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November 23, 2015

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When we hear the term Search Engine Optimization, the instant thought that comes into our mind is optimizing for Google. It certainly makes sense given the dominance of Google in the market. Most of the search optimizer is now hooked on to Google as it is one of the most recognizable brands on our planet.

However the scenario is shifting and much needed prominence from Google is also somewhat drifting you away. Here are seven alternatives along with trends which demands significant attention from search marketing campaign.

1. More searches are made by personal digital assistants than the web

The first and foremost steps involves considering how many personal digital assistants are thee in the market with examples like Siri, Cortana, Facebook M. These function very similarly to the various traditional search engines but the modern iterations are surely more than searching the web. These modern search engines are doing much more as they are searching files on the desktops. Google do have its own traditional form of search engines Google Now and all the other traditional form are now dying. So surely relying on Google in the world of SEO is not trustworthy.

2. Well Yahoo and Bing are gaining on Google’s turf

Well Google is still the most important search engine with two-thirds of the search traffic coming right through the servers. But surely there is the other third where there lie tough competitors like Bing and Yahoo which are encroaching right on Google’s search. Bing may grow larger with the passage of years presently at a 20 percent share. There are other competitors like DuckDuckGo which offers various unique features attracting niche audiences.

Well Apple is also working on its search crawlers and there may be some results very soon.

3. Reliable apps stealing the traffic

In the age of Smartphone, people are relying more on the apps rather than on the manual web searches. Like when you are searching for a restaurant, why will you search in Google when there is just an app to meet your needs. Search is certainly no longer limited queries in engine. It is about capturing the attention of the user when they need the services. This can be done by getting listed in various relevant apps.

4. Various web apps are bringing their own search engines

There are various mini form search engines in various apps. Take the example that Facebook is trying to develop its own search engine. Expanding its platform may lead to finding articles on the platform. There are various other social media brands to catch on with the various web apps.

5. The results of Google depends on various other platforms

Google is starting to focus more on its determinations and certainly more on the information which are fed from various independent apps. Take the example; the local results for local queries depend on the business’s standing provided in Yelp as the domain authority. Google also indexes as well as provides tweets along with Facebook posts in response to the queries. If you want to optimize for search engines, one should certainly optimize for other platforms.

6. User experience can surely trump results

Well the whole thing is about the power of ranks more than the power of solely Google. But to be honest, modern users are more interested in the experience they are getting rather than whatever’s are right at the top of the search results of Google. If the site is mobile friendly then one could easily get more traffic with lower Google rankings.

7. Organic searches can easily be beaten by social and referral traffic

SEO is certainly all about getting traffic from search engines. But in true sense an effective SEO strategy usually relies on various categories like guest posting along with social media marketing. These independent strategies can certainly good results with referral and social media traffic. This strategy is enough to overshadow the Google search ranks alone.

Well this does not prove that Google is not relevant for SEO as Google is still very much dominant in the search engine as it still makes most of the rules which the world follows. Keep your eyes open for more development as with little strategies you can try to challenge GOOGLE.