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Ayan Sarkar
October 28, 2015

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While running a B2B or a B2C enterprise, digital advertisement is an exceptionally important medium of marketing. As estimated by IAB (Internet Architecture Board) in year 2012, online advertisement would very soon surpass the print media mode of advertisement. It is high time one should make this an integral part of his/her business to attract higher sales and conversions. Do you know that digital advertisement gives expanded exposure to your business? Yes through it a wider audience base could be reached out. But you can’t expect overnight success through only creating a digital advertisement. Its quality is of prime importance. Let’s focus upon some helping tips from industry experts which we hope would be beneficial in charting out your digital marketing strategy.

1: Formation of insight

Only creating a digital advertisement is not important but you should have a proper insight about types of advertisements that draw maximum numbers of visitors. Plus among which category of users did that advertisement charted biggest hit and the optimum timing of hits.
In this matter some online tools offer amazing help such as the reports of analytics and metrics. You can get actual idea of acquiring a customer and converting him/her successfully after analyzing the reports.

2: Implementation of Creative Elements

To stand out from the crowd your advertisement should have immense visual appeal. At first your brand should be appropriately recognized through accurate addition of logo or mascot. Overall appeal depends upon selection of color schemes, fonts and layouts. Refreshing a creative piece of advertisement keeps your brand relevant with time and keeps on the interest level of your customers. Aesthetic images keep on customers’ interest alive with your brand. These images are of huge help towards forging a strong bond with your customers over social media platforms. In the end your ad must tell an engaging and cohesive story.

3: Target customers

Knowing accurate customers make your business easy. Digital advertisement gives you scope to target as well as retarget them. Based on previous engagements, ads are served in retargeting. This will enable you to recognize your ideal profile. As you know your customers, you know where to find them as well as be ensured of that they are being served your ads. Take for example, men and women between the ages of 18-35 should be separately targeted off from rest of customers. To be more specific target them between 7 to 10 pm, who search for Giant Tickets.

4: Wise Spending

You need to cautiously select your online advertisement platform. Different platform provides different value to your marketing aim. Select cautiously which platform to invest your time and money in. Select that which exposes your brand in finest possible way and plan your budget in accordance to that. Take for example Google Adwords work best for the brands which already have a reputation and established market. In this case you’re targeting people who are searching for your products, online. On the other hand this platform is less worthy for a stratup marketing its newly invented product, which is known by very less people. Plus those substances which are mainly bought at brick-and-mortar stores produce lesser impact.

5: Brand Awareness

One of the primary motives of digital ads is generating Brand Awareness of your products or services. More people know your brand; more probability of successful business arises. Digital ads build up brand awareness in much more focused way. There are many ways for this. Let’s see how.

Digital advertisement is a fine way to build up your brand awareness. Properly targeted ads can build in brand influencer plus reach to complementary audience. Digital ads are of great help in establishing your online presence, creative enrichment with media, creation of emotional connect and enhancing interest levels of your customers. Identification of proper customers and message tailoring to target them are made easy through digital ads.

6: Wearing your buyers’ shoes

Understand your buyers’ journeys. This is one of the best ways to effectively reach them. You’ll properly understand what to offer them at every step. For example, you’ll know steps taken by your targeted customers when they’re visiting your website. More specifically which pages they visited and pages those have possibly left them disappointed. All above information can form tremendous helping guide for you and you can serve them more beneficially. Take for example you can target bottom-line customers of the buying funnel. Google’s in-market surveys help us understand buyer’s buying phase. Thus retailers can target customers who are at the nip of buying phase.

7: Flexibility to incoming changes

This is one of the biggest advantages of digital ads that is only few strokes are required to change it if required. That’s why as a business owner you should keep in mind regular update with time. This will keep your customers engaged with your brand. Thus as and when required you can terminate your campaign or adjust your branding strategy as and when required. Flexible nature helps us to keep ahead of our customer base.

8: Metrics of social-media are directly proportional to ROI

Digital ads cater to a diverse base of online customers and that’s why you should link your database with real conversions that is data analysts of your ecommerce website should take a look at primary reasons that are forging engagement with your website and the reasons where actual conversions are taking place. A robust social-media marketing planning can help in this matter.

Please remember that customers who interact through social-media platforms are not a singular mass of people but can be separated with different behavioral patterns in respect of their interactions with your brand.

Social channels are major platforms to form opinions and that’s why you should be regular to respond to a relevant event.

More likes or shares don’t guarantee a sure shot buying process. There are many more pre-conditions like number of targeted audience group, whether you are going for organic or paid social-ads, themes of social interactions, cross-channel effects, whether you have taken into consideration competition among various social-media platforms, etc.

As a brand you should link above mentioned social-media metrics with hardcore sales materials like ROI, sales, leads, etc.

9: Demand side advertisement platforms

Demand side advertisement platforms let you manage your campaigns strategically without the help of any media agency. Many professional digital marketers have turned towards self-service providers so as to freely manage their campaigns by themselves. Herein they can create their personal ads, select spending medium and optimization of campaigns in a much free manner. DSPs or demand side advertisement platforms can make your ad campaigns much easier.

10: Geo-fencing

This process is a relatively new entrant and for B2C business owners, it holds tremendous promise. Based on geographic positions, customers are targeted in this method. In combination with digital ads, geo-fencing can engage customers in right manner, at correct time and with correct messages. On average, geo-fencing records 27% more profit than ordinary media of digital advertisement. What’s amazing with geo-fencing is that it lets you target your customers based on their particular interests and you can also pose offers to push them hard the line of purchase.

We hope that above mentioned tips will lead you push up your ROI. However don’t be contented and try to introduce newer steps with your digital advertisement campaigns. You should enhance your marketing strategies and integrate different techniques to score better.

Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.