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Atanu Sarkar
February 22, 2017

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Since ages, marketing is serving as the backbone for all entrepreneurs. In its early phase, marketing was synonymous to Word-Of-Mouth promotion and since then it gave birth to various stems like print, visuals and audio-visuals. Recently, with the evolvement of technologies another stem has been added to this-it’s the digital.

Digital marketing is grabbing a good hold over the market and has gradually become mandatory for every business around the world. With its smart and attractive features, digital marketing is evolving as the best of the platform for promoting a business. It is taking away the market from the traditional marketing techniques and other forms and is establishing itself as the much-preferred platform for the entrepreneurs as well as for the marketers.

With the evolvement of digital marketing and SEO industries, new options and avenues are evolving for the marketers to market the products and services in the most exclusive manner. The virtual world has become a necessity for everyone and the place to connect with prospective audiences and customers. The entrepreneurs are shedding millions and millions of dollars in digital marketing and are outreaching their competitors with skilled and creative minds.

Digital marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea. The pro marketers use several proven techniques and technologies to optimize the website and to help it perform well at the search engines and the virtual platforms.

A digital marketer ensures performing head-to-toe site analysis before indulging in a full-fledged marketing in the world. It is an important aspect of a scheduled SEO campaign that plays a key role in establishing the actual performance status of a website.

What is Website Analysis?

Website analysis is a process of analyzing the behavior of a website. It gives the entrepreneurs a detailed insight about their business. The number of visitors, the performance of a particular search term, the visitor’s bounce rate and the likes are all informed in detail through the process of website analysis.

It is used by the entrepreneurs to chart out new strategies to improve their business, to attract more visitors and to increase the amount of money that they spend in their businesses.

The website analysis is also very often used as a part of the customer relationship management analytics. It ensures that an entrepreneur can transform the overall look, appearance and feel of the website in a way to give their visitors a personalize experience every time they visit the website.

Why Website Analysis Is Important?

  • Every single business is different in terms of its nature, its capital, its target audience, its end-users and of course the products and services.
  • Just by taking a look at the website, gives no idea about its insight and it also plays no role in establishing modern and effective strategies for  the website.
  • Analysis helps in putting together the scattered puzzle pieces and find out the reason behind the static performance of the website.

Through website analysis, each and every phase of the website and its performance can be easily gauged and it also comes up with some earth-shattering revelations about the business.

How Website Analysis Is Beneficial For Your Business?

1. Practical analysis of a website helps to identify the products and services that are offered by the competitors and its performance in the market. It helps in crafting exclusive market strategies keeping the competitors in mind.
2. It helps the digital marketer to know the arenas where the website is lagging behind from its competitors and build up a good plan to boost the business and bring it to a competitive edge.
3. It also helps in defining the unique value proposition for the company which sets you apart from your competitors.

The SEO professionals make use of these analytics in their plans and streamline their efforts in order to fuel the business marketing process and develop a unique platform for growth in the industry.

Free Website Analysis Tools That Serve As a Boon For Marketers

Understanding the market and possessing an in-depth knowledge about the industry, the digital marketers are always on a look-out to find something more fruitful and feature-rich to enhance the business prospects of the website significantly. The digital marketers voice their opinion together, proclaiming that the era of link building is totally dead and the arena is experiencing new, revolutionary and ground-breaking changes to establish its hold over the market. Website Analysis Tool is the new influencer of the market that plays a major role in the modern day businesses and it is also fully embraced by the marketers for performing excellent role in heightening the business reach.

The best 11 Website Analysis tools used by the pros of the industry and that budding or emerging digital marketers can use for analyzing the website and understanding its flaws and drawbacks are listed below:

1. Google Analytics

Being Google’s own product, Google Analytics undoubtedly is one of the most effective and trusted analysis tools available in the market. The graphs that it presents and the precise reports that it offer is quite interesting and another feature which works in favor of this tool is its free availability.

This is a completely free service tool that creates detailed statistics about the number of visitors to the website and other details which simply work wonders for a business. It is the simplest and most robust web analytics that is available in the market and can be accessed by everyone.

The information that it delivers excellently including the following:

1. The number of visitors
2. The place where the visitors are coming from
3. The behavior of the visitors when they are on your website
4. The bounce rate of the website
5. The frequency of the visitors

Apart from the above mentioned detailed and valuable information, the tool also equips the users with in-depth analytics report of the website which gives excellent insight of the business. It is the beautiful and easy-to-use features of the tool which makes it an all time unanimous favorite of the web analytics and digital market experts of the industry.

2. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is yet another significant and valuable tool that gives you an insight about your website. It is probably the best tool that makes you understand the way through which Google sees your website. This tool is novice-friendly and user-friendly storehouse of excellent technologies that explains the fundamentals and the basics of Google search.

This is considered by the analysis specialists as the biggest and excellent tool to gain comprehensive range of information about your blog. It is offered by Google for managing websites which deliver in-depth and right kind of information about the website.

The internal linking, indexing, crawl errors, broken links and other information about the website are delivered by this tool. Being available as a free tool, it allows you to check out the inner problems and issues available in your website and it also gives the time to prepare the right kind of strategy. It also plays a critical role while exploring the poor SEO performance and helps you to modify the page which contains critical issues for ensuring better results.

The essential information that it equips you with include:
1. The clicks your website receive from Google search
2. Critical issues and errors of the website
3. Check and Informs you whether Google can successfully understand website’s content or not
4. Delivers valuable insight about PageSpeed
5. Displays the inner problems of the website

Yet another feature of this tool is that it delivers PageSpeed Insights. This tool is effective enough to measure the performance of the website in terms of its speed for both the desktop as well as for mobile versions. The speed of the website is an important name that attracts most of the visitors and ensures the website its efficiency.

In the modern era, the mobile search is explicitly surpassing the desktop search and thus the page speed is playing an even more important a factor to hold back the visitors than the website design. You need to understand that nobody has time to wait for your website to load; people today look for anything and everything that is quick and fast. Thus, keeping a track on your website’s speed becomes a necessary piece of information for all.

3. SEO Analysis Tool

One of the most essential aspects that help a website to perform well in the industry is the Search Engine factor. The way the search engines will look at your website depends on few basic yet very essential tools that works in the favor of your website is the search engine features.

Analyzing the website for the SEO errors that it contains, ensure the entrepreneurs to architect a special plan for eradicating the errors and enhancing the overall image and reputation of the website on the search engine.

The SEO Analysis Tool helps you to learn about the in-depth idea and information about the SEO issues that your website contains. Meta title, Meta descriptions, keyword usage and every aspects and arenas related with the search engine issues are dealt excellently by this professional tool which ensures that you receive crystal clear and detailed information about the website’s performance on the search engine.

The information that this tool can provide you with includes the following:
1. Meta title & description of the website
2. The usage of the keywords and its volume
3. H1, H2 heading status
4. Review of the Google Search Result
5. Identifying other essential attributes that are missing on the website

The digital and the web experts of the industry are working on the tool currently in order to add some more essential and significant features to this tool which is currently in its Beta Stage. With its easy-to-use and interesting features and key details that it offers, this tool is definitely one of the favorite of the digital experts.

4. SEO Report Card

SEO Report Card is an efficient tool by UpCity. It is an awesome audit tool that offers quick analysis of your website. It is pretty fast and the results can be viewed easily for analyzing and exploring the effective and efficient website. The tool helps you to analyze your website about determining the performance of your website and how you can further boost it to gain a competitive edge against your rivals.

From analyzing your rank to the link building details, everything can be easily found and analyzed through this wonderful and efficient tool, which serves the purpose of meeting your requirements essentially. This tool is highly preferred by the small and young entrepreneurs as they get to know the details about their website in the most efficient way.

In just the exchange of your contact information, this tool presents to you the report which gives you detail about the following:

1. The rank analysis of your website and its performance on the search engine
2. A detailed account about the link building of your website
3. An in-depth study about the success of the incorporation of keyword in your website. This is also known as the on-site analysis.
4. Reveals the Trust Metrics of your website
5. The load and ease of accessing the website is also offered by them

With this in-depth and exclusive piece of information this report card equips you with the right kind of information to change and modify your website in the right manner. It is highly essential for everyone who is ready to take in-depth information about the SEO factors that affects the website and its performance.

5. Bettergraph Seo Analyzer

The Bettergraph Seo Analyzer tool is an ideal technology which promises to meet the requirements of the industry and also helps the professionals of digital marketing to gain an insight about the function and overall performance of the website. It takes you hand-in-hand to analyze every situation and problem faced by your website through the informative tools that it offers.

This is considered as the best tool for its fascinating features and exclusive design standards that helps its users to gain exclusive information and powerful ideas about the weak sections of their website. Giving you a reliable and excellent link building opportunities and competitor’s analysis, this tool enables and allows the users to discover and prioritize the best of the techniques which performs in your favor.

The features that this tool offers to its users include:

1. Link Building Analysis
2. General HTML Analysis
3. Webpage Performance
4. In-Depth On-Page Analysis
5. Social Media Metrics

It helps you to track the link profile and track your competitors’ progress along with developing excellent opportunities to craft smart ways and techniques for evolving their business and bringing excellent traffic to their website in the most excellent and brilliant manner.

6. SEOQuake

SEOquake is a free tool which is available for installation for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. It offers you with organic research data just in a click. It equips you with the right kind of information about the SEO Audit, keyword density and even the social metrics and the likes.

Entrepreneurs and digital marketers are always on a look out for a tool that could help them to analyze their competitors’ progress and success and determine who is ranking at which place in the search engine. However, most of the tools that are available in the market require you to manually check the progress of your competitors and retrieve the information for each landing page that shows up.

Through SEOquake, you can get all in-depth information about the website and its ranking without putting on any manual effort and extra time on doing the research. Giving you quick and easy access to the profound analytical data of the webpage, this website analyzer is ideal for everyone who is looking forward to get specific data about the particular web pages.

The following points include the detailed information that this tool offers:

1. Internal and External reports reveal navigation tactics which proves beneficial for rankings
2. Social metrics help to analyze detailed performance of social media
3. Detailed and structured keyword analysis report
4. Web Page analysis including mobile and site compliance
5. Reveal competitors’ targeted keywords

With the use of this tool, you can navigate to any landing page and receive analytical data about the same to find out the technical issues and problems which has curbed the growth of the website.

7. SEO Web Page Analyzer

SEO Web Page Analyzer is a significant tool which helps you to take a snapshot of a page and view the areas which needs improvement. All this and much more detailed information are offered by this tool free. It breaks down the structure and content of the website and assesses the quality and features of the website which gives you ideal and in-depth information that stands second to none in the industry.

This free tool offers significant range of information and helps you to acquire plenty of details about the website that would help you to determine and formulate new business strategies. Content analysis, keyword analysis and the other details that affect the search engine rankings of the website are all mentioned with clear distribution and structure in order to help you understand what the error is and where does it lie.

Determining the ideal ways to improve the search engine factors for your website, this tool summarizes the page’s performance and helps you to improve the errors in order to perk up the end-user experience.

The ideal features for which this tool is preferred in the market includes the following:

1. Gauges the weight of the website as a result of which it determines the position of the website on the search engine rankings
2. Helps to identify site errors and improve the end-user experience
3. Analyses the heading structure of the website
4. Through Content Analysis, informs whether the phrases and keywords are ideally placed or not
5. Checks on the hyperlinks used in the page

It also informs you about the social networks that you are utilizing for promoting your business and recommends the social platforms which would bring more traffic to the website. With its easy-to-use and engaging features, this tool is apt for every small and medium sized business that is not financially ready to spend luxuriously in detecting the faults of the website.

8. SEO Audit Tool

Do you wish to perform well and better than your competitors on the search engine results? Actually, every one of you does. But you may not know the right kind of tool that may help you to perform better. Starting from the scratch the best thing that you can indulge yourself is to check out the website’s performance on the search engine and what can be much better than SEO Audit Tool!

It is an easy-to-use, free tool available for the marketers and entrepreneurs to look to identify the problems of the website and the common SEO errors that pulls down the website and prevents it from performing excellently on the search engine.

Simply by submitting your website’s URL to this tool, you instantly get to see a result which contains detailed information about the website’s major issues, structures and errors. The tool equips you with the below mentioned information:

1. Technical implementations and issues of the website
2. Canonicalization Issues
3. Influential SEO factors like meta data and content of the website
4. External link analysis
5. Page loading time & speed of the site

Apart from the above mentioned features, this tool is equipped with yet another characteristic which makes it a preferable tool in the market. It allows the users to download the result as a PDF file and share it with the organization. It also gives the people, the exact number of errors, warnings and successes of their website.

9. SEOptimer

This is a quick and simple way to perform the SEO audit of a website. You ought to realize that it is the SEO factor of the website which makes it perform better on the search engine and which brings traffic for the business and thus analyzing it and keeping a track on the same, becomes mandatory for you.

With the help of the tool, Seoptimer, you can be assured of equipping yourself with the right kind of report that gives you comprehensive information about your website. It also offers clear, simple, easy and actionable recommendations that you should take to improve the online presence and ultimately enhance your rank in the Google search.

This is ideal for the SEO experts, digital marketers, business owners, webmasters and programmers. It also helps you to get the right kind of information to know what your competitors are doing better that they are ranking above you in the search.

This tool equips you with the following features that help you to improve your online presence:

1.  It analyses the SEO factors of the website
2. Offers SEO tips for the website
3. Tests the subpage and body content
4. Checks the performance of the website on the search engine
5. Reflects usability and mobile readiness of the website

It offers step by step list of instructions that enables you to improve the website along with offering you with the right kind of educational material to learn about the aspects which can help you to enhance your search engine rankings.

10. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool is a significant tool that allows you to fetch key details about your website’s overall performance and elements which helps you to stand above your competitors. This easy-to-use and flexible tool gives you the analysis report of your website in real-time and allows you to take required decisions for improving your website’s visibility and ranking on the search engine.

This tool is available in both free and premium versions and is highly preferred by the marketers for its exact and accurate results.

The features of the tool that promises to keep you on the edge of your competitors include the following:

1. It finds broken links, errors and redirects
2. Reviews meta robots and directives
3. Discover Duplicate and Unoriginal content
4. Analyses meta data and page titles
5. Generates XML & Image XML Sitemaps

The tools crawls a website instantly and identifies the errors, making the website owner and the marketer aware of the critical areas where there is website is lagging behind.

11. GTmetrix

This is a tool that examines and analyzes every single important aspects of your website and gives you the prospect to improve it with brilliance. Having a website requires you to take up the responsibility of providing excellent user-experience to your visitors. GTmetrix is known for analyzing the factors affecting the user-experience and the SEO that plays a major role in a website’s visibility and ranking on the search engine.

The tool analyzes the page speed for desktop as well as for mobile and annotates the areas of interest on graph. Being a reliable, free and an excellent tool, it maintains a good stability between seo and user-friendly features and analysis.

Through the use of graphs and indicators, it gives a clear report about the various techniques and ideas which delivers crystal clear information about the website and its overall performance. It tracks the performance with monitoring the website and delivers the report with some alluring visuals that makes you understand every aspect.

The key features of the website which makes it a popular name in the industry are:

1) Analyzes PageSpeed and YSlow Scores
2) Represents Page Load Details
3) Reports Histroy of the Website
4) Provides Page Load Video and Filmstrip
5) Offers Waterfall chart

Its intrigue features and characteristics help you to optimize your website by enhancing its performance by taking excellent steps, measures and decisions.

Get Started Today

With the detailed information of the free tools, now you can plan to get your website’s analysis report ready and to unveil the various structures that lead to improve the performance of the website on the search engine. While you can never get to take a look what happens behind the search engine curtains, there are few aspects that you can learn about your website and its performance through the significant tool available for you.

These tools leverages the best SEO practices that would boost your website’s visibility and can excellently increase the probability of the right kind of response for your website. Being the best possible way for observing the website’s performance and the market, using these tools serve as an ideal option for you to get notified about the errors and resolve them to touch the height of success in your particular business arena.

Atanu Sarkar

Atanu Sarkar, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd & Webskitters LTD has strong data analytics, business development and entrepreneurship skills. He keeps himself updated about latest technological innovations in his past time and encourages his team to incorporate new technologies and move beyond the defined boundaries of design, development and digital marketing. His inquisitive nature constrains him from flattering any limits and that’s made him a successful entrepreneur, a great leader for his team and a wonderful human being.