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Atanu Sarkar
December 23, 2021

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Our society as a whole is going through a transformative phase. With the advancement of technologies and the availability of a huge market, eager to embrace it, society is changing rapidly. The increased usage of mobile application development is a sign of that growth and change.

Looking at our history, human communication and interaction have gone through a lot of transformation. From scribbling on the rocks, to sign language to talking, messaging and now using the internet. With every change introduced in the market, the businesses also changed their approach to reach out to people.

Imagine, yourself watching television ads in the 90s, or crossing the road only to have someone passing a leaflet to your hand. People were way more attentive and patient back then than they are now!

With the advent of the internet and mobile phones, the level of patience among individuals has dropped down significantly. It has caused immense trouble for the business owners. As they have to keep a track of the changes and implement strategies that will attract and interest their audiences.

Being relevant to the specific target audience is one of the most important aspects of any business. And analysing and considering the current market, it is safe to say that mobile apps are your best bet, no matter which vertical your business belongs to.

Latest Mobile App Trends

Every other business today has agreed upon giving a modern touch of technology to their business. It has become ideal and reaped positive results for them. Thus, many businesses have considered following the footsteps of successful businesses and are launching their mobile applications to be in touch with the modern market.

However, the market is not always as pleasing and considerate as it seems, if you are not able to live up to the changing market. Getting your mobile app development in place would need you to stay updated with the latest trends. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

  • Build apps for foldable devices

Modern foldable devices are changing the look and feel of mobile applications. If you want to stay in the market, you ought to design your application, keeping the foldable devices in mind. The operating systems are also getting ready to make use of the foldable OLED display technology and improve the overall smartphone experiences.

Your app should have the “screen continuity” factor in it. Samsung is the first company to come up with the foldable OLED display, and hundreds of Android apps are now optimized for their devices, and with foldable phones becoming a trend, businesses are coming up with exclusive ideas.

  • Implementing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Usage of Artificial Intelligence in your mobile application is something that will help your business skyrocket within a few days. AI and ML are among the top mobile trends prevailing for the last few years.

Not every business knows how to implement that technology in their mobile application. But using it have guaranteed many businesses, success that they had never experienced before. Currently, businesses are also going a step ahead with the help of Deep learning technology. It helps them to provide valuable data and real-time analytics. Using these technologies and getting acquainted with their features, enable you to capture the market essence.

  • Chatbot Integration

Another interesting feature or trend that you can implement within your mobile app is a chatbot. The chatbots are the perfect way to extend customer relationship management in an automated manner. Integrating the chatbot solution with your mobile application in 2022 will escalate your customer service to a great level.

You can integrate the chatbot within your mobile application and facilitate better UI/UX services, you can have to experience exclusive real business opportunities and explore wonderful prospects. Allow your business to enhance its market prospect and your audience, the kind of customer experience that will enhance their relationship with your business.

  • IoT- Enabled Mobile Applications

Internet of Things is a network of interconnected smart gadgets and integrating this with your mobile application, has become the latest trend for the market. Utilizing this technology and strengthening the competition in IoT is developing the business to a great level.

It also supports wearable technology and is moving fast in the current market. Retail stores, smart homes and smart offices are using IoT technology to a great level. It has also increased the demand for this technology within your mobile application. Hence, it has found its place within our list of top mobile application development trends for 2022.

  • Mobile App Security

With the latest development of the mobile application trends, ensuring its security becomes one of your major concerns. It is nothing new that we are informing you. Security lapses are a major concern for many businesses. You should invest in the security of your mobile applications, and ensure to make the best use of cyber security. It helps in data protection and is also involved in information privacy laws.

It helps businesses to understand that digital security has emerged as one of the best mobile application development trends in the coming years. Any security breach can cause several harms to your business. Ensure to curb it, even before it appears and you can always maintain a good and positive impact on your audiences.

Why Mobile App Is A Must For Businesses?

Every business is looking forward to increasing its audience base, and brand popularity. There are many ways through which they can do it. But with the high penetration level of smartphones, it has become a necessity for businesses to generate hefty revenues.

Smartphone users are growing in the market. Becoming an integral part of their day-to-day lives, mobile phones are used for almost everything. So, businesses are using mobile applications to discover potential customers. A mobile application development agency builds apps for both iOS and Android and helps businesses to target their customers across the world.

Considering the success of the large companies due to mobile applications, many start-ups and mid-size businesses are also following the mobile trend. The business personnel today have understood that an effective mobile strategy involves more than just a responsive website. They understand the impactful role, which mobile applications play in the current market.

Having a mobile application for your business ensures that you can reap several benefits from it, which can help you to lead your business to the path of success, rapidly. Let us have a look at some of the common benefits that mobile applications offer:

  • Create Impactful Brand Presence

One of the salient features of mobile applications for businesses across every vertical is that it offers awareness and recognition of your brand. Your customers get to learn about your business through your application. They are more interested in the applications.

It supports enhanced communication and helps businesses to create awareness and recognition among their customers. It ensures developing regular and frequent communication between the business and the target market, which helps in sowing the seeds of trust and belief in their minds.

Educating your customers about your brand, helps you to establish your presence in the market and get your target audience committed to your brand.

  • Increasing Visibility Among The Customers

People spend most of their time on their mobile devices. They have a handful of applications that they need. But, in case they change their mind or need some other services or products, they are not relentless in doing the research. This is a great advantage for businesses.

You can create increasing visibility among your customers. A well-designed logo, and attractive images or graphics, definitely plays an active role in creating your business’ presence in the market and the minds of your customers too.

  • Create A Direct Marketing Channel

Apps serve different functions- they can help your customers to gain detailed insight about your business, it can be available as a booking appointment, or even as a direct marketing channel. It is a complete platform that enables businesses to develop as a marketing channel that helps in developing their products and services.

You can use the push notifications that will help you to get closer to direct interaction with your customers. It helps you to easily remind your customers about your products or services.

  • Improve Customer Engagement

No matter whether you have an IT business or a spa business, your customers are always eager to hire your services and reach you. The mobile application helps you to make a difference in the way you communicate with your customers. It helps in improving your customer engagement ratio.

Depending on your customer engagement, you need to add a few features to your apps that will make the communication seamless. It always works for your business. Simplify the communication or interaction process and your customers will never be disappointed with you.

  • Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Developing customer loyalty for your business requires you to be available for them round-the-clock. Today’s customers are not like the customers a business used to have for even a decade ago. Customers now do not like to hear about the stipulated business hours excuse from a brand. They need to reach out to them whenever they are free.

Thus, it becomes important for you to have the right solution at the right time, right in front of you. Businesses, hence are opting for mobile applications. It will bring their business to your customers and make it available right at their “fingertip”. These factors, although might sound too small to you, but plays an effective role in cultivating customer loyalty.

  • Provide Value To Your Customers

The past decade or so has changed the business landscape in the modern days. Every entrepreneur now relies heavily on technology to help the customers to initiate and even complete the transaction or purchase beginning with your consumers.

Mobile apps are the latest result of the technologies that can satisfy your customer’s needs. It offers a great channel for meeting the customer’s expectations. Modern consumer behaviour prioritizes convenience, comfort and apps help them give both. It also makes them feel valued.

  • Have a Competitive Edge in Your Niche

In this digital world of marketing, keeping up with the competition may be a very tedious task. Your ever-changing consumer behaviour is the primary factor for you to look at your consumer. Provide your consumers with what they need, and stay ahead of your competition.

They need instant communication through their mobile devices. It has been proved that compared to conventional websites and other channels, mobile applications always do a good job and meet the customers’ demands. It gives your business to keep up with the prevailing competition.

What Can You Do With Your App?

Companies are always on a watchtower today, looking for a suitable prospect that can unlock market reach for them. Considering the digital age that we are living in, the need to adopt new technology to catch up with the market is a must for businesses. And the mobile app has become a favourite for all businesses in this regard.

If your business has no mobile application, you are losing the potential to reach out to your prospective customers. The importance of mobile applications is clearly for any business is evident. It allows your users to get their things done virtually, and that is a great time-saver for them. It is a way for the end-users to instantly access your business, communicate/interact with you or even instantly access the company details or buy your products or services, without any glitch.

  • Increase Promotions and Offer Great Support

Mobile applications are the best way to increase your promotions and offer continuous support to prospective customers. For surviving the competition in the market, the businesses must build an irresistible app and support it with a wonderful offer that encourages the customers to enjoy accessing your app. The applications are a great medium for promotions and with the benefit of push notifications, you can encourage more of your customers to visit your app and avail of the offer.

  • Add Loyalty Program for Your Customers

No customer involvement means no growth for a business. The ‘give and take policy’ stands to be very true for businesses. The key to running a successful business always boils down to providing excellent, meaningful and irresistible experiences to the customers. Take care of your customer’s convenience and requirements, and you can experience a higher chance of success.

Enable multiple touchpoints for your customers through your mobile applications, social media strategies and other measures, and the result will be excellent for your business. Adding loyalty programs to your apps, and giving your consumers a reason to come back to the app, is a great way to boost your business prospect.

  • Drive High Level of Communication

Enable a high level of communication with customers and reach out to them whenever they need you. This will ultimately establish seamless communication between both parties. One of the significant advantages that the mobile application offer in this regard, is affordable or no cost interaction, which makes it highly preferable.

Connecting to customers were once even an expensive affair for businesses. They needed to use hoardings, banners, or even television commercials, to spread the word about their business. All this, although is not extinct, in the current days, but has taken a back seat with mobile applications leading to hold the steering for you.

  • Establishing Better Connections with Customers

Moving beyond face-to-face communication or even advertisements, businesses are establishing better and improved connections with customers, around the world. The high-performance mobile devices have helped the companies to establish excellent communication with the customers. It is a better point of contact and is a game-changer for businesses, which were lacking the interaction level.

The best thing about using mobile applications is that it is not human beings. Hence, the customers are not prone to face any mood swings or get bad communication results. A robust mobile presence gives your customers an interesting experience in communication with you and hence improve your customer service to a drastic level.

How and Why to Hire Experienced Mobile App Development Agency?

If you have a winning idea for your mobile app and you think you are all set to conquer the digital world, let us give you a reality check- that is not going to happen. Yes, you read it right! Your dream of conquering the market through your app is not going to turn into a reality if you don’t have the right mobile app development company for building your app.

In case, you have not noticed, the market is flooded with several companies that have tried and tested the mobile apps for their business but were a drastic failure. Reason? Their application was not up-to-the-mark! It failed to lure people to use it.

With the increased use of smartphones and the increasing rate of mobile application downloads, businesses are eager to venture this path. You might also be wondering to do the same. But, do you know what you need for your mobile application? Yes of course, apart from having a clear business objective, is the need for a mobile development agency.

You need the assistance of the leading mobile app development agency to build perfect apps that appeal to the users and accomplish the goals that you have set. They develop the necessary platform for your business, using the best UI/UX design with alluring features.

  • Check out the experience and specialized knowledge of the company

When you plan to build a mobile app for your business, start looking out for agencies that have relevant experiences and specialized knowledge. Hiring a development firm requires you to have the individuals, who have the skills to design and develop the app as your business needs it. Whether you are looking for an Android or iOS application, an experienced and specialized agency can help you get both.

  • Dedication and focus are the main priority

Hiring a development agency to build a mobile application, requires you to trust the company to do the task. Believe in a company that shows their dedication and focus in their work. It should be an efficient and flawless process for them and would require you to have a valid service at your disposal that can enhance your prospects.

  • Guaranteeing better ROI

Don’t always go for promises or words. See the results that the agency is offering others. The mobile application should be flawless and feature-rich. The transition of your business from desktop to mobile, or from retail to mobile, should be smooth. A well-experienced agency, such as Webskitters, guarantee better and improved ROI for your business with their exclusive services. The company strongly concentrates on flexibility, brand visibility and usability.

  • Don’t forget to check their portfolio

As we have already mentioned earlier, don’t go for words, check the works. Any organization, which is reluctant to disclose the apps that they have built should not be trusted. If it is not shown to you, consider that the agency is lying or something is very fishy there. Get in touch with a company, ask for the previous mobile applications that they have built and get the app-building experience from their developers.

  • Pay keen interest to the team

No company is successful without the efforts and dedication of its team. You ought to make sure that you are verifying the expertise of the team that the company promises you. It has been seen several times that the company promises of expert team, but the team has the entire experience of only a handful of years. Don’t fall into the trap, make sure you do your research.

There can be several other factors for you to check upon, such as the customer feedback, the testing modes used by the company, their UX capacity, data security, service package and NDA agreement. Consider the current market, and make it certain that you cover all the aspects before you decide to hire the mobile app development agency. Also, make a list of your clear concepts, needs, business objective and market requirements, based on which the agency will develop the final solution, exclusive to your business.

Wrapping Up

Mobile application is the need of the hour. There is no way you can develop your growth prospect without leveraging and tapping modern technologies. Hire an expert agency for meeting your requirements and bring your business on the track to success. Ponder the current market condition, and have your ideas and requirements cleared. This will help you to meet the business challenges and engage with your customers, without any hurdle in between.

With mobile applications taking the centre stage in the current market, hence you need to understand that only a great idea is not enough, you have to have the right team to turn the dreams into a reality. Reaching your audience is now easy than ever before. Your business can get a luxurious and impeccable platform for its growth and continuous development.

Atanu Sarkar

Atanu Sarkar, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd & Webskitters LTD has strong data analytics, business development and entrepreneurship skills. He keeps himself updated about latest technological innovations in his past time and encourages his team to incorporate new technologies and move beyond the defined boundaries of design, development and digital marketing. His inquisitive nature constrains him from flattering any limits and that’s made him a successful entrepreneur, a great leader for his team and a wonderful human being.