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Tips to Use Social Media Presence to Build Brand Loyalty

Well social media users are constantly presented with content when they scroll down through their favorite platforms and for most of us, we tend to check sites multiple times everyday. To be honest, social media is an excellent resource to stay updated on various current events as well as connecting with family and friends with engaging businesses online. They are brands which are looking to leverage the popularity of various social platforms to reach to various users. Social media campaigns can be effective to build brand recognition or foster brand loyalty which significantly contribute to business growth right through social media.


There are brands which are outside the lifestyle sector who thinks that social media campaigns won’t be effective because the audience is not interested in engaging with targeted them right on Facebook or Twitter. However with the right possible campaign as well as businesses right across the verticals, one can certainly experience positive results on various social media platform. Here are some steps which can help you to create brand loyalty among various social media platform.


  • Having an effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Whenever you are trying to create an effective brand loyalty, one should fist ask to oneself- “Why should a user follow you in the first place?” Do not just use social media to directly sell or promote but try to provide some value to the customers.


There are various ways to engage as well as inform followers about the various products and services of the company without convincing them to make purchases. Social media does not contribute to the ecommerce of the company but it is the social platform that offers the businesses to connect with the consumers. Do not push sales but plan a proper social media marketing strategy to let your visitors know some informative content. If you interact with your customers on a more personal level then it will surely

  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Improve sales
  • Create better ranking in the search engine for your business
  • Improve insights as well as customer experience

Social Media is also the perfect place to share tricks as well as tips on various subjects relevant to fan base and the needs. People consider you forerunner of the industry with the viewers a sense of appreciation.


  • Creating Brand community right on the social media

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People prefer a more humanized as well as accessible brand. You can easily add human element to your brand with like-mined businesses right on the social media to the industry as well as local community where the business is based.


If you post pictures where customers are certainly enjoying services connected with your business then you can create a different level of interaction with a proper sense of belonging building trust between users and brand. In short, your social media accounts will let your business spread among various related community.


  • Using social media to develop public relations

Social media is the perfect place where you can get your business involved and show that you are an active member of the community. Speak of the current events with use of hashtags offering the right brand support with the effective method to receive more recognition in the world of social media. Whenever there is a special event, then there is always a buzz as well as discussions about it right on the social media. Make use of this advantage by posting about a corresponding hashtag as well as commenting on a post. To build effective public relation platform right for your business as well as to reach to more users, social media can be used to build public relation.


Another method of engaging users is to ask for their feedback about what the customers like as well as how the products or services can be improved. By listening to the opinion of the customer and suggestions properly, you can grow the trust of the people. Well it is very necessary to have transparency in your business allowing the loyalty of people towards your business. Have an active communication and solve your customer’s worries.


  • Rewarding loyal social media followers

social_sharing Source :

Take proper note of the customers who can promote your brand through their social media. There are numerous ways to do this.


For example, ask your most loyal customer to write a blog post for your website. That may be helpful. These strategies helps to win the trust of the customers making them feel special.


You can also run a contest on social media like Facebook to engage your customers with her products. If the contest on social media is concentrated on the brand then social media will advertise your brand with cost efficient advertising and get more customers.


  • Customer Service rules on Social Media

When it comes to providing customer service on the social media, answer any type questions as well as complaints as avoiding them might be a problem. Try to be honest and only promise what you can deliver. There are various tools like Raven which can track social media tags and learn about positive and negative feedback.


As per statistics, nearly 80% of the companies think that they deliver best possible customer but when it is the case of customer’s opinion, only 8 % of the customer feels the same. Take an advance step and achieve the best customer service possible and it pays off in case of building loyalty.


By taking time to build brand loyalty, a business can increase the ROI of each and every customer offering them, more reasons to come back in future. A responsive website does give customers more reasons to buy but interactive social media presence effectively build brand loyalty among your existing customer.


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