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Atanu Sarkar
November 3, 2015

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Well social media offers numerous benefits for various brands that can be utilized properly. In case of building a strong business plan along with increased sales as well as enhanced brand loyalty, social media can prove to be very helpful. In case of B2B interest, leveraging many well known benefits, twitter integration into your social media plan with overall marketing strategy can prove to be an important step.

With growth in companies everywhere including some well within the B2B space, it is advisable to spend some time as well as resources right into using twitter to reach more audience and get significant results.

To implement twitter into a tactical yet strategic business plan, one should be utilizing best practices and fulfill the needs of the objectives of the company. Twitter offers the opportunity to connect to users instantly 140 characters or less, you can reach those customers in a cohesive manner. There are certain expert insights which can boost the performance of any B2B Twitter strategy. Consider some important ways to leverage effectively your twitter strategy.

Organize the people or groups you follow with lists

There are many people you need to follow with your twitter for various business reasons like customer, neighboring businesses competitors and peers. With the growing number of people, the popularity of people grows. That is the time when it gets harder to hear the right and important messages among others.

That is time when you should make the right twitter lists. Twitter Lists are certainly the most powerful as well as the least used feature. Proper lists will allow you the opportunity to organize group important people so that people do not get lost right in the noise.

Try to create separate lists for:

  • People in the industry
  • Social media teachers
  • Customers
  • People in various professional organizations

With the help of twitter list, you focus on the tweets from the groups of people and then decide when you want to see so that tweets do not get lost.

One can create 20 different Twitter lists with up to 500 accounts in each and every list. You can monitor each list separately with Twitter tools like Hootsuite.

Creating a conversion list

The people who are following determine your experience of twitter. People you follow inspire you in a whole different way saying intelligent things as well as challenge you in a different way.

One of the intelligent ways to focus on the people who inspire you is to create a private conversation list.

Include in this list:

  • People who are your inspiration in business
  • People personally inspiring you
  • People who are fun to talk to

As per your wish, you can make your conversation list public as well as private. If you create a private list, you are only the person who knows who are on your list.

Updating your profile picture

Always remember that your profile picture appears right next to each and every tweet you send. It provides an exclusive opportunity to properly relate with image to the minds of everyone you follow.

The Twitter profile picture is very small as well as square. Now if your profile picture is your logo

  • Make sure the logo fits into the square size. If the logo is cropped off, it looks certainly unprofessional showing your negligence.
  • Well your logo should be readable. If your logo have words that cannot be read then it is not worth.
  • Consider switching it to a headshot. People try to connect with faces certainly not logos. If you are driving force for your business then use your face to make your business more approachable.

A professional photograph is always ideal and a photograph against a plain background is always better. A small investment wills great you huge dividends with a professional presence right on the twitter.

Changing your visual branding

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Well Twitter allows you to customize the colors as well as look for your twitter profile page. This gives you the opportunity to provide the additional information about the business checking out on the profile.

You can also create a custom graphic and use it for the background of twitter. After creating the image file, upload it right to the profile. Coordinate it with the background image with right Hex codes for colors.

Writing a perfect twitter bio

Your twitter profile tells about your business in proper text or message. That is lots of information in just few words.

A best possible twitter profile will certainly include:

  • Tell people what is your work
  • How you can help people
  • Show a little personality

Try to look at your business Twitter profile with fresh eyes and then rewrite it to tells potential customers how you can help them and what are the benefit they can get from being in connection with you.

Creating a twitter landing page

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You can create a twitter landing page to get the best possible info. Most of the people use the twitter profile web link designed to introduce people to attract them to your business.

Your twitter landing page should include:

  • A personal message for you
  • Details about your services and products of your business
  • How to become a proper customer
  • What to write tweet about
  • People behind Twitter account

Try to keep your twitter landing page short to make a great impression right on your visitors.

Rethinking your follow strategy

Many twitter accounts are not run by people who are real. They are automated programs called bots and some of them are known as spammers.

There are bots that provide useful information and most bots are spewing outs tweets which do not target your business goals. Always try to follow the right people on your twitter account. It is not always better to follow everyone

Here are few suggestions:

  • Never follow people with an egg picture. If they have not had a real picture then they are seriously not worth hearing.
  • Check the numbers properly. If an account has few followers then it is probably a spammer.
  • Review the tweets as well as quotes. See how many tweets they have sent.
  • You can learn about some bots right from their bio.
  • No favorite tweets or lists. A bot or spammer does not mark tweets as favorites.

Use twitter to solve your business challenges

Sometimes the best possible way to improve the experience to learn more. Rather than casually using twitter, it is time to give twitter a real job.

It certainly takes time to use twitter before putting it to work for your business goals. After thorough understanding, take time to use twitter and take it to the next level. Twitter can certainly help you meet your business goals thinking about the challenges you face in your business today.

Here is what twitter can do for you

  • Offer a Twitter- only special: Promote the exclusive offers offered by your brand. Offer a special deal for each and everyone and rightly fully promote them.
  • Reward the people who retweet you. Try to set up a contest as well as reward people who retweet your messages. Offer an ebook, a place in the upcoming webinar, a free 30 minute consultation or an effective product discount.
  • Try to organize a tweetup at the business. Organize an informal tweetup to get to know more and more local people. Try to organize a gathering and give people the chance to know each other properly.

Well this will clear your opinion as well as thoughts about the world of twitter giving you a distinct idea how to plan your business and take it to a new level with the right set of strategies with the social media platform twitter.

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Atanu Sarkar

Atanu Sarkar, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd & Webskitters LTD has strong data analytics, business development and entrepreneurship skills. He keeps himself updated about latest technological innovations in his past time and encourages his team to incorporate new technologies and move beyond the defined boundaries of design, development and digital marketing. His inquisitive nature constrains him from flattering any limits and that’s made him a successful entrepreneur, a great leader for his team and a wonderful human being.