain attention of the people who look and act are similar to that of your audience.

Features of Pinterest Remarketing

  • Create Campaigns Based On Your Pins- With the use of Pinterest Ad Manager you can create audience and can retarget five specific options that lures the attention of the audiences. It boosts a lot of potentials for prospective growth of businesses.
  • Dynamically Retarget Visitors- Based on the actions that people take or the things that they search for on your website, you can actually retarget them on Pinterest if the Pinterest tag is added to your website.
  • Effective And Easy-To-Use Visitor Platform- With the help of this ideal platform you can easily reach out to the large number of audience through attractive and eye-pleasing display advertisement.


Twitter retargeting tool is rather considered to be a straightforward and simple way to get the best of the attention for your business. It allows the marketers to significantly target the group of audiences who have subscribed to their newsletter through email and have visited their website. Promoting or advertising on twitter is rather the latest trend which is being efficiently used by the marketers for developing their business prospect at the most effective way which promises to boost their ROI at a great level.

The promoted tweets Twitter cards are the best ways to remarket your products to the users who have visited your website. Remarketing to them makes essential sense because they are more likely to convert. It helps the previous customers of your website to engage with it all over again and have a brilliant experience.

Advantages of Twitter Remarketing

  • Close Uncompleted Sales- With Twitter tailored audiences, you can actually plan to develop a strong reputation with which it helps the marketers to close the sales which was left uncompleted by the visitors.
  • Improves The Open Rate Of Newsletter- The open rates of newsletters on Twitter have extensive value. It helps and allows the marketers to integrate newsletters with Twitter and share important news and information to the subscribers.
  • Increases Traffic To The Website- The promotion and advertisement on Twitter attracts great traffic to the website and the use of image and videos which adds extra appeal for enhancing unexpected engagement for the business.
  • Engage With TV Viewers- Twitter is programmed in a way that it can actually figure out the behavior shift of the audiences and allows the marketers to actively engage with specific TV shows either through direct conversation or by simply mentioning the show in the tweet.

Types of Twitter Remarketings

The different types of twitter remarketing which helps in enhancing the exposure of the business include the following:

  • Promoted Accounts- It helps the marketers who are new to Twitter and are looking to scale up their audience and supplements the organic efforts with that of the paid solutions which guarantees to speed up your audience growth rate.
  • Website Cards- In response to the digital marketing ads, the website cards of Twitter is something that presents to you an ideal way to drive traffic and conversions on your website. The website cards have to be crafted in the most exclusive way that gels well with this platform.
  • App Cards- In case you are planning to retarget the audience for the mobile app rather than your website, then the app card advertising type of Twitter is the best one for you. It is ideal for Twitter as the level of interaction and engagement on this social network is much more than anything else.
  • Promoted Tweets- This ad format on Twitter allows you to amplify your own tweets and reach out to the wider audience through by engaging the followers and increasing the popularity of the brand.
  • Promoted Trends- Trending on Twitter is an achievement and accomplishment for every company which ensures that the brand is becoming significant and is gaining prestigious list of trending items which gives a boost to your marketing campaigns.
  • Conversational Ads- Conversational Ads are the best way to engage, interact and share your ideas, ads or content with others. The exposure rate of the brand increases as more people respond to the ads.

Features of Twitter Remarketing

  • High Consumer Appeal & Engagement Options- The need for engagement with companies and brands that they consumers are interested in, has increased twofold than before. With Twitter you can actually ensure to enhance the high consumer appeal and explore the engagement options.
  • Broader Reach- Twitter remarketing allows you to run your ads across several devices which include computer, laptop, tablets and mobiles as well. The potential reach of the advertising is large and is systematic and thus is extremely viable and feasible for the business.
  • Tailored Audience- Twitter is moving towards a more focused approach for the audience. It maximizes the impact of the campaign and targets the users in different ways.
  • Promoted Accounts in Search- Promoted Accounts of Twitter is now has expanded this feature and has introduced the Promoted Accounts in Search. It grows your brand awareness and it also reveals the performance to see how they work in comparison with these promoted in timelines.

Practices Of Remarketing

A visitor visits your website by knowing about it through different sources, looks into the products and services that you offer and at the end leaves the website without making any purchase. This is a really disturbing fact for every marketer as they are missing out on a plethora of opportunities in terms of the visitors. But, through remarketing and retargeting you can actually bring the lost visitors back to the frame. You can grab their attention and get to explore and experience the wide prospects who had left you before.

But you need to follow a unique set of practice in order to get the best outcome out of your remarketing campaigns. The best practices that you ought to follow to make your remarketing campaign a success include the following:

  • Segment Your Audience And Create Targeted Ads

Segmenting your group of audience according to their interest and their interaction with the website helps you to target them excellently. Through retargeting you get the ability to personalize your ads based on the products and services different segments of individuals are interested in. You ought to tailor made your ads according to the web pages that the people are interested in and improve the interaction of the visitors with your website. It helps in increasing the click-through rate and the conversions for the website.

Segmenting the audience on the basis of their level of interaction in your website and their interest in the products and services that you offer, there are four types of audiences that you can actually reach out to. These four types include the audience:

1. Who visit your homepage only
2. Who visit your product pages
3. Who read your blog
4. Who download your content

Visitors land to your website through various sources and they leave the website for various reasons. But they might still search for their options that can satisfy their needs and requirements and there you have chances to get their attention for your business.

  • Add Conversion Pixels To The Website

If a customer has already made a purchase from your website and you would definitely want to exclude them from your retargeting campaign. However, you never want to lose them. You need to plan a good way to prevent wasting your dollars to already converted leads and prevent them from losing interest to your website. In such cases, adding conversion pixels to the pages of your website is the best possible way.

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Conversion tracking is a way to track the completed actions on the website through which the marketers plan for various ways and different aspects of the campaign that helps the visitors to stay attracted and engaged with the website. This is a great way to cross-sell your products and services to them and retargets them in the best way without spending thousands of dollars.

  • Limit The Number Of Times Your Ads Are Displayed

If you desire to achieve the highest click-through rates on your retargeting ad then you ought to show it to the customers the right amount of times. When the number is less then your chances of reaching out large number of people gets restricted, and when the number becomes more then you lose out the prospective customers as they get to see more of you everywhere which is definitely not so good for you.

While determining on the rules and limits of the frequency of the remarketing ads, you ought to keep these rules in your mind:

  • Overexposure will harm the reputation of the brand. It results in decreased campaign performance and may also result in a negative association with your business.
  • For optimal and excellent outcome you ought to show your ads approximately for about 17 to 20 times in a month to your visitors or customers.
  • The number of ads that you show will generally depend on the products that you sell and the period of time for which your customers are receptive about your product’s ads.

  • Experiment With Different Ads And Offers

Display ads always have the power to grab the attention of the customers and helps in excellent conversions for your website. If your ad is performing well and your ads are bringing leads and conversions for your business then it is great news for you, but you ought not to stop there. If your ads has not been able to entice someone, does not mean that they are not going to become your visitor or consumer, it is just that the ads are not resonating with them. The reason can be that they just need something refreshing and ideal ideas that might interest them more. You should always experiment with different ads and offers which can revamp and rejuvenate your retargeting ad campaign which again might prove to be extremely beneficial for your business.

The best way to experiment is to create a new ad and test out changes to the copy. The several ways through which new changes can be experimented includes:

  • Change The Offer- If your ads are not working, there might be several reasons behind it. One of them can be that the offer that you are giving is not clicking with the target audiences. The offer in such cases likely needs some work to be done. You can engage more number of visitors to your website by creating enticing and alluring offers which easily grab the attention of the people.
  • Change The Benefit- Another reason which serves as a major factor behind the under-performance of the retargeting ads that you are using is the benefit that you are displaying regarding the usage of your product. Change the benefit and make the consumers feel more compelled with the benefits of the products to experience the wonderful outcome. Even if your ads are performing well you can change the benefits and try out the different performances of the ads to compare which one is pretty good for you.

  • Send Your Ad Traffic To A Dedicated Landing Page

Your retargeting ads need to redirect the traffic to the landing page that has identical look and feel as was found on the ad. This resemblance has to be maintained to ensure the people that they are being redirected to the right and relevant page. Don’t try to deceive your visitors in any way. If they found out that they are being tricked they will never ever return to your website.

You also need to make sure that the landing page contains only one call-to-action which makes it easier for the people to focus on it and should not get distracted by anything else. The landing page should be designed in a way that it appears to be an extension of the banner ad. This ensures that the visitors get to experience the same kind of message in the form of the headline, the call-to-action and the images as they found on the ad. You should also avoid over doing with the messages by providing irrelevant information to the visitors.

Facts About Remarketing That You Must Be Aware Of

The average conversion rate of the remarketing ads is more than other display ads. More and more number of brands and companies prefer to enjoy the services of remarketing advertising as they are aware of the benefits and advantages of this form of advertising and can accomplish their business goals easily through it. Retargeting ads have a great influence on the web for the conversion of the visitors as it creates significant impression and visibility for the brand in the market. Some extraordinary facts, which have been found out after in-depth analysis of the market, that you ought to know about retargeting or remarketing advertising includes the following:

1. Thirty percent of consumers have shown a positive or very positive reaction towards the retargeted ads against the eleven percent of consumers who have shown their negative response. Other than that the 59 percent of people have shown neutral reaction towards the ads.

2. Three out of every five online buyers of U.S have said that they notice the retargeted ads for the products that they look up on other sites.

3.  Retargeting ads has contributed in boosting the ad response up to 400 percent.

4. One in every five marketers are now has a dedicated budget for retargeting campaigns.

5. Retargeting goals are increasing brand revenue, leading to new customers, enhancing site engagement and is also contributing in the enhancement of the brand awareness.

6.  Online consumers have shown their acceptability about the behavioral retargeting ads as it reminds them of what they were looking for previously.

7. Consumers are being drawn to the products shown in retargeting advertisements more often than the products on other ads.

8. The average click-through rate of other display ads stand to 0.07 percent and the retargeting ads is about 0.7 percent.

9. The visitors who are targeted through the retargeting ads are 70 percent more likely to convert than other form of ads.

10. All around the world 46% of search engine marketers believe that remarketing ads have high potential of tapping the prospects.

Equip Yourself With Smart Retargeting Strategies

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Retargeting allows you to reach out to the visitors who have bounced back from your website. It is a great technique to convert the potential visitors into active customers through the help of search, social media and other websites. The visitors see the ads, click back to your website and converts into a great customers. It helps you to stay connected with your audience and increase the engagement of the website with high ROI. You need to equip yourself with smart strategies for retargeting advertising which ensures to bring excellent outcome for your business.

With the help of the strategies you will be able to maximize the effectiveness of your retargeting advertising. The strategies can be summed up in the following ways:

  1. Promote Your Excellent Content

With the help of retargeting when you promote the best of your website’s content, it has been found that you will get to experience increase in the repeated visitors, in time on site, and in the conversion rate as well. Promoting a new content to the visitors who have already paid a visit to your website ensures that the visitors or the subscribers will get engaged with the website. The retargeting ads in this context are used in combination with the contextual targeting, which means that the ad will be shown to the readers when they are reading the content which is relevant to them.

2. Create Retargeting List For Specific Pages

Creating a retargeting list for every page that can attract the visitors ensure that your messages will deliver the right kind of content to the right kind of people. It helps you to improve the ROI of your business through your retargeting efforts and can guarantee the best and relevant exposure for your business. The retargeting list ensures that the people who visit the website’s page will get ads relevant to that page while the message and the ad will change when they jump off the next page, becoming relevant to that particular page.

3.  Pull People Through The Funnel

When a visitor visits your website but does not gets converted, does not mean that you have lost the visitor as your prospect. You can still get them for your business as they remain at the top of the funnel and have chances to get converted. The best way is to start retargeting ad campaign for them on Facebook, Twitter and Google and instigate them to increase their engagement with the website. This is considered to be the really simple and effective way to map out a retargeting path for the visitors depending on the stage of funnel to which they depend upon.

4.  Capitalize On Events

Marketing requires you to lay your focus upon time. It is the most important and integral part of marketing and is also the essence of this field. You retargeting ads might prove to bring excellent results for you when you capitalize a particular time or event for your business. For example, if you have a flower business and you are running a retargeting ad campaign, then your business will definitely see a great turnaround during the peak time which includes Valentine Day, Mothers Day etc. If you want to experience excellent advancement in your business through retargeting ads then you ought to understand which event or time of the year is suitable for your business and should use it for your business.

5.  Exclude Visitors Who Spent Less Than 10 Seconds On Your Website

Although each and every visitor is extremely important for your business, but not every visitor is interested in your business, so you ought not to waste your money by using the retargeting ads for them. Target the visitors who have spent quality time on your website. Exclude the visitors from your retargeting list who spent less than 10 seconds on your site. It is very simple a process to understand- people who spent quality time on your website are likely to be more interested in the site and the products and services that it offers as compared to the people who leaves the site within 10 seconds. The time parameter of your visitor shall always be kept in mind and should be considered while using this sophisticated method for enhancing the rate of conversion for your website.

6.  Feature A Familiar Name Or Face In Ads

If you have a salesperson who has been in constant touch with different people and visitors but they are still not converting, you can make a list of them and can prepare an ad to target them. You ads can have the salesperson featuring on it, which gives the visitors a scope of relating with it and the ad should also contain a call-to-action which propagates the information about the website.

7.  Reward Loyal Customers

If you have gradually built over long-term relationship with customers who have been loyal to your business then you ought to acknowledge and reward them. Encourage them the repeat purchase and offer them a renewal discount or an offer on latest purchase to ensure that they remain happy with your business and be loyal to it.

Professional Tips From Retargeting Experts

Everybody tends to use the retargeting advertisement in order to enhance their business prospects and to experience excellent conversions, but the support and guidance of the professionals always serve to be the best for them. The guiding lights for the retargeting professionals are mentioned below:

  • Avoid Being Creepy

Reach out to people with incredible precision data but don’t go over-board and annoy them with your service. The marketers get to explore great opportunity which helps them to reach out to the interested group of people, but they ought not to forget that retargeting can sometimes be creepy which might bring negative impact for the brand.

  • Consider The Size Of Your Audience

Targeting huge number of audience can be too difficult for retargeting. However, a decent audience size allows you to avoid spamming and focus upon the time and the budget with great efficiency. It needs to be understood that the size of the audience, on the extreme level, either too high or too low, can create extreme difficulty for the marketers to grab the right attention from the right group of individuals.

  • Clear Out Your List

Don’t keep your retargeting list full always. If you cannot get the people to buy from you, then just let them go. Not everyone is interested in your business and wants to deal with you. Create a duration or time period for them and even after your continuous efforts they didn’t turn up to be your customer then let them go and clean your list. This helps you to focus on people who are interested in your business and also helps you to add new set of people to the list which enhances your business prospects excellently.

  • Use Automation Process

Always keep your business automated. There are people who spent hours in adding and removing the customers from the retargeting list and get stressed because of the overwork that they had to do. In order to avoid this make sure that you link the CRM or Customer Relationship Management to your retargeting audiences and integrate and automate as much as possible. This helps you to be relevant and always be updated without putting extraordinary manual efforts.

  • Retarget Unopened Emails

Over the time the email list that you have built will become incredible and will be extensive in number. Sending emails is always considered as a great way of marketing as it costs nothing and also drives great result for the businesses. Although there are people who don’t open the emails but when targeted continuously, the chances of reaching to them, talking to them and converting them increases to a great level.

Benefits Of Remarketing & Retargeting

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With every passing day the retargeting and remarketing are being well-understood and valued by the marketers in the industry which is also contributing in its improved reputation. Marketers are learning new tactics through which they can be lesser intrusive and can experience better targeting that drives excellent visitors, who have great level of interest in the company. The popularity of the process has also brought on the surface, its various benefits and advantages which again are the driving force for many companies to enhance their business prospects. The benefits of remarketing and retargeting include:

  1. Precise Visitor Targeting Opportunities- With retargeting and remarketing you are allowed to display your ads to the relevant group of people who have expressed their interests in your business. The web is a huge world where several people come around but through this advertising method you can actually get to know about your potential clients and customers who can contribute in the success of your business significantly.

2.  Increase Marketing Reach- With retargeting advertising you get the opportunity to have exposure to wide range of individuals around the world and it can also help you to make your website and your products even more popular than before. It allows you to advertise with top-class, premium websites at the most excellent rate and with a guarantee of excellent ROI.

3.  Better & Improved Engagement- One of the major and excellent aspects that determines the success of a website is the time spend by visitors on the same. The time increases excellently with retargeting advertising as it helps you to connect with people in a meaningful way that stands second to none in the industry.

4. Stand Apart From The Competition- Competitors will always be there in the market and it is to their presence that you are able to get to explore and experience what can be best for your business. But it is through the brilliant services of retargeting that you can actually plan to be a step ahead of your competitors and exploit the vast spectrum of the market where thousands of visitors are ready to get converted.

5.  Increase Conversions- With great attention from the interested group of public and excellent awareness in the market what you get to experience is a bigger conversion rate. The traffic transforms into excellent leads with retargeting. It encourages people to return to the website and to help the marketers to nurture the leads to experience great level of conversion for their businesses.

6.  Heightened Brand Recognition- Retargeting helps your ads to be available on several websites which again proves to be a great way to enhance the brand recognition factor. People express their interest in the brand and they visit the site and seem to recognize the brand wherever they get to see the ads which are designed to grab their attention.

How To Drive More Sales For Your Business Through Remarketing?

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Whether you are running an ecommerce business or service-based company online, seeking lead generation or brand awareness is an obligation for your business and you will definitely need the technique of remarketing or retargeting for that. These techniques help you to get more relevant visitor for your business and turn them into active consumers with excellent conversion rate. There are several ways through which you can actually perform better in the market and can experience the excellence which stands second to none in the market. Make your website even more traffic-friendly by increasing the return on marketing investment and experiencing high visitor which drives more sales for the business through the process of remarketing. The following points can help you to get excellent sales for your business:

  1. Configure Your Tracking

Before you plan to increase your traffic to a great level the first thing that you ought to do is to track the visitors who are coming to the website. There are several tools available in the market which helps you to get the right kind of tracking feature on your website and identify the audiences who are expressing their interests and ideas. It helps you to identify and track the number of people who are visiting the different pages of the website and can then plan and make strategies for advertising the business.

2.  Fragment Your Audience

When the tracking on your website is all set, you can easily determine and segment the different types of audiences of your business. You can then build your own report of audiences of your business coming from different platforms that helps you to understand which platform is bringing upon huge traffic to the business. The custom audience is the group of visitors that you create for your business based on the metrics that you have set for the website. The custom audience can be classified into three categories:

  • Engaged Users
  • Viewers, Who Didn’t Converted
  • Previous Converters

3.  Previous Converting Traffic

The previous converting traffic of your website gives you a clear and thorough idea about what has attracted them and what has helped them to convert. The in-depth information about the traffic which includes demographical information, the age group who are much more attracted to the website, the location from where the site is being accessed to at a great level and the likes, serves to be great data for you to plan and strategize new ways to increase your sales at a rapid pace. The previous traffic and the conversion gives you the idea of what actually served to be in your favor and helped you to maximize your sales while appealing to the large number of people. These past data influence your content as well as advertising strategy and helps you to structure your remarketing and retargeting advertisements.

4.  Lucid Cross-Sell Strategy

The enterprises which have a good and a clear cross-sell strategy for their businesses ensure that they can make it great out of their existing website traffic. These strategies help them to encourage the people to buy more from them or to be a repeated customer of their business. Your existing customers become an ideal group for you to target as the chances of them coming back to your website is extremely high, which becomes a major point for you to increase your revenue and sales. Based on the previous shopping behaviors of the buyer, you can recommend the items which can interest them, which encourage more conversion and promotes the upsell.

5.  Retarget Cart Abandonments

If you find your site visitors are adding products to the cart but are not completing the process of shopping, then you have yet another opportunity to retarget those visitors. You need to focus on the Conversion Rate Optimization, looking for the reason behind the abandonment of their carts. A detailed idea of this gives you excellent plans through which you can improve the journey of the user and can encourage them to complete the checkout process.

6.  Craft Excellent Retargeting Messages

Enticing people to shop with you or to get converted requires you to craft excellent retargeting messages that can be understood by the people at one go. The content technique which you use adds value to your customer’s journey and it entices them to gain higher level of interest in the product. Crafting appealing and easily understandable messages clicks more instantly with the audience. You need to build a strong brand value through the message and also have to include a unique customer value proposition which can attract the audience and can boost in the sales of your business.

With remarketing and retargeting, the powerful and conversion optimization tool, you can actually plan to have a wonderful and larger digital strategy ready for your business by leveraging the various ways and social media platforms which promises to drive more traffic to the business. It works efficiently as it helps to generate greater online sales and bringing back the reverted traffic with the right people, right ads and right places which gains excellent recognition. Through the social media marketing campaigns for retargeting ads you get to experience the benefit of repeated exposure and great value of good branding that also increases the prospect of high click-through rates.

Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.