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Ayan Sarkar
February 25, 2022

Table of content

Content is no doubt the king when it comes to the online world.

But what more is important is the way the content is presented. Hence, the market lays so much of its focus upon website design. The designers make the website look efficient and elegant, while the developers are responsible for its overall functioning. When both align with each other a flawless website is produced that gives the users a perfect experience with your business.

In such a perfect scenario, you might not have paid attention to one important aspect – the typography!

Yes, as we say the words on your website matter, which is why you opt for the best content marketing services and put your best foot forward in the digital world. But now we are not going to discuss words or their power, we are going to discuss the power of the way the words are presented.

When you plan to design a website, you must pay attention to the typography and font that you would like to use. It is not a matter that would need an afterthought. This is an impactful element of your web design and has a far-reaching impact on your visitors than you might think of.

Your expert team of website designers can be your saviour here! Having a great deal of understanding of the principles of typographical design, they deliver a website that can communicate in an impeccable manner.

Important aspects before selecting typography for your website

Let us help you understand the different aspects that play a vital role in helping you to select the typography of your website, and making it a great success in the market.

  • Limit font choices

You will be spoilt with choices for fonts when you search online. You have to be selective and limit the font choices. You don’t wish every content of your website to seem different from each other that would rather be a very unpleasant sight for the viewers. Again, you might even not want everything to look alike. This is also not a pleasant thing to put forward. Creating a balance is the key. With limited font choices, you can bind the design and your users’ eyes to your website.

  • Consider the readability

You might think that you are putting your best foot forward when it comes to preparing the content and making it ready for your audience. But you know the fact that very few people are going to sit down and adore every word you have written on the content. But that should not make them feel alienated or drive them away. Every lead is a prospect. The best way to leverage them is to understand their requirements and make the content readable for their eyes. A BIG and clear headline, an attractive Call-to-action button and an easily readable font size for the rest of the content are what you need. Make sure you don’t use too big or too small font sizes that would disappoint your readers to a great length.

  • Communicate your purpose

The typography that you are putting to use should communicate your brand’s purpose. The colour palette and typography help position your business in the eyes of the prospective customer. Right from the first glance of your written content, your readers should be aware of your purpose. It should not distract them, rather play its part in confidently crafting and sharing your message with the audience. Employ it to your use.

Why Is Typography Important For Your Website?

When you are designing a website, it is not an abstract art that the audience will sit and interpret. You can’t run your business on subjective message interpretation. You have to give them the message that they are looking forward to. You have to answer their queries and establish good communication with them through your content.

Your website has to be clear with the clever use of fonts and typography. The breathtaking design of your website with marvellous use of typography will bring more visitors to your website. If you are interested in knowing the reasons why typography is essential for your website, here are a few for you:

  • It helps in establishing a hierarchy of your message

You don’t want to clutter your visitor with too much content placed on different parts of the website and have the same font size. You want to be clear in the message that you give. With the smart use of typography, you can establish the hierarchy and guide your audience as to which one they should read first. The bigger the font, the more attractive it is and hence will be read first, followed by the second biggest and so on.

It will give your viewers the idea of what is more important and what piece of information they can skip if they like.

  • Helps in differentiating the type of message delivered

On any website, you will be greeted with several types of content- main, secondary and navigation. With different typographical styles, you can differentiate between the content and make your website appear more clear and more easy-to-understand.

It is also a great relief for the visitors too, as they know all messages are not similar and doesn’t need a similar level of attention from them.

  • Helps in maintaining consistency between pages

Maintaining typography throughout your website helps you to maintain consistency between the pages. It might be a small element but plays a vital role in delivering a seamless experience for you across all pages. Your viewers will be able to easily understand your content and navigate through it.

A good typography consistency throughout the website is an alluring thing that guarantees your visitors the consistency you provide as a business and also helps in building trust for you.

  • Creates a nice designed effect

Maintaining a good balance is a virtue for your website. The contrast makes things appear sophisticated and charming, the same is true for typography as well. A combined effect of stylized fonts with standard font helps in creating a wonderful design effect that seems luxurious and classy.

By using a clean, easy-to-read font for the copy and stylized font for the header, you can create the charming effect that will give your website a sophisticated feel and appearance.

Let’s get started to impress your visitors!

In the online world, visitors matter the most for every businessand it requires a great deal of patience and effort on their part to get them. For bringing visitors to your website, the first and foremost thing that you need is an impressive web design.

Everything present on your website has to be specific to your business and complement each other well. It is the best way to establish your business audience and give your audience a flavour of yourbusiness, when they come down to your website.

Visualization is an effective tool to market your website, and also helps in establishing a distinctive reputation for your business. You ought to make sure that you are stepping into the virtual world with the best foot forward.

However, the way to ensure this is to hire a team of expert web designers, who knows the intricate details of the sector that can guarantee your success and give you an edge over your competitors. Make the best move now and hire the design gurus to shape your online presence with their creative and elegant touch!

Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.