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Ayan Sarkar
January 8, 2020

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Website usability testing is one of the fundamental steps before your website or application go live. Developers keep track of the minute details in this field. If your website offers negative user experience, it may reduce your customer base. It is extremely necessary to attempt the usability test before it gets launch. It allows developers to find out where your website is getting stuck. Based on the analysis one can rebuild or check the coding factors to improve the usability of the site to offer a better user experience.

Usability Testing involves testing a website to find how agile your website is and how it performs. A variety of things needed to consider at this stage starting from sitemap, graphics, code grammar, content and metadata. All these factors can affect significantly in user experience. In eCommerce business website usability is undoubtedly the most important factor. No matter how strategic your marketing planning is or how enticing your content is if the users struggle to find a specific page or if it takes longer time to load your page, they would lose half of their interest. If they find it troublesome to buy a product, they will either never get back to you or they cancel the transaction. When they experience poor usability, your competitors likely to grab a better position in the race of the market. Website usability gives you the perfect direction to optimise your site to meet the requirements of the customers.

Variation in Usability Testing

A variety of ways are there to test website usability. You can use repeatedly for better understanding of all sorts of issue.

  • A/B Testing

It offers two-way version of review with variation between them which compares the results. You can test the subtle effects of changes to understand user experience.

  • Hallway Testing

This type of testing shows different test version of your websites to some participants. You can then modify your site if they get stuck somewhere or implement different features. The term hallway testing came from the practice in which people ask for the customer’s opinion offering them work samples.

  • Expert Review

Exper review provides you with deeper insight than random customers. You can rely on professional experts to improve your websites. This way you can modify your site with the help of expert hands.

1. Crazy Egg

It is one of the most popular optimising tools, that offers visual analytics service very much akin to google analytics. You can keep a track on your users’ accessibility, from where they got to know about your site, which section of your website they browse more which part are troublesome for the users. To improve your conversion rate, you can frame your website and application according to the report of the analyst. It can manage your landing page based on the report.

Price: Enterprise- may varies, Standard- $49, Basic-$29.


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It is a remote usability testing tool. It is very simple and easy to manage. You can watch a visual recording of people using your site. It will help you detect bugs, issues or clearing any confusion. You can enhance your site’s experience and develop better products for making your customers happy. It offers you an affordable service. It guarantees assured search report for every test. The outcome is quick and satisfactory. Another significant part is there is no limitation on the number of tasks.

Price: $14/1 test item.

3. UsabilityHub

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It offers rapid user feedback, first-click test and survey on designing. This feedback will guide you to make better business decisions. UsabilityHub can give you a detailed video of people sharing their opinion about your website. You will be able to transform your business on the basis of the feedback.

Price: Team-$396/mo, pro-$199/mo, Basic-$79/mo, Free plan.

4. Loop11

Loop11 allows you to track user activity because they browse the site. This way, you can track where customers are encountering any problem and attract them. You can build the test by inserting JavaScript, you can also implement non-code solution to start easy and fast solution.

Price: It varies from $49/mo to $199/mo.

5. Page Speed Online

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6.User Zoom

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This usability test platform helps to deliver great user experience. As per the report of the test, developers can modify the specific zone. This tool can analyse and measure user experience on website, application and so on. Even you can watch people’s direct expression as it surfs with webcam video. If your site offers exceptional user experience people tend to get back to you very often. When you satisfy your customers with all amenities, they likely to recommend your site among their friends and family.

Price: Varies in different industry and targeted customers, customised plan, starts from $25,000 per annum.

7. UserReport

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A business should meet the requirements of the targeted audience and the basis of the business. This survey tool can also communicate directly with the customers and keep a track on what they want and on which part they are encountering problems.

Price: Free version is available for limited test, for complete usability test they offer customised version.

8. Website Grader

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Four major things are considered through this tool- Security, accessibility for mobile device, performance and score in search engine optimisation. This tool scores your site based on its performance on the above-mentioned factors. This tool instructs you what changes you need to attempt and how your website can perform more superiorly. It gives you a perfect idea about how you need to improve your site and how smoothly your website can work.

Price: Free

9. Hotjar

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This tool measure where the user clicks the most and which part is troublesome for them. Through polls and surveys, you will get to know where your customers are encountering any issue. The software allows you to keep an eye on the customers, how they are behaving regarding your site. So, you can modify your site as per the choice of the customer.

Price: Free version only for a personal website, for commercial purpose, plans many vary for each industry.

10. Try My UI

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This tool aids you to discover how people use your website and where they are facing problems. It gives you ways how can solve the issues and present a smooth website before your customer. You get impression testing facilities and it offers advanced collaborative analysis.

Price: Team price cost $299/mo, Free version is also available, Enterprise plan ranges from $1,200/mo.

11. Writemaps

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When someone looking for your website, he/she should not go through much hassle. Ensure that customers, looking for your site can easily find you. It is quite challenging to create a sitemap. The tool writemaps keep your page organised. The visual interface modified through this tool is easy to use. After you are done with the side map, you can include content using metatags.

Price: Ranges from $14.99/mo-$12.99/mo, free version is also available for limited features.

12. Lambda Test

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Your website could have easy accessibility rate from popular browsers like Google Chrome, however it may not offer the same experience for the customers who are trying to reach you through browsers like Microsoft Edge and Firefox. The usability test tool offers the same experience for all customers using different browsers. It allows your websites to run through a compatibility test for thousands of browsers.

Price: Free and customised plan, price plan varies from $15/mo-$59/mo.

13. Optimizely

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Like the previous one, it also offers cross browsing testing. It checks compatibility on a different website. Other than compatibility test it also offers A/B testing and helps to make better business decisions regarding data, CTA, title, etc. It is recognised as the best usability platform to lead your business to the position where customers like its potential nature and easy accessibility.

Price: Free Version is available, for advanced features you need to take the paid version.

When you are thinking which type of usability you need to choose, you should know how these tests are going to impact on your website. It brings a huge impact on user experience in different ways:

Better Accessibility

When your website pass through different usability test and you rectify what disabilities, it had. Finally, when you expose the modified website before the user, automatically, your website offers better accessibility and as a result, you get more users than ever. When users find your site easy to use, they generally spread their message among their circle your site gets exposed to the public eye without your direct interference.


NavigationUsability test especially focuses on navigation. When your users find it difficult to find you and could not access your site properly, there would be high chances that they would lose your interest in you. The little inconvenience of your customer may drop down the traffic rate your site. This is why your site must go through a usability test. When your navigation program is clearly sorted out then, you will get more users.

Well Responsiveness

The responsive nature of your site may differ from device to device. Sometimes, even if it performs fluently on a desktop, it might not offer the same responsiveness in case of mobile. Here comes the magical power of usability test. When it goes through a usability test, you get to know that how well they are performing on mobile. You have to keep in mind that, most of your customers use a mobile device and it is important to offer a mobile friendly design and if it works smoothly on all available device then you are ready to go.

SEO-based site

Search Engine Optimization is a very important part of ranking your website. If your page does not appear in the first page of search engine, then nobody will be going to search for your page on the second page of any search engine. For greater usability your website must go through a greater usability test.

How will you benefit from the Usability Test?

Developers depend on website usability test very keenly. Testing is important before you launch your site. It goes beyond bugs and other technical issues. Sometimes even after launching your website, developers must make some modification if necessary, to maintain its consistent quality. If your website does not have proper functions users find it difficult to avail all sorts of features your website/app offers, users tend to lose their interest and switch to your competitors. So, improving your site and analysing all the loopholes is very important for your business. The first step is to recognise the problem and then find why those issues are arriving. Then you can fix those problems accordingly.

To Conclude

Many of these tools are free and high-quality, so you can use it as per your purpose whenever it is needed to improve your business with full potential. If you are planning to launch a website your site must go through a usability test to give your customer, the best experience. In every online business as you are not facing your customers directly your service should be efficient enough to satisfy them. If any inconvenience occurs from your end, it will eventually lead to the disintegration of your position in the market. This usability test tools play a pivotal role in shaping the future of your business. So, why wait? Set your goal first and then fix your targeted audience and go for a Usability Test.

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Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.