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Ayan Sarkar
November 18, 2019

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Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms with 10% share of the market. Shopify has made a business of $100 billion in sales. It is user-friendly and offers exceptional backend support. This is the reason it became very popular among the developer and businessmen. The built-in tools permit the users to increase functions of the e-Commerce store and add new custom functions. One of the exclusive features of Shopify plugins is that it can enlarge user engagement, drive sales and extract more revenue. Over 5,00,000 merchants rely on Shopify to run their sites smoothly. These plugins manage everything from customer engagement, marketing, payments, secure checkout, and shipping.

In my following writing, I have given you a list of best Shopify Plugins to escalate your sale.

One-Click Social Login

Any Social platform always helps to increase customer engagement and sales. I know as a businessman, every seller faced that, a lot of customers do not click procced to buy options because they could not gain the credibility or sometimes a site needs a lot of login information for the final purchase. Especially, when one is looking for a single purchase, customers prefer to avoid prolonged login details. Here, the One-Click Social Login plugin is the apt solution to curb the problem. Instead of manipulating your customers to register with your site, this easy solution allows you to collect the customer’s information and also satisfy your customer by providing an easy shopping method. You can add automatic sing up options using popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, etc. This plugin covers all of the bases and permits the shoppers to register without any hassle. Developers can use this plugin with the customized specification. You can also track how many people are registering with you and completing a purchase. It helps you to build good customer engagement which in turn impact on your sale.

Free Shipping Bar

We often add more products to avail of the free shipping option. Businessman intentionally put a stipulated amount limitation to offer their customer free shipping. This is one of the great reasons consumers add extra products. Shopify has the plugin precisely designed for these functions. Free Shipping Bar adds a fully customized bar on the top of their site. A recent statistic report has confirmed that 88% of the users would be more likely to shop on the sites which offer free shipping option.

Upsell and Cross-sell Products

This is a traditional business protocol. It is basically an offline business strategy to gain good customer support and then increase your rate. When you already have good customer support it gives you the confidence to move forward in your business. It is cheaper to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new. 60 to 70 percent of businessmen tend to sell their products to the existing customer. It increases your average order value and is the easiest way to earn more revenue. Cross-selling is a smart trick to emphasize your selling rate.

Shopify plugin introduced by Exto offers Cross-Selling and upselling functions to establish a customized sell option. This plugin allows the site to present recommended products based on their behavior. If any of your users select a product that is out of stock, then the users will be offered with similar items of their interest (based on their search result). It is a very smart method to lure your customers with their preferable products.

Social photos

This plugin enables you to show the social image of your customer who has purchased a product from your site. You can show off these images in your site among the ‘friends’ of that particular customer. As a result, this increases the interest of a new customer, and it also increases the credibility of your site. Social photos compile some of the best customer product photos from their popular social networking sites and automatically creates an album on the e-Commerce store through a widget.

Back In Stock

When your stock of products runs out you start losing the sale. As a result, the customer tends to shift to other sites. Back in stock plugin aids your business process to take back the control. It makes easy for the customers to log in for back in the stock email alert. As soon as an item of your choice is restocked the customer automatically gets notified through email or message. This plugin not only helps you to retain customers, but you are also able to notice which products are high in demand so that you can offer a better experience by catering to those products as per the demand.

Referral Candy

A very few customers refer a product to their known circumstances. Some of the happy customers often do that, however, most of the time they forget to refer the products and their satisfying experience as well. This plugin automates the referral program. Customers get rewards when they share a referral code which in turn encourages them to make more purchases from your site. This trick also helps you to increase customer engagement. This plugin reminds your customer by sending an mail on their registered email ID.


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It helps to manage your sales rate. It is used to drive more traffic and increase more sales. This plugin offers some remarkable features. It can automate the publication of social media posts. By utilizing the plugin, you can access an array of professionally designed images to aid publish your store on social media. You can handle all your social media activities from one app. It helps to build prim and proper product collages to share on social media. It also builds hashtags that are autogenerated, which includes in your posts.


Kid aids to manage Facebook and Instagram ads through an easy-managing messenger interface. If you have incredible products and a very good Shopify store however if you have none to notice that all your efforts will be in vain. This is where the functionality of Kit appears. There are millions of app in the market but without mass recognition. Through a messaging kit, you can promote any marketing campaign. The kit can help with retargeting campaigns to drive more web traffic and it can prompt discount codes and send back notification.

Return Magic

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This plugin creates a seamless return experience for customers. It integrates with the Shopify store. Return Magic plugin enables you to refund hassle-freely to your clients the exact amount they paid while purchasing a product, on their original payment method, which includes Amazon payments, Shopify Payments, etc. Return Magic does not refund the amount to your customers automatically, you always need to approve the transaction manually to operate the process.

Conversio Marketing Automation

As the name suggests it works to send witty emails and messages to registered ID and mobile no. To boost brand awareness. This is an accurate plugin for each owner to promote the sale and alert your customers about the details of your products. This enables to increase good customer relation and gives you scope to keep in touch with potential customers. It also encourages customers to buy new products and arrange marketing campaigns.

Marketing Automation

To grow your online store effectively, you need to market your deal to the right customer in a way that can give you time to establish a genuine relationship with consumers. Klaviyo is the finest plugin to keep updated with cues and trends displayed by the visitors, subscribers and established customers. It can be used to accelerate marketing strategies.

It has proved that using this plugin electronic commerce store owners have gained an average of 67x in Return on Investment (ROI).

Free Trust Badge

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Most of the customers hesitate to trust a new site to share their card details and others. As there is an increasing number of fraud sites. Thus, customers do not want to share their sensitive information to make the payment. So, to get away with the problem, it is important to integrate Free Trust Badge plugin. Developers include the trust badges on specific areas like product pages and checkout pages. It provides you access to a ton of basic badges from reputed companies. It can also be adjustable according to the theme pf your store. And if you avail of the premium version, you can unlock 280 premium badges with a different design.

PageSpeed Monitor

It is needless to say that your page loading time is a very important part to grab the customer. According to the latest report, a site should not take more than three seconds. PageSpeed Monitor has the solution to manage the speed limit of the search engine result. This plugin is easy to use and keep close tabs and work on the loading time of your store. This plugin keeps a track on Google Pagespeed Insight hourly and notifies you if there is any issue regarding its speed. You can also use this to keep an eye on the competitors, which will give you a nice edge.

Plugin SEO

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Search Engine plays a great role to put your e-commerce site before the customers. Managing visibility is the key component to achieve success in search engines. Seventy-five percent of customers do not beside the first page of the Search Engine Result Pages and the rest visit only the top three results. Thus, it is very important to rank your electronic commerce store in the top position. Plugin SEO is the best solution to achieve the whole task. It aids you to discover the easy way to improve the ranking of any Shopify store and fix the issues that may be one of the reasons to holds you back. This plugin reviews some specific elements like Meta Title, Meta Description, Broken Links, Headlines and Keywords. You significantly increase your traffic rate to rank your page higher by targeting the keywords. Without the help of an SEO expert, you can single-handedly handle your ranking and generate traffic on your e-commerce platform.

Wishlist Plus

Maximum potential buyers want to have a wishlist to choose their products and make a purchase at a suitable time. And as a business owner, it helps you to get acknowledged with his customer choices and serve them accordingly. It allows the customer to bookmark their favorite products and choose up where they left off. When they come back to you, they can easily return back to complete a purchase. They can also sync their wishlist across different devices. This plugin also shows the number of times one has added a particular product to their wishlist which can motivate a customer to complete their purchase.

Swell loyalty and Rewards

Maximum online buyers love rewards programs. 58.7 percent of the users chose to earn rewards and loyalty points as one of the most values aspects of the shopping process. This helps to gain customer engagement. Shoppers get rewards on specific tasks like referring your shop to friends, purchase above a specific amount, on giving product reviews, interacting with your brand on social media, etc. They can use those rewards as a credit score to avail of some special offers.

There were almost 3,100 Shopify plugins according to the report of mid-2019. As a business owner, there are plenty of ways to optimize your shop. Among all, these are the best Shopify plugins you can use to escalate your business growth. It is a pivotal part to know how to utilize these plugins for the best results as a business owner or as a developer. Its time for you to take your online store to the next level by using these plugins. Though all these Shopify Plugins have different features and functionalities, these are designed to increase sales. The best part about these apps is they can be customized as per your need. Now it is your call to choose among these plugins to come up with the best result. Considering your user’s demand and the functionalities you want to add, integrate the best Shopify plugins to escalate your e-Commerce store.

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Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.