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Best WooCommerce Plugins for Your E-commerce Store

Plugins are the best part to make the best use of WooCommerce. It not only allows you to offer great features to your customer, but in turn, it also helps the business owner to monitor the business in a more advanced way. There is a collection of free and premium plugins which can be integrated with your e-Commerce business. However, finding the right plugin is always a challenge to keep your WooCommerce site running. Adding an inappropriate plugin can disintegrate your site. As there are almost thousands of plugins available, you need to choose the right plugin wisely. Plugins help to keep the shoppers engaged and return to your website it also facilitates the way to keep your site updated.

So here you will get a list of best WooCommerce Plugins:

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Buy One Get One Free

BOGO (buy one get one) is one of the killer strategies to increase sale rates and to satisfy your customers. 37 percent of the entire buyers get attracted by BOGO offers. This plugin eases the process of offering such business policies. This plugin is available for free costing. This extension is only compatible with WooCommerce 3.0 and higher. Its automated system can exclude products with a ‘single product rule’ from the category rule.

WooCommerce 360 Degree Image

If you want your product to display thoroughly, you can implement this plugin which gives the shoppers a 360-degree view of your brand. WooCommerce Image 360 degree allows the shoppers to rotate the item as per their wish to view the product accurately. It is touch-enabled and easy to use. This plugin helps you to avail your e-commerce store a great advantage. The consumer can view the products almost like a physical store which in turn the business to increase the rate of sale.

WooCommerce Product Search

Keywords, Price range, Categories, Tags and product attributes play the key role here. By using these filters, you can easily reach your desired products which reduce the search time. Research has found that e-commerce shoppers use internal product search to reach to their desired product and those who only browse the product often faced the unwanted situation. If you offer your customer smooth product search experience it will be your tremendous asset. Research has reported that 21 percent of the shoppers left from the search result when they cannot find their desired product.

WooCommerce Wishlist

It allows shoppers to create personalized wishlists and add up to 30 items per day. It is a convenient way for the customer to add their favourite product occasion wise or their preferable purpose. They love that they can return it at any time.

Twilio SMS Notification

Twilio SMS Notification ensures the customers notifying now and then about their activity on your site. This plugin informs the customers about the updates happening throughout each stage of the ordering process. Customers can sign up to get message notification which will be delivered within five minutes of any update. It is a customizable plugin, you can pick which order status changes and include information as per customer’s name, order ID, amount, status and so on. It points out, “SMS messages have a 95 per cent open rate and most are read within five seconds.”

Product Recommendation

This plugin is efficient enough to increase sale rate. The report suggests that most of the customer choose their final product from recommended products. When you show the customers, their desirable products analysing the data of their search result, they tend to be satisfied as there is no effort from their end to reach the product. 35 per cent of Amazon’s revenue comes from this recommendation engine. This plugin allows to specify cross-sell and up-sell by category and tags.


It is human psychology to like something when they find other people also have the same choice before they choose anything. It adds a batch which shows social proof and allows the customers to view it right there on the website when a choose a product and provide them with a nudge to complete a purchase. TrustPulse plugin makes it very easy to operate the programme. Developers can install it on any website without adding complex coding and customize badges to contrast with the colour of the store. You can target pages or products or add on-fire notification showing how many people has liked or bought the product. For the best result, it can run multiple campaigns by targetting customers viewing various products or pages. You can also a full live stream of actions taken by users and a detailed report to aid you to optimize the campaigns.

Constant Contact

It is the best plugin to serve email marketing service for eCommerce businesses. As it does not have any complex application method it can be managed very easily. It has dozen professionally designed email templates for various niches. You can create multiple lists and custom funnels to provide personalised emails to the targetted audience. As you know email marketing is an integral part to promote your business. It not only increases your sale rate but also holistically helps you.

WooCommerce Multilingual

WooCommerce Multilingual products can translate product pages and other WooCommerce developed pages into other languages. This plugin is available free of cost. If you choose a particular language while browsing on the home page, the selected language will still be available throughout the checkout process. You can send emails to your customer in their preferred language. It makes the customers to feel comfortable in their customer journey. And helps them to navigate the site and view the product information in the language they are comfortable with.

Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

If you do not have an easy delivery process, if your customer faces a complex delivery schedule, they would possibly give up on you. You need to give your customer complete freedom to choose their delivery date and time. Most people choose to opt for online purchase because they do not have the time to visit the physical store that means you need to give them the scope to choose their time flexibly. This plugin helps to set business days and delivery days separately. It can create pickup locations for pickup shipping. It eases the burden of customer service and never creates any doubt from your end for product delivery.

Minimum Purchase for WooCommerce

This plugin gives you the ability to set up minimum purchase rules for products for your WooCommerce store. If a checkout in your site fails the minimum rate of purchase rule, an error notification comes up at the header of the final checkout page. Customers can identify the error situation. The shopper should rectify the error before the purchase is done.

WooCommerce Currency Switcher

We live in a global economy and if your e-Commerce store has reached a situation where people from a different country can access to your site, you need to adopt this plugin. Shoppers from the other side of the planet may wish to buy your products in that case if you do not have currency switcher plugin for your WooCommerce site you may lose the interest of foreign customers. This way your sale rate may drop. This needs to be shown when you are displaying the price of the product. If your site is not capable enough to transform currency this will lead to cart abandonment.

Woo Commerce HelpScout

This plugin helps to improve customer services. It is very essential in today’s business to satisfy your customer with the best customer services. This plugin performs the task very efficiently. If the customer has to go through a lot of hassle to reach the customer services when they face any kind of inconvenience, people generally drop the idea to shop with you. It is a fantastic plugin to improve your customer service. It allows shoppers to converse with the person-in-charge to take care of the issues they face. This plugin helps to start a conversation with the customer while viewing the order. This way you can use support tickets to manage conversations and keep an eye on what is happening around you.

Cart Notices

Three out of ten customers abandon their cart and do not proceed towards checkout. And among those shoppers, a good percentage of shoppers never get back to you anymore. The task of the Cart Notice plugin is to inform the shoppers mentioning what they have chosen in their shopping cart. This plugin sends the customer messages to remind them about their cart details. It also notify them about the whole amount of their shopping cart, the category from which they have chosen their products and if there is any deadline to avail any offer, it alerts the customer about the offer they have already got. By using this plugin store owners have witnessed upsells enhance at the rate of 50 per cent.


It is the best Google Analytics plugin for WooCommerce store. It allows business owners to track eCommerce data in Google analytics reports. It makes the process easier to show all the information you require inside the WordPress dashboard. It helps to create data-driven decisions to grow the business and increase the sale rate. You can also track the most viewed products and improve the product pages. This way you can offer your customer more personalised experience for your customer.


It is the best conversion optimization software for your e-Commerce platform. It can help you to reduce cart abandonment rate and increase sale rate at a rapid pace. It shows targeted website messages, onsite retargeting and much more. If you are struggling to grow your email list and to boost sale rates, then you require to install the conversion optimization toolkit. OptinMonster drives lead generation and it works with each major email marketing service. It has a powerful targeting and segmentation features. These features show personalized, behaviour-based messages to shoppers for getting more engagement, sales, and conversions.

WooCommerce Product Filter

This plugin eases the process to find desirable products of the customer. It adds categories, attributes, tags, price, etc. you can add the product filter by using the shortcodes to find the products easily. When the customer gets the product easily without much hassle it saves their time and effort. Most e-commerce sites use this plugin for a better search result. Product Filter is one of the most commonly used plugins for WooCommerce platform.

WooCommerce Shortcodes

This e-Commerce platform comes with a number of shortcodes. You can use these codes throughout your websites to add products, buttons. WordPress visual editor allows you to select and insert shortcodes very easily in different areas of your website.

Woo Pack and Ship Bundle

This is the most customizable e-Commerce platform to build your online business. This plugin provides the owners with an opportunity to set bundle products. With the help of the plugin, you can build bundles to combine simple products collaboratively. It gives options to add the price of the product individually or even together as a bundle product. If the owner sets the price differently then, each price of multiple products will be adjoined together.

WP Mail SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer protocol)

The maximum e-Commerce store sends an email notification to perform various actions of the store owners as well as the customers. It uses the PHP mail function. WP Mail SMTP fixes the problem related to mail services and allow you to use an SMTP service provider to send emails. It has a paid version which provides you premium support and extra features.

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