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Ayan Sarkar
August 23, 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our perspective to reach out to things, learn new things, or even read anything. Earlier, our physical presence was mandatory for conducting our regular duties or even for hanging out with friends. As the pandemic forced us to be locked inside our house, there is a steady rise in the penetration of mobile usage. Hence, there is an increased population of mobile applications in the App Store & Play Store.

The total number of mobile application downloads around the world is significantly on the rise in 2021, with businesses tapping the potential of the mobile world. Mobile users worldwide are spending a lot of their time on their smartphone, now than ever before. The pandemic has not done any good for many people around, but it definitely turned the table for the mobile app industry.

The impact of a pandemic on the mobile app development trends and technologies have transformed the way an organization functions. It has also transformed consumer’s mobile behaviour. If you wish to succeed in the online market, you ought to have a standout business app. It has many benefits but attracting customers is the one worth mentioning.

Every business sells “exclusive products/services”, thus they need an exclusive platform to enhance their branding. Mobile Application comes as a handy tool for such purpose.

Besides identifying the friendly features and benefits of mobile applications for your business, you need to start thinking about the development technology.

7 Best Mobile App Development Technologies to Transform Your Business in 2021

There are many technologies that you can choose from, here we are listing some of the best technologies that help in mobile application development in 2021. Choose the right technology and build a custom mobile app for your business.

1. Flutter App Development

Flutter is an open-source platform that is created by Google. This technology is a complete Software Development Kit or SDK that helps in creating excellent mobile, desktop, and web apps with a single codebase and overwhelming features. It uses Google’s object-oriented Dart programming language and helps to simplify the process of development.

With high-end Flutter app development, you can experience and guarantee yourself a promising future in the market. Hire top dedicated developers to transform your business explicitly. Having the right team on board, you can craft a scalable, award-winning application that is deployed with sophistication. It offers native app-like experiences with tailor-made solutions. The pre-built rich widgets available in the framework makes it more powerful and popular in the market. Music app, social media app, health app or dating app, you can create anything for your business vertical that you are dealing with.

Benefits of Flutter:

  1. Flutter is a cross-platform framework and it saves the overall cost of developing and launching the app.
  2. Flutter uses Dart programming language, hence it helps the apps to perform excellently like a native app.
  3. It offers a myriad of widgets and helps in excellent user interface and user experience designing.
  4. The platform enables the business to customize anything that the users can see on screen.
  5. It is a simple, platform-specific framework.
  6. One of the best mobile app development frameworks that offers the excellent ability for your business to go beyond mobile.
  7. The apps developed through Flutter have an international reach, increasing the visibility of your business.

Leading Companies using Flutter:

  • BMW
  • Nubank
  • To
  • Homethrive

2. Java App Development

Java is an autonomous programming language that aids in mobile app development. It is high in demand for its unique features and rich functionalities. Using this user-centric, robust platform ensures to meet your business demands excellently. It is a perfect match for your requirements and helps them to boost their business efficiency. Catering to meet the diverse expectations of businesses from various verticals.

Hire dedicated Java developers, who provide their unique assistance in developing a strong mobile application for your business. Leveraging the power of Java and its features, they come up with business-centric solutions. You can create rich and innovative mobile solutions for any business by using Java mobile application development services.

Benefits of Java:

  1. Java is platform-independent and it allows the app to move easily from one platform to another.
  2. It is simple which makes it more popular among the developers.
  3. It provides a high return on investment through low investment.
  4. Java is vibrant and extensible. It allows you to scale your business without any hassle..
  5. The client-server architecture of Java helps in producing network-based applications.
  6. This is a portable-analyzed language, which runs faster than any native machine languages.
  7. Java has many features that allow it the flexibility to perform excellently on multiple platforms.

Leading Companies using Java:

  • Twitter
  • Spotify
  • Nimbuzz Messenger
  • CashApp
  • Signal

3. Kotlin App Development

If you desire to lead the digital market of your business vertical, you ought to use the right platform for your mobile app development. Kotlin, a Java-based framework, leveraging modern technologies, helps you to enter and swipe the market with a noise. It creates the right environment for your users to feel welcome to your mobile application. Hence, it increases your business’ visibility.

Kotlin is used for Android application development. This open-source programming language allows businesses to build a modern and scalable native solution. Over time, the framework has proved that it is a great choice for building mobile app development with top-notch security in place. It is interoperable with Java. It plays an essential language in boosting the quality of the mobile app, making it relevant to the current market. Hire top on demand developers from a reputed company and expand your business avenues of growth.

Benefits of Kotlin:

  1. Kotlin is a modern, open-source programming language that enables to development of a concise, simple and feature-rich platform for your business.
  2. It helps in less coding that improves the readability and performance of the app too.
  3. Kotlin is the produce of the industry, not from academia. Hence, it contains a lot of features and functions that effectively helps in building the application.
  4. The framework is interoperable with Java. It helps the developers to easily transit from Java to Android with ease.
  5. The code is efficient than other programming language.
  6. The development capabilities of Kotlin helps in developing a cross-platform mobile application development for your business.
  7. Kotlin Android Extensions is one of the features of the framework that attracts businesses and helps in the development of a wonderful application.
  8. It is easier to maintain, and is concise than Java programming language. The platform provides clear and safer code, which protects the app from crashing.

Leading Companies using Kotlin:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Trello
  • Coursera
  • Basecamp

4. Objective C App Development

Need an engaging iOS app? Objective C definitely fits in your requirement. Objective C programming language is a professional framework. It consists of a wide range of technical and non-technical features to meet your diverse business requirements. It is used in the OS X and iOS operating system and in the development of their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

This object-oriented programming language was developed in the 1980s. This mobile app development framework helps in creating dynamic apps with exclusive features that make your brand stand out in the market. With exclusive White Label development services, you can build a strong app for your business that would increase your ROI. The platform offers backward compatibility for several old codes written in C and C++ and makes app migration and updation smoother.

Benefits of Objective C:

  1. It is one of the de-facto programming languages for iOS applications.
  2. The framework allows the development of scalable, and robust iOS applications.
  3. It delivers high-functioning apps through its object-oriented programming approach.
  4. Objective C allows the developers to reduce code redundancy and deliver stable applications.
  5. The Objective C app development requires less market time.
  6. It helps in developing highly intelligent iOS applications through seamless custom and 3rd party API integration.
  7. The Objective C mobile application helps in developing a friendly environment for the users.
  8. It helps in delivering feature-rich iOS apps to help you attract your users.

Leading Companies using Objective C:

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Delivery Hero
  • Tokopedia
  • Snapchat

These and many other companies used Objective C platform for many years. However, they shifted to Swift for its modern features.

5. Python App Development

For mobile app development, you need a proper platform that supports high-end features. Python is one of the most popular backend development programming languages that delivers high-level mobile application development services. With its automated and interactive features, Python is being used in the development of a wide array of mobile applications.

Python programming language needs fewer lines of coding and is known for its reliability and simplicity. It provides a faster environment for the developers to create stunning mobile applications for various verticals. Python is suitable for Machine Learning, Game Development or Multimedia Application Development.

Benefits of Python:

  1. Python is code readability. It is a versatile language, which makes the end-product developed on it to be perfect and elegant in every sense.
  2. The framework helps in developing a mobile application quickly, efficiently and feature-rich platform for your business.
  3. It integrates various features and functions, which enhances the productivity of the organization.
  4. Python has a user-friendly data structure that helps in built-in list and dictionary, which makes it easier the creation of the dynamic, high-end platform.
  5. This object-oriented design offers enhanced capabilities and strong integration that allows boosting the speed and productivity of the mobile application.
  6. You can create exclusive IoT platforms through the help of Python technology. It helps you to stay updated and keep your business at bay.
  7. Python follows the minimalistic principle. It offers lesser chance of bugs through less complicated code.

Leading Companies using Python:

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Dropbox

6. React Native App Development

React Native helps in creating agile & high-quality mobile application development. It gives you a native app-like experience to the business by providing high-end open-source libraries for the development. You can experience esteemed development services to build an adaptable, and extensible platform for your ever-growing business.

React Native is created by Facebook and is an open-source mobile application that leverages the potential of the platform. Mobile apps need a touch of innovation and an open-source framework to help you survive the market with a cutting-edge presence. The platform allows you to develop a business-oriented solution that fits your niche’ requirements, market trends and standards.

Benefits of React Native:

  1. More than 95% of React Native code is compatible with Android and iOS platform.
  2. React Native helps in saving time in the development of the mobile application. It cuts off the additional cost of building separate codes for different platform.
  3. The apps developed through this platform gives the performance of a native app-like experience to the users.
  4. The application is easily moveable. React Native allows swift movement.
  5. For publishing updates for your apps, you don’t need to wait for too long. The developers can update the app and implement new changes easily and without any hassle.
  6. The effectiveness of React Native platform lies in enhancing the performance of modules and controls. It helps in the performance amplification of your app.
  7. It supports third-party plugins like JavaScipt modules and native modules in the mobile application.

Leading Companies using React Native:

  • Facebook
  • Uber Eats
  • Airbnb
  • Skype
  • Salesforce

7. Swift App Development

Outsourcing Swift app development service to a reliable and professional agency ensures that the app is developed with proper and innovative coding standards. Leveraging the modern tools and technologies that will help you to experience seamless, fastest and flawless mobile app. It boosts your ROI and helps your business to grow successfully. The highly functional programming language reduces the development speed and overhead cost of your business.

Benefits of Swift:

  1. Swift is a highly effective, cross-platform programming language that offers a fast coding style with effective results.
  2. It is perfect for the use of modern-server applications.
  3. Swift consist of dynamic libraries that enhance the app performance and increases its faster loading capacity.
  4. It is a great platform for the developers to come up with creative ideas and use their innovativeness in the product.
  5. The platform offers cutting-edge security features, which ensures the safety of the data stored within the app.
  6. Swift APIs are easy to maintain and are modern in their approach.
  7. It provides a highly-secured coding environment by removing the entire class of unsafe codes used in the development process.
  8. Swift provides seamless tool integration services.
  9. With Swift mobile application, you can be assured of lower maintenance services with better and improved readability features.

Leading Companies using Swift:

  • WhatsApp
  • LinkedIn
  • Lyft
  • Khan Academy
  • Uber

Hire Mobile App Development Services for Increased ROI

The digital world is changing and continuously evolving. You need to pick the right technologies to help your establish your brand in the market. Selecting the perfect technology will help you to reach up for your audience and visitors. A mobile application development with a better user-interfaces and dynamic functionalities can help you to make your journey successful in the virtual market. Develop your high-quality app today and lead a fascinating journey towards success!

Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.