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September 1, 2015

Table of content

If you are an app developer you know what amount of butterfly fly when you are about to launch your latest app in the market. You remain awake the whole night on the launch date, excited as well as apprehensive about its fate. App marketing is a specialized arena that needs skill to make it an amazing success. In this article advices from experts have been incorporated to help you avoid the bumps that they have suffered and later on searched hard to get an accurate solution. Those suggestions have been enlisted here.

Things to avoid

One of the pioneer mistakes that people do is to try a Jack of all Trades approach that is soon after app’s launch they try to incorporate everything within a short span. This kills precious time that’s all. We have enlisted a few points if stressed unnecessarily more than required proves really harmful.

  • Creating social media accounts: Do not create all of them in the beginning. Only those accounts will suffice that are actually worthy to promote your app. One particular thing to look for is level and genre of competitors. If they belong to your sector then it’s ok to make that account. Otherwise keep away from that social-media account.
  • Don’t hurry up to apply for review sites: Gone are the days when reviews put at sites were worthy off. Nowadays nobody really cares.
  • Do not share the apps at forums for developers: This is fruitful only if the app is meant for developers only.
  • Burst Campaigns going wrong: Some developers spend thousands on ad campaigns to enhance app visibility and its rate of installation. But it’s another thing to retain those users over a long period. Most users do not stay for long.
  • Offering your app for a price: Don’t pay customers to download and install your app. They are not genuine users.

Pre-launch app marketing plans

  • Initially you need to create a home or landing page for the app. Use appropriate textual content to attract more users. Landing page can provide an excellent launch pad to your app.
  • Now is the time to send an increased amount of traffic to your landing page. Relevant traffic may invite worthy emails from users who are genuinely excited to install it after its launch. A good traffic also serves the purpose of validation of your ideas.
  • Good press coverage wins you half the battle. You need good tech press reporters for this.
  • Next step is a well optimized App Store and a really good description for it. The description would take into account all things included in the landing page. Pick out the tool for optimization of your App Store.
  • Now properly set up your Analytics tool and for that create events for major checkpoints and setup funnels for tracking your users’progress.
  • If you want to take Instagram’s help for marketing then contact accounts having similar theme as your app and ask them for initiating a sponsored post. If they have a good follower engagement then it’s just awesome.

Plans for the launch day

See that tech reporters hired by you have actually done their duty. Send emails to those users who have provided you their ids informing them about the launch of your app.

Post-launch app marketing plans

  • Gradually people have started to download your app and installing it and this is the accurate time to start FaceBook ad campaign for mobile installation of your app.
  • As your app is performing well the time is ripe for the launch of posts sponsored through Instagram.
  • Accurate Giveaways can cover grey areas of limping download amounts and raises it considerably.
  • After few days of your app launch analyze your Analytic Report and figure out the funnel to check out where a user drops out.

All above points will hopefully help you immensely and any worthy addition is highly appreciated. Please give in your suggestions and reviews and keep in touch with us.