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November 24, 2015

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One of the best ways to communicate is Email marketing and with rising popularity of mobile devices, their significance has only increased. Cost-effectiveness and popularity of emails have encouraged marketers all over world to include it in their top marketing channels. But to successfully use it you should know its topmost practices. Let’s see topmost 10 best practices to use emails as one of the most relevant marketing channels:

1. Add attractive subject line: Most days we receive lots of emails and many of them contain spam contents. I know you don’t send such contents but to make a successful impact with your email, make sure to create a catchy subject line. In addition with being attractive your subject line should be appropriately relevant with the content. Make it simple, relevant and eye-catchy.

2. Short and simple: World is fast and no one has enough time to read all through emails. To capture their attention you need to hit the nail in the first few lines itself. Clear and concise is the need of the hour. Please avoid ornamental words.

3. Responsive email design: Mobile devices have become a norm. That’s why before sending emails you should think about its designs and if they are not adjustable to different screen sizes, make them responsive.

4. Create sense of urgency: To drive in conversions within a short period you need to create contents of your emails in such a way that it brings in a sense of urgency. For writing in such contents you should engage a proficient sales personnel to write such stuffs. Some common phrases are ‘limited period offer’ and ‘hurry up’. These kinds of phrases generate quick leads. Club such sense of urgency with lucrative offers.

5. Call to action: ‘Call to action’ is a more or less similar step like the previous one with some twists like addition of a video serving as a point of attraction for buyers. Some common phrases are ‘subscribe to us’ or ‘buy now’. In addition further instructions for completing the whole process are clearly mentioned. Like many of such instructions include ‘Click here’ and an attached hyperlink and to highlight upon it more strongly you need to make it with different font, text colour and design.

6. Customization: Main concept of successful marketing methods like that of email marketing is how uniquely you can present your case before users. It will raise your email’s performance level to a great extent.According to various studies made, custom emails bring in more confidential conversations between you and your consumers. Do a good level of research on your customer and include his/her name in the subject line. This will enhance acceptability of your email to your customer. But remember that not to overuse such personal information and use it only where it is necessary.

7. Timing is extremely important: Timing of emails is highly important. Please don’t send in emails when your clients are busy. Keep in mind which time zone does your client represent and try to send them in daytime. According to surveys made tuesday and thursday are 2 best days for sending emails. Most often holidays and weekends offer less opportunities as on these days people are busy with families and give lesser attention to their email accounts. Mondays are extremely busy days with lots of pending emails from 2 weekend holidays.

8. Project your product or service benefits: Now this is a very good way to attract your clients’ attention. You need to put on light upon your products’ or services’ USPs. Often business mails are considered to be spams and they get caught in email filters. If however it enters inbox then your client may unsubscribe you. Overtly sales related contents are often filtered out as spams.

9. Use your real name: Use a reputed server service and along with that add your real name. Both these points help you forge a personal level of communication with your clients. Reputed servers have good levels of trust factor and you should properly implement this feature.

10. Incentive offers: Most brilliant way to attract your clients’ attention is to offer them freebies and in this case make sure to add the term ‘free’ in the subject line. But as in all other cases make sure to cautiously use it, as and when required.

The conversion rate of email marketing is increasing consistently. A relevant and genuine email creation and an authentic database are key parameters for success. Exploit them to get the best results and benefits will follow.

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