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Atanu Sarkar
April 6, 2017

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Transforming your dreams successfully into pragmatic ideas and implementing it for starting a business is definitely something that goes into your credit. But, that doesn’t guarantee that you will have customers flooding in from all directions. Startups need to invest a good part of their time and resource in marketing their business- this is where the key to great success lies.

A startup means minuscule budget, few resources, ambitious people who aim to nurture and sell a business idea and lack of essential infrastructure. Starting with this set-up, it is obvious that no one in the market will recognize you or your presence, until and unless you inform them about the same. There is a great need to formulate a strong and ideal business plan for ensuring the growth of your organization. It is through these planned and scheduled strategies that you are able to deal with the hurdles and challenges that come up in your way as you begin to move gradually.

Each and every step that the startup takes towards its success, introduces it to a new situation with a new challenge. The biggest and the toughest challenge, which the startups face is to get the attention of the audiences. There are brilliant ranges of marketing techniques available which can be used to develop and promote the business and make it recognizable to the customers. The traditional methods available serve to be too costly for any startup as a result of which they take the assistance of the free and most popular platform- the digital ones to market their business.

The biggest marketing concerns that are faced by startups are that the products or services are new to the market and are unproven, which creates trouble for them to get the trust of their customers. The limited investment prospect does not restrict the startups today to craft and create effective marketing campaigns for the business.

Why Should You Market Your Start Up Business?

Once your products or services are ready, you need to reach out to the market in order to create recognition for your company’s name and brand. This is done only through efficient marketing strategies. A strong and ideal plan for promotion also helps the businesses to generate leads and sales for the company. Without a carefully crafted plan for marketing the business, you are unlikely to get the expected results that you want.

When you start a business, your main objective should be to sell your products and your target should be to gain the trust of your customers. You need to focus on the market demands and should make it a point that your customers know what you offer. They should have a good and strong reason for why they should spend with you and this becomes more obligatory when you have a lot of competition. You must prove your customers, why it is worth investing in the products rendered by you.

Planning and figuring out how to market the startup can be extremely time-consuming and thus it should not be left for the last minute. In today’s world, every business is open to access the social network and to reach out to the potential customers out there. One essential thing which one needs to consider when creating or implementing the marketing plan is to think about the branding of the business and how you want your business to be perceived by your customers. Keeping these in mind, you must formulate the business plans giving great priority to the latest digital marketing trends which prove to bring excellent leads for your business.

Ways To Market Startup Businesses

There are several ways through which one can actually finance a startup, but marketing it needs skillful ideas and proven methodologies. Limited funds of the startups serve to be the ultimate cause due to which they feel themselves to be restricted in terms of their promotion and marketing. Bringing them out of this restriction, there are various ways that you can actually plan to use in order to market your startup in the best possible way:

Customized Website

One of the most important things that you need to focus upon is to build your own website. In today’s age of technologies and excellent innovations, you need to equip your business with right kind of digital prospects in order to grab the opportunities coming your way. A flawless, user-friendly and visually-appealing website, which syncs well with the business objective that you profess with a good speed, guarantees to help you to enter the market with a big bang. You must also make it a point to have your website compatible with every electronic device in the modern world. This ensures that the mobile users can also gain access to your business whenever they want.

Don’t Just Sell – Engage

As an entrepreneur, you must put your effort to ensure that you engage as many people as possible. It is extremely necessary to flaunt your business every now and then, but it is also extremely important for you to give your company relevance in the society by participating in various discussions and sponsoring social events which do not revolve around your business. This serves both the purpose of making your brand recognizable in the market as well as develops the trust of the people on you which eventually pays off in terms of your increased revenue.

One can even use the social media platforms to engage with the target demographics and to leave encouraging comments on their posts. Re-posting socially-engaging articles or inspiring quotes does not put down your reputation at stake, rather it reflects your interest in the sector and thus building trust for your brand.

Carve A Niche And Build Industry Credibility

Being a newcomer to the market, it’s extremely important for you to carve out a niche of your own. The first thing required for it is to understand the objective of your business. Once, it’s done focus on assembling a culture around your business by offering an insider’s perspective to the people sitting outside. You can use the blog to give the laymen an in-depth idea about your business from a whole new perspective. Attending seminars, conferences, webinars or social gatherings also gives your business the right kind of exposure to the immediate audience thus helping you to create a buzz around your business.

Use Search Engine Optimization

Whenever people decide to buy any new product or avail to a service, the first place that they search for the same is the search engines, especially Google. Thus, it becomes mandatory for you to get a good ranking in the search engine by optimizing it and reap the huge benefits which come along with it. Being on the top of the ranking will ensure that a number of customers will be attracted to your business and there will be an increase in the traffic rate of the website.

List Your Business On Local Business Listing Sites

Some rules are better left unsaid! And this is one of them. When you start your business, you become acquainted with different aspects of the industry and the market, one of the most common things which you will get to know is for a startup catching the local market is immensely useful. And how can you do that? Of course, by being location specific!!!

List and register your business on various business listing sites which include:

Use Social Platforms

Social media is not just a platform to get connected with people, it is also ideal for every brand to market their products or services. Being active on social media ensures that you will reach to a large number of people within no time. Putting the profile for your business and uploading the images and videos of the products and services on these platforms promises to bring you the necessary attention from prospective clients immediately.

Reaching out to the social media influencers and asking them to write about your brand or become its brand ambassador is a smart marketing technique adopted by a large number of SMEs. This inexpensive way has proven its worth for several companies by creating a buzz among the millennials and making the brand a hit within a very less period of time.

Twitter is a cost-effective method for building awareness and creating buzz around your brand and for establishing yourself as the leader in the industry. Being active there and taking part in different conversations entices people to take notice of you and your brand and that’s where you have the chance to click.

Facebook, needless to say, is an immensely popular platform where you can easily build a brand reputation with no time and without you having to shed millions of dollars from your pocket. Upload a video, use Facebook Live options and boost your facebook post in order to exactly reach out to the target audiences and increase your visibility.

Instagram and Pinterest, being dominated with visuals and graphics can also bring appealing opportunities to your way while delivering informational, valuable, consumable and engaging information about your business.

Using relevant hashtags and creating unique company-oriented hashtag helps you to be relevant and helps you to track who’s looking at your images, talking about you and sharing your updates.

Answering questions on Quora is also a very helpful way in order to get more credibility in the market and to make your business relevant and accessible for all.

Don’t Ignore The Significance Of Mobile Apps

The mobile devices have established a strong hold over the market and there are no two opinions when it comes to the huge and impressive influence of the mobile applications. There are a number of platforms and ways through which you can reach out to your customers, but it is the mobile application that can help you to instantly pull your target audience towards your business. The appeal and easy-navigation feature of the applications help you to charm your audiences and also contributes essentially in establishing a long-term relationship between you and your customers. Being in the latest trend of marketing, one should neither under-estimate nor should ignore the benefits that one can reap through them.

Rely On Word Of Mouth Promotions

Although word of mouth promotion is a traditional method of advertising, yet the kind of impact that it contains over the market cannot be compared to any other strategies. People trust more on people than on brands. People are more likely to try out your brand if it is recommended to them by their friends, family members or colleagues. It is always wise to inquire your customers whether they liked your service or not and ask them to refer you to others. If you are not leveraging your exposure to the customers, you simply are leaving tons of money on the table. Establish a good relationship with your customers and there you are exposed to several more number of people without wasting even a single opportunity.

Maintain A Good Online Reputation

The cutthroat competition in the market of the modern age has instigated the rivals to go to any limits and to any level in order to generate bad publicity about other’s business. Making it compulsory for all startups to flourish their online reputation and to maintain it excellently is obligatory for all. You must always keep a close watch on the activities of your rivals and should watch on the bad reviews of your company that is created by your rivals.

In order to counter the ill efforts of the rivals, setting up Google Alerts for your company is a wise decision. It monitors the damaging publicity against your brand and also tracks and informs you about the bad reviews which can damage your brand’s flourishing name and repute.

Make Competent Use Of Offline Marketing

While online marketing is the new-age marketing technique, you must not ignore the importance and value of offline marketing for the gradual promotion o your startup company. A successful marketing is the one which combines both methods excellently. The offline marketing includes handing out the business cards on the sidelines of an event; distribute stationeries with the brand’s name and address printed on it, during conferences or seminars, distribute leaflets to passersby, generating good word of mouth publicity and such other methods.

To conclude, the modest marketing budget of the startups cannot hold it back from going a long way in 2017 and from yielding a fair amount of traffic to their business. Leveraging connections, special events, utilizing the skills and making the most of the web presence and social platforms can eventually lead the organization to touch the height of success. Bring a positive impact on your target customers by reaching out to them through the right kind of platform will always help you to taste success and make your venture a triumphant one. Adopting the proper methods of marketing ensures a startup to build a distinctive yet identical and recognizable reputation in the market which serves as the base of the achievement that lies in the near future of the company.

Atanu Sarkar

Atanu Sarkar, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd & Webskitters LTD has strong data analytics, business development and entrepreneurship skills. He keeps himself updated about latest technological innovations in his past time and encourages his team to incorporate new technologies and move beyond the defined boundaries of design, development and digital marketing. His inquisitive nature constrains him from flattering any limits and that’s made him a successful entrepreneur, a great leader for his team and a wonderful human being.