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November 25, 2015

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Well, the occasion of thanksgiving is here. Some businesses and marketers may not give the right importance to the day but it is certainly important to take a step back and give thanks as well as present various marketing opportunities.

Thanksgiving witnesses as well as increase opportunities for various location-based marketing taking advantage of the geographic strategies because people love to travel with this friends and family during this time of the year

Mobile popularity is increasing with every passing day and people are making purchases right on the go. Any occasion be it Black Friday or Thanksgiving both are equally connected to the online world. Both occasions draws a huge amount of online revenues. So here are some of the ways in which you can draw your perfect business’s holiday budget as well as thanksgiving travelers.

Using adwords to target locations

Paid efforts for business are always the best as well as simplest ways for a company with the right digital advertising effort for balancing marketing strategies which is location based. Learn where your users are traveling during Thanksgiving; so that campaigns can be build targeting countries, cities to catch users on tablets, desktops as well as laptops with relevant keywords with location targeted keywords.

In case of display advertising, banner ads serves greater audience who come into the website with great effect. During the Thanksgiving travel season, one can get huge dividends if done properly.


For email campaigns, it is always better to segment the lists as well as organize them by time zone as well as location. Make sure that the content is reaching the right people at the peak hours while taking the changes in behavior of the people during the holiday week.

Make sure that mobile website as well as the emails are optimized right for the people who are traveling or trying to purchase something during the travels. The pages should be responsive across different devices with fast loading times and large buttons.


Public Relations

During the whole year, you can target large publications and organizations. But during the holidays, it is very important to weigh the various benefits of localized publications as well as magazines.

Stores as well as brands which are known as well as native to some parts of the country should take advantage of this marketing which location based marketing attracting the local crowd.

Content Marketing

The exclusive fun thing about the holidays is that there are plenty to write about. You can never run short of content topics to satisfy the curiosity of the travelers. You will have the flexibility to be a little more creative. It is always better to target long tail keywords which are more specific and answers the interests of the individual. Try to focus on content which addresses topics which are location specific.



In the digital marketing world, Twitter and Facebook have essential tools providing the right needed opportunity. For targeting holiday marketing towards various specific locations, various social media promotion should be used with growing opportunities to let audiences purchase something directly through advertisements. The best possible examples are Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


When it is the question of organic efforts, it is very similar to that of content marketing with little more option to be creative yet strategic. Properly time your content in the right way taking into consideration each and everyone traveling times. Try to use location-specific hashtags which are relevant when one is posting. Reach out to influencers knowing the way their mentality works.

The importance of mobile for travelers

If you are traveling on the day of Thanksgiving, then you must know that most travelers who travel are never on desktops or laptops. They prefer to use mobile devices like tablets or phones or any other digital marketing efforts to capture the attention of the individuals selling a relevant products or services which they may find useful in case of traveling to particular Thanksgiving destinations.

There are various ways which can make the mobile experiences with the brand more and more successful with particular location-based tactics along with paid advertising.

Make sure that your website offers a very well and unique mobile experience. While being transported from one place to another – be it bus or train or any other means, one may search mobile for various websites.

Next the email marketing campaign should certainly be responsive showing properly on tablet as well as mobile devices. With a responsive design, the whole user experience is always better offering you more and more users.

In short the Thanksgiving weekend is certainly the best possible time to start your holiday or shopping madness making your online marketing efforts something which should definitely not be overlooked. So bring out some exclusive ideas with your marketing team thinking about the right tactics for location based marketing.

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