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12 Tricks To Follow For Modified Google Search

How Googlers Use it?

Google has turned up as an integral part of our lives and hardly goes a day when we not use it to search something. For us, it is so simple that we only have to type a few words in the search bar and get a whole list of results. However, it is not that easy internally. Complex sets of algorithm function within fractions of a second which will not be totally comprehensible for all of us. Here in this article we shall enlist some brief points or more suitably called tricks adopted by Google to help us swiftly search matters. We hope that the information would be immensely helpful to you.


1. Search for quotes to find an exact phrase

This is a well-known and simple trick. If you search a quote, only those pages will emerge which have those words in similar order. We suggest you to adopt this trick when you know a fragment of in- order words of a phrase.


2. Add asterisk (*) inside quotes to replace for unknown words

Now, this is a lesser-known tactics: you can search for a phrase in quotes with replacing unknown words with asterisks. This makes searching for a particular song lyric so easy. Many times we can’t recollect all words of a small music lyric phrase. Song lyrics like ‘What a * world’ or idioms like ‘birds of same * flock together’ can be replaced with asterisks for missing words.


3. Use minus signs for eliminating those words you don’t need in your search

Certain words when searched for emerge whole lots of results owing to different meanings of the same search term. Take for example the term ‘Jaguar’ which when typed probably gives you results denoting the car brand. However, you may be searching for the predator animal, native to South-America. Here you can filter out the car brand from your search result by typing ‘Jaguar-car’. Yes, this ‘-‘ sign can be so hugely helpful.


4. When you’re searching for a website, use keywords





Google makes it so easy for you with its ‘site:’ function. Using this you can search for a particular website only for example if you are searching for ‘’ type ‘site:’ at the search bar. All related search results related to this website will emerge at once.


5. Search for 100 years old news archives

Google lets you search through 100 years old news archives at ‘’. That sounds extremely exciting, is not it?


6. Comparing foods using the term ‘vs’

In a dilemma over what to order for breakfast and if that be high on nutritional value or not, type in sandwich vs pizza. This will display in details the nutritional charts of two items, side-by-side.


7. Find a particular recipe

Type in ‘your favorite food’ then click upon ‘Search Tools’ located under search bar and you get to filter out recipes based upon cook time, ingredients and calories. To follow your dietary restrictions this is a good and easy way out.


8. For learning word meanings use ‘DEFINE:’ function

You can streamline the process followed by dictionary through using ‘DEFINE: ‘word” search term. For example ‘DEFINE: macabre’ and you will get definition along with its etymology and user graph.
Interestingly even slang terms or acronyms are defined too.


9. Do the magic with the term ’tilt’

Want to see a small magic, type the word ’tilt’ on the search bar and your screen will tilt a bit.


10. Type Atari Breakout on Google images

Legendary Atari Breakout game can be played so easily on Google’s image search. Just for fun, play it.


11. Search for images at Google image search


image search


Have you ever come across a photo that looks extremely familiar? To find the reason after saving a photo, type image on Google Image (click on the camera button), similar images will come out.


12. Say ‘flip a coin’ or ‘I love you’ after clicking on the mic icon

Say ‘flip a coin’ or ‘head or tails’ after clicking upon the mic icon and Google will flip a coin on your behalf. Those in need of a little romance will find nice love quotes with Google’s love quote generator. Try it, it’s very amusing.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization has been tremendously sped up in recent years. More and more techniques are emerging which are fine tuning the search results.


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