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Ayan Sarkar
January 25, 2021

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In this fiercely competitive market scenario, businesses find it difficult to strike an excellent balance between every sphere of operation. Every entrepreneur desires to be the priority of its clients- the best way to do so is to offer them all kind of services that they are looking for. But, is it feasible for businesses to offer specialised skills related to different spheres? For many enterprises, the answer to this question would be a ‘NO’. It is hence that the popularity of white label services has multiplied in recent times.

Offering various specialised skills as per your client’s demands requires you to invest your time and money, generously. Many businesses these days don’t find it lucrative to invest their valuable resources for maintaining specialised skills. But, as the client’s demands increases they need to find a way out of this critical situation. The best possible solutions that enterprises are thriving upon are white label services.

It is the latest trend for businesses to acquire these services and get specialised skills to meet their client’s requirements. These services give them the liberty to focus on their managerial functions, business operations and client retention strategies, while the services offered by them are taken care of.

What are White Label Services?

Are you looking for an answer? Let us help you. White label services is an arrangement where a company sells particular services to another company, the second company then resells the same to their clients, presenting it as their own.

To make it more simplified, white label services allows your brand to sell a particular service under your brand’s name, while it is developed by a third party. Businesses are exploiting this service to their best and are channelising it to generate desired and fruitful results.

What is White Label Outsourcing?

White label outsourcing is a digital method for enterprises to enhance their profitability. It is a great method to leverage the high-potential skills available in the market, without actually having them in your team. Through this process, you can yield high-end results for your business.

The ever-increasing demand for specialised and skilled individuals are rising high and businesses are using white label outsourcing to add values to their organisations and meet the market challenges. This technique enables entrepreneurs to focus on what they do the best, and let the rest be carried out by the white label service agency.

Why Should You Opt for White Label Services?

With White label services, you can easily get associated with a reliable and high-profile company that have the skills to work on your project. It is a great way for businesses to offer on-demand services to their clients, attract new clients with varied demands, expand their business and last of all, increase their revenue.

White label services provide a plethora of advantages for entrepreneurs. It enables you to broaden your offerings for your clients and deliver those services, without having a skilled in-house team for the services.

Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons why businesses should opt for white label services and how they can benefit from this:

1. Scale Your Service Portfolio

The major benefit that white label services offer you is to scale your service portfolio. You don’t have to limit yourself to only the specialised services that your organisation offers. You can offer limitless services to your clients, while the projects are taken care of by your white label partner. This is a great strategy that helps you to pitch to numerous clients with enhanced service portfolio to offer.

2. Cut Your Expenses

By availing to the white label services, you cut out the expense of hiring specialised skills for every service that you offer. Outsourcing your projects to a reliable white label agency, such as Webskitters, enable you to avoid maintaining an in-house team of experts. When you do the calculation of your expense over maintaining a permanent expert on-board or outsourcing your project, you will find outsourcing to be more cost-effective.

3. Skyrocket Your Revenue

With each additional service that you add to your portfolio, you get the chance of earning extra revenue and hence an increase in your profit. You outsource the project to the third-party service-provider at a fixed amount and then resell the service to your clients at a high-cost, this definitely is a great strategy for money-making business. These third-party agencies become a great source for businesses to maintain healthy profits and heighten their business levels.

4. Improve Client Retention

With your white label agency takes care of the services you need to offer, you can put all of your focus, and time in planning effective strategies of client retention. Your partner agency helps you to emerge as a one-stop destination for your clients, this will require you to put extra efforts in marketing, which in return will bring you, enormous clients. All of this will require your time and effort and will help you in retaining your clients.

5. Enhance Service Quality

Reputed and big names of the market, such as Webskitters, offer white label services, ensuring that their top-class team full of industry experts and specialists are available for meeting your client’s requirements. Boom, here you get a golden chance to enhance your business prospects by delivering top-notch quality of services to your clients.

6. Attract More Clients

The more services you have in your portfolio, the more number of clients you can pitch. With efficient marketing strategies, you can promote yourself as a one-stop destination, offering unmatchable services to clients, this will earn you a good reputation and will attract new clients.

7. Improve Brand’s Image

By rendering high-quality services to your clients through the help of a white label agency, you will create an extraordinary brand image for your business. Good repute brings good business and great revenue. You can earn a strong place and great business prospects with an enhanced brand image.

8. Competitive Advantages

If you are a small business organisation and are afraid of lagging behind in competition with your large counterparts, then white label service can help in exceeding your business prospects. You don’t need to worry about maintaining a team or managing them. Simply, outsource your business to a reliable and trustworthy agency and enjoy an edge over your competitors.

Is White Labelling Illegal?

White label strategy has been widely used in the production of goods, electronics, foods etc. Considering the latest market, eCommerce businesses does also follow this strategy. The concept of white label involves a company that manufactures the products or services and sells it to another company that resells it to its clients, under its own name.

This has been in the market for years now. And with the growing competition in the market, it is prevailing the software, IT and digital marketing industry as well. It is a new way of conducting businesses at a global level, without putting on lots of investment or time in producing the goods and services.

Although it’s prevalent, many people do question the legality of the procedure. White label services is legal. It is a bond between the two companies, the producer and the reseller. A legal contract, known as White Label License Agreement, is signed between the participating entities, which allows the reseller to use the products or services, developed by the manufacturer, to sell under their own brand name.

The agreement lays down specific conditions for both the parties involved and also specifies the method and duration of the amount payable. Service warranties, intellectual property, confidentiality, terms of termination of the agreement and other specific details are all mentioned in the agreement, making it a detailed and comprehensive one.

Is White Labelling Profitable?

White label is a terrific technique adopted by businesses to enhance their market scope and be right at the top of their client’s preference list. It is tough for any business to master in all the service sectors without maintaining a proper and specific expert team. Hiring and maintaining experts for every specialised service requires them to spend a huge sum of their business revenue. This doesn’t fit to be a good idea when you have the white label service providers around you.

The new market strategies and techniques are constantly growing and evolving and it is giving the businesses a new set of opportunities to explore different avenues. If you are a business specialising in one particular service, you can avail the white label services and expand your service areas, creating a strong impact on your clients.

Leveraging the powerful and skilled solutions delivered by white label agencies, enable entrepreneurs to develop their business into a brand and scale up their revenue. It is a great way to get services at a cheaper rate and then resell it at a high price to your clients.

Apart from generating great revenue from reselling the services, you can also cut out the expense of hiring, offering bonuses or maintaining the specialised skills in-house. White labelling is a proven strategy for businesses to increase their revenue and add a new stream of income for their enterprise.

Top 10 White Label Services You Can Afford In 2021

White Labelling offers you the opportunity to add more offerings and services to your portfolio and serve your clients with varied services that they need. Starting from planning the service to crafting and delivering it, everything is taken care of by your white label agency, taking off the burden from your head and allowing you to explore new and exclusive prospects available for you.

Let’s now delve a little deep and explore the top 10 white label services that you can easily afford and should definitely opt for in 2021.

1. White Label UI/UX Design Services

The prevalence of white label services has encouraged leading companies like Webskitters, who have brilliant and creative talents in their team, to come forward and offer their specialised UI/UX design services to the organisations that need it.

You can easily get in touch with them or any white label agency for your UI/UX design requirements and gain a significant service that guarantees an enjoyable and smooth experience of the end-users. While UI design will take good care of the look and feel of the website or apps, the UX design will equip it with the right kind of features and functions. An agency that can culminate the understanding of its design team with the latest trends and technologies of the sector, offers the best kind of services that you can ever imagine.

Hiring a White label UI/UX design agency is beneficial and efficient for small or large enterprises alike. It helps them to grow and enhance their business prospects to another level altogether. With the help of a right white label UI/UX design partner, you can:

  1. Increase your organisation’s deliverable capacity.
  2. Reduce the cost of hiring an expert UI/UX team.
  3. Enjoy the service of a skilled UI/UX design team.
  4. Deliver the projects quickly and cost-effectively.

2. White Label Website Development Services

Website development is a broad sector. It involves the development of a website on frameworks such as PHP, Drupal, and WordPress etc. Every framework required skilled people to handle the development process and efficiently develop the website as per the requirements of the clients. But maintaining team for each framework is a costly affair and not every organisation is ready to spend their money on the same.

But, not providing these services to your clients, means you are missing out on an enormous range of business opportunities. Hence, the best way you can provide these services, without even have to maintain the huge development team is through the White label website development services.

With White label website development services, a business can equip itself with efficiency and skills that their company lacks. Upholding the market’s trends and meeting your client’s requirements, your white label web development partner will provide you with the following benefits:

1. The Gift of Time

By taking away the duties, or responsibilities vested on you by your clients, for developing a smooth and highly-functional website, the agency gives you the gift of time. It also enables you to deliver the website within the scheduled time as professional and proficient developers will take care of your services and they know the knick-knacks of developing a website.

2. Cost-effective Solution

White label outsourcing is beneficial in many ways and cost-efficiency is one of the best ones that you can talk about. Creative agencies offer a fixed price for the website development process. It means that no hidden cost is involved and then you can resell the service, keeping a good percentage of profit for yourself.

3. Combination of Experience and Skills

One of the major benefits of white label agencies is that you get to leverage the skills and experience of the professionals. The agency specialises in the website development process, which means they have a well-qualified team who know exactly how to manage, develop and handle the project efficiently.

3. White Label eCommerce Solution Services

White Label eCommerce solution allows the businesses to sell personalised stores to their clients in considerably less time, earning more money, without even working on the project. Getting the project scope and sharing it to your white label agency, enables you to develop an eCommerce platform right from the scratch, hence making it a unique one.

For the professional white label eCommerce solution provider like Webskitters, your customers are their customers. They deal with every aspect of the project to deliver a perfect and stunning online store. With the help of a professional agency, you can allow your brand to shine and continue to build trust and confidence among your customer base by delivering marvellous solutions to them.

With comprehensive and excellent white label eCommerce solutions by the professionals, you get to provide everything that your clients need, all under your own brand name. The creative agencies help you to grow your business and provide a complete eCommerce platform for your clients. It offers a wonderful opportunity for your business to re-brand it. The outsourcing of white label services will help you to:

  1. Deliver unique eCommerce solutions.
  2. Offer unparalleled support to clients.
  3. Perfect opportunities to hire eCommerce experts.
  4. Save brilliantly.

4. White Label Mobile App Development Services

Since everything is going digital and now mobile as well, the importance and dominance of mobile applications in the market are remarkable. Businesses have valued and understood the benefits that mobile applications can bring them and hence they are all making it a point to invest in mobile applications.

If you wish to tap the potential of this market, then you ought to start rendering the service to your clients. You don’t have a mobile app development team? Is that stopping you? Worry Not. It’s not a matter of concern. Hand over your application development service to a White label mobile app development agency and just sit and relax.

The services of White label mobile app development company have become somewhat of a fashion, especially among the startups, who are looking for a way to enter the mobile app development market with least or minimal investment possible.

Mobile apps serve a huge value, especially when you offer this service to your clients. Your value in the market enhances and so does your revenue. With white label agency, you can make sure of providing:

  1. 100% customised app development services to your clients.
  2. Up-dated status and track report about the project.
  3. Scalable apps for the clients.
  4. Continuous support once the app is live in the Google and Apple Stores.

5. White Label WordPress Maintenance Services

Are you spending too much of your resources’ time and energy in maintaining your customer’s WordPress sites? Then you have to re-think your business strategies and adapt to the latest trends. The best way you can invest your resource in more productive strategies and yet deliver the best kind of support to your clients is by hiring a white label WordPress maintenance agency.

It will help you to free up your time and increase your revenue by focusing on the core business and getting new clients and projects. The experienced and proficient white label WordPress maintenance agency like Webskitters, possess a strong and experienced team of specialists, who offer relentless and excellent support and maintenance services. The demand of WordPress maintenance service is increasing and by outsourcing your projects to a reliable agency, you can add a new source of revenue for your business, while getting the time to focus on growing your client’s base.

With white label WordPress maintenance service, you can become a hub of WordPress site maintenance. It will also leave you with the time and effort to focus on the growth plans of your business. It will also assist you to render-

  1. The premium level of support to your clients.
  2. Transparency through detailed dashboards and live reporting.
  3. A solution ensuring complete client satisfaction.
  4. Dedicated bespoke maintenance services.

6. White Label SEO Services

Supporting your organisation in providing excellent SEO services to your clients, white label SEO agencies are always available to help you meet your client’s requirements. You can get the manpower that you need without incurring any additional expense of in-house employees, with the help of these agencies. You can receive all kind of SEO services starting from link building, blog outreach, on-page SEO, technical website optimisation and other services, which are essential for search engine optimisation of your clients.

You will be able to share with your client’s detailed SEO reporting dashboard and other campaign performance, which earns trust for your organisation and will help you to communicate with clients with ease and comfort. It will help you to scale your agency’s offerings without handling the work all by yourself. With the agency, you can increase your revenue ability from active SEO projects. The agency tailor-makes the entire project for the clients and helps them to run a wonderful SEO-campaign by the experts of the industry.

The White label SEO service agency provide your organisation with an edge over your competitors and it also enables you to ensure:

  1. The growth of your agency.
  2. Scale your operations with SEO services.
  3. Delivering high-quality SEO performance.
  4. Excellent strategies that will help you develop a long-lasting relationship.

7. White Label Reputation Management Services

With the expansion of technologies and the easy availability of all services, it is evidently important for businesses to focus more on their image and reputation in the online world. It is the first thing that people look for, before making their final decisions to select the business.

Are you getting flooded with reputation management queries from your clients? Do you have to return them empty-handed? You are losing a great chance for growth. Yes, we do understand that you don’t have the necessary skills or resources to provide you with the kind of services that your clients are looking for. But, this doesn’t stand to be a problem or barrier in the modern days. Lack of resources can’t stop you from providing reputation management services to your clients, thanks to the white label agencies.

The white label solutions offer a comprehensive package of services to their customers. Reputation management is one of the foundational requirements of every business, adding it to your business offerings will improve your business prospects and will also help you to catch up with the ever-changing digital landscape.

Reputation management services are a package that deals with online reputation and reviews of a business. White label agencies fulfil your client’s requirements and offer them a full scope of services that would lead them to enhance their market opportunities and attract new clients.

In this competitive landscape, adding reputation management to your offering would provide you with an edge over your competitors. The reasons for which most companies are outsourcing their client’s reputation management services and turning into a reseller of the service includes the following:

  1. Brings more clients to the business.
  2. Gives you the time to focus on the core business competencies.
  3. Allows for rapid growth and expansion of a business.
  4. Helps in generating steady revenue for your agency.

8. White Label Content Marketing Services

Creativity is an integral part of digital marketing and promotions. In this world full of advertisements and commercials of different form, businesses find it difficult to reach out to their clients by creating a space for them. Thus, the focus is given on developing a strong content strategy that would help the business to gain the attention that they had always desired.

Many small and large businesses don’t have the apt time or resource for curating or managing their content marketing strategy. This limits their opportunities, even when they are capable of doing far better. But, luckily, your clients don’t have to go through this, as you have the right solution just right at the corner- white label content marketing services.

It is a service, where content writers or copywriters provide written content for companies to sell it to their clients under their brand name. The content may be of any form- blogs, social media posts, website content or any other digital written copy that you might think of. Content plays a vital role in any business’ digital presence and also helps them to rank high in the SERPs. However, it requires proper experience and well-written content, to help a business climb the ladder of success. With white label content marketing services offered by leading and reputed companies like Webskitters, you can assure of delivering the right business growth opportunities to your clients.

With white label content marketing services, you can assure of:

  1. Generating high converting leads.
  2. Develop better relationships with your clients.
  3. Engage your customer’s audience and build new opportunities for them.
  4. Enhance your business prospects and revenue.

9. White Label Social Media Marketing Services

It is often seen that businesses are so occupied with their strategies and its implementations that they miss out on tapping the potential of the social media market. They don’t have enough time to make strategies or promote their business on social media. But, considering today’s market, social media is an integral platform for promotion. And the businesses are realising the true potential of the platform and they know that any business strategy or other important decision is in vain if it is nor promoted well. Thus, creating an opportunity for you to enter the scenario. You can help your clients to have a good social media marketing services.

The white label social media marketing agencies help you effectively promote your client’s company or business to their target audience on the most popular platform- social media. The agencies have the right kind of talents, skills and experiences about handling and maintaining the different social media platforms and promoting businesses there. Their understanding and knowledge of social media help the clients to rise above the market and reach out to a wider and larger number of audience.

A professional white label social media marketing agency helps the clients to develop a market of their own on the platform. It also creates awareness of the business on the huge network, thus creating a buzz around it. Adopting different strategies for different clients, the social media marketing strategies, the white label agency helps the resellers to:

  1. Enhance their client base.
  2. Present themselves as a one-stop destination.
  3. Leverage the potential of social media specialists.
  4. Generate a high and continuous flow of revenue.

10. White Label PPC Management Services

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a method of advertising through which businesses drive more traffic to their website. Generally, it is done through Google or Bing advertisements by bidding on particular keywords to market the target audience. It is a service delivered by PPC specialists and experts as they know how to deal with the market competition and how to attract customers to a website. As not every business have a PPC team for their business, outsourcing the PPC requirements is a common phenomenon in the market. You can tap this market opportunity by being a reseller in the white label model.

The white label PPC management services provide exclusive and detailed services to your clients. It offers specialised services for managing and running PPC campaigns and will deliver specific results that are ideal and desired for the businesses. You can resell these services to your clients and guarantee a specific amount of revenue while helping them to get specialised services for attracting website traffic.

Collaborating with a white label PPC management service-provider will help you to expand your service offerings and will also help in delivering outstanding customer service under your brand name. It offers you the liberty to:

  1. Deliver the highest level of campaign management services to your clients.
  2. Expand your business offerings.
  3. Render specialised services by a team of PPC experts.
  4. Boost your business reputation.

Collaborate With A Professional White Label Agency Today!

Working together with a white label agency ensures that you don’t have to deal with any hassles and it also guarantees specific revenue for your business. It also saves you from the hassle of maintaining multiple teams for every specific service you add to your offerings.

A professional agency has a specific team for each specialised services and they ensure that you can deliver the best-kind-of-services to your customers. Extending their helping hand, a white label agency also enables eCommerce enterprises to have successful and result-oriented business, with their expertise and excellent strategies.

It becomes extendable support for your company providing you with the prospect of gaining and managing a large number of customers, handling their requirements with professional services, focus on what your company is best at and most importantly explore various sources of income and revenue for your business.

It helps you to experience exponential growth of your business while creating a specific reputation for your brand. Always remember, a white label agency will turn out to be your long-term partner and will be responsible for upholding your business’s name and repute in the market, thus make a clever choice. Become a reseller and enjoy explore brilliant market opportunities today!

Featured Image Source: nattanan23/ pixabay

Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.